Nate “Bup6518” Liles

Born in 1985, Nate “Bup6518” Liles hails from Michigan and has played video games for most of his life.  One of his earliest memories is watching his dad play “Antarctic Adventure” on the family’s Colecovision (which he thought was “Aunt Artica”).  Nate grew up playing games like Super Mario World and F-Zero on the SNES, eventually moving to PC game for a bit where he got into the “Monkey Island” series and “Sam and Max Hit the Road (the latter of which he still plays thanks to the Armed and Dangerous demo disc).  An admitted Nintendo fan boy for a while, it wasn’t until he got a Playstation 1 for Christmas that the entire world of gaming opened up to him.  Playing games like Final Fantasy VIII and Silent Hill were a big change from the normal Mario platformers and Pokémon games on Nintendo systems.  Currently, Nate plays his games on his Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, and DS.  Nate still lives in Michigan, works for GameStop, and goes to school for Journalism. His updates drop on Wednesdays.

Favorite Games:
1. Final Fantasy IV
2. Silent Hill 2
3. Yakuza 2
4. Sam and Max Hit the Road
5. The Secret of Monkey Island