Lee “Vortex566” Gordon

Question: what am I? Lee Gordon is who I am. And what I am? Well, that can be open to much debate. Welcome to my first post on Megaphones ahoy. You will be able to find my writing/rambling thoughts here. I enjoy games hence why I am writing here. Twenty-Four years on this blue planet and around twenty of them I can be found playing games.

My taste ranges. I can often be seen playing the latest big-budget game, but I also find time to enjoy the smaller ‘indie’ games. There are no genres I won’t try at least once. I enjoy the industry just as much as playing the games. I am quite knowledgeable and would be happy to discuss any concerns you have about the video game industry. You can look forward to a new post on a weekly basis. My day will be Thursday.

Favorite Games

1.Final Fantasy VII
2.Freespace 2
3.Resident Evil 2
4.Street Fighter 2 Turbo
5.Metal Gear Solid