MAP Episode 2: Prinnies, Penis, Pot

Download Link: Produced 2009.02.22

The panel discusses Prinny and Street Fighter IV, speculates on God of War III, explores the depths of Flower and Noby Noby Boy, discusses Final Fantasy X-2’s portrayal of women, and still finds time to talk about male genitals, marijuana, and more!


  1. Penis!!!

    lol, I’m going to go listen now. I’m about to do Dynamis-Windurst in FFXI which I hate very much and need some form of amusement.

  2. We aim to please. One of the things you may notice is that we generally don’t talk about MMO crap. Unless it is a significant news item it’s not worth spending any of our all-too-short time to talk about it.

    …And after all, who CARES that I capped my Elemental Magic skill or completed a mission that no one outside the game has heard of? The fact is, we’re not arrogant enough to believe you care about our personal gaming habits that much.

  3. I just think it’s brilliant to have a lusicast again. Do you still have curmudgeons corner? You need to get Montok on and call him a dunce.

  4. Oliver doesn’t do anything for anyone anymore. His Q&A column at RPGamer is, I think, the last desperate attempt at work from a broken and wretched spirit. So emo has he become that one cannot have a conversation with him without it turning into a suicide intervention. Calling him a dunce would be, at this point, something of a compliment.

    He has offered to guest on a podcast despite this. I don’t know how much emo we can handle, but if he is up to it, we may have him on–if only long enough for me to call him a boob, a dunce, and a dolt.

    Then I’ll kick him off. It’s good to be the king.

  5. I will never see Nobi Nobi Boy the same way again. Thanks, panel! :D

    Great podcast, again! One issue – if you could, please try to equalize the voices. I could hardly hear Lusipurr’s voice, but Lee’s voice would have be too loud if I had increased the volume to hear him.

    Also, you asked that I spread the word about the podcast, so I put a link to your site on my blogroll. Cheers!

  6. Oh, that reminds me, I meant to mention that in the podcast blurb up above.

    We had some problems with the volume this week. We were running rather short on time (even shorter than usual) so I didn’t have time to iron it out before the podcast.

    Rest assured that next week everything will be right as rain once again!

  7. I am quite alive and well, thank you very much.

    And perhaps I WILL appear on this ‘cast at some point in the future.

  8. Also, to give the definitive evilpaulian answer, FFX-2 is a much better game that FF8.

    I played about 10 hours of FF8 this week and the battle system was terrible. It takes soooooooo long to Draw magic. You get interrupted for long periods for the enemy to do a single attack. They attack twice nearly in a row frequently and then stand there for inordinate amounts of time doing nothing. There’s not much flow to it. Encounters are also rather frequent. A tiny number of steps on the prerendered back drop and you get attacked.

    Sure, there are ways around these problems, sort of. Enc-Half makes walking around less annoying. Refine-Item abilities make you less reliant on the Draw system and more reliant on actually having money to buy items to turn into magic to junction. But overall, I found FF8 thoroughly unenjoyable.

    FFX-2 as mentioned in the podcast had an awesome battle system. It also let you change the Job Sphere animations into a second long flash instead of a ridiculously slow thing like whatever that lightning attack Quetzacoatl does in FF8. I swear it takes like 5 minutes and does pitiful damage.

    Battles in RPGs in the 16 bit era were frequent and usually random encounters, but they were *fast.* PSX RPGs really lost that speed and it wasn’t just the added CD related loading times. They tried to be all shiny and flashy with elaborate animations and today, even emulated with texture filtering and mipmapping and whatnot, don’t look particularly good and take an antagonizingly long time to run through. The PS2 has much more acceptable 3D capabilities and games like SMT: Nocturne showed you can have frequent random encounters and they don’t have to take 5 minutes each to kill a bunch of trash lower level monsters.

    FFX-2’s battles were fast paced. FF8’s I would wonder “Why won’t this monster die?!? I’ve hit it like 15 times now!”

    Anyway, I think I’ve rambled enough. FFX-2 while bubbly and ridiculous was fun. FF8 was brooding and ridiculous and not fun. As a firm believer that games should be fun, I would recommend FFX-2 while I would not recommend FF8.

  9. I find myself in broad agreement with the pannel over the PS3 vs 360 thing. I use my 360 for exclusives such as gears of war an star ocean 4 (and maybe one day Alan Wake too) but I always buy multiplatform games for my PS3 (irrespective of whether they are more expensive or allegedly inferior) because the system is quieter and it doesn’t overheat, besides which I dislike M$ as a corporate entity.

  10. Flower sounds dull as all hell. If you can’t explain the concept or mechanics of the game after 5-10 minutes of talking then that equates to fail (on the part of the game not you).

    The darkness on the other hand is a fantastic game, and one which IMO never recieved the recognition that it rightfully deserved. Does a game really have to have great multiplayer in order to be apprieciated I ask you? If you want a fps with great single player, graphics, atmosphere and story then the Darkness comes highly recomended.

  11. It is good to see that people agree with me about The Darkness. Not every FPS needs to have a great multiplayer component to be “good”. You can pick the game up very cheap now and for people who have not played it yet, I would suggest you pick up a copy.

    Flower is not dull, in-fact I would argue that playing the game is very exciting. The concept on the other hand is very hard to explain. I will try and sum up my feelings on the game in an upcoming article.

  12. IMO multiplayer is the least important part of a game, unless it was made for that express purpose (a la team fortress). For that very reason I thought Halo 3 was utter rubbish.

    Btw flower just sounds dull. Explain one core mechanic that excites you, challenges you or in some way elevates your gaming experience. I don’t care if it’s a pretty tech demo or a soothing screen saver, games are made to be played (contrary to what Mr Kojima may think).

  13. Oh btw Devil May Cry 4 is an extremely solid 1/4 game. Once you get to the end, the levels are mirrored in a feeble attempt to introduce a modicum of longetivity (it doesn’t work). You will be forced to go through everything you have already done….backwards and the game will still be over in a handfull of hours (an entirely different proposition to the godly GoW2).

  14. I was not aware of the shortness of the game, as neither Ashley nor Roger has finished it. (Of course, neither have had much time to play it.)

    I must say that GoW2 is an extremely solid game, having seen it played beginning to end several times; but that said, I do feel that the ire levelled on DMC4 may be a little disproportionate. I think it is a good game, though I am disappointed to hear how short it is.

  15. I’ve trashed you before for your dislike of FFX-2, but when you put it that way, I can’t help but agree with you that, yes, it is rather patronizing. As interesting as the girls are, they are reduced to stereotype more than I’d like.

    And this is why we all love ya, Lusipurr. An incredible level of articulation that you just don’t see elsewhere. Jolly good show!

  16. I am glad for the positive feedback we are getting. If you would like us to discuss topics on the show let us know. Once again thank you for taking the time to listen to our show.

  17. Like Lusipurr said, he and I talked about it and I entirely agree. I would take X-2 over VIII any day, but it’s absolutely because of the battle system. (Although I enjoyed the mission based structure too).

  18. Well choosing between VIII and X-2 is a no win situation but I do prefer VIII ever so slightly. X-2 is the most enjoyable on a minute to minute basis owing to it’s far superior battle system and fun job classes while VIII’s junction system would be legally defined as touture in any country except the United states. At the end of the day however VIII just felt like a bigger more solid experience. I quite liked some parts of the story and the world which it created. Alternately I felt X-2 had a horrid story, and the game did it’s level best to destroy the very good ending of FFX.

  19. Fantastic Podcast everyone! My only complaint is that there are only two of them… Remedy this at once!

  20. I’ve just finished listening to your first podcast and, having done so, I have a question for Bup regarding the Ultimate Genesis Collection. You mentioned that the graphics have been upgraded to 720p but is this actually a visual improvement or does it just make the genesis graphics look more blocky and garbled like some of the retro stuff on XBLA? It seems to me that Genesis graphics in HD might be a bit like Blade Runner on Blueray.

  21. The games are displayed at 720 (in your choice of original aspect ratio or stretched), with a basic bilinear filtering to make the games look less like they’re being blown up. You have the option to turn on another filter, but this makes the games looik like playing on an emulator with 2xSai filtering (which looks blurry).