Editorial: Beautiful Okami

I have an inherent love for beautiful games. So, it shouldn’t surprise you when I say that Okami is quick becoming one of the most beautiful and inspiring games I have ever played. I only wish I had played it sooner.

That said one of the first things that struck me about this game was its simplicity. After many hours of play, I have yet to run into any lengthy and over-the-top cut scenes, unnecessary and tiring dialogues, or obscenely long battles. Instead, I have been presented with a classic story of good versus evil, light against darkness, placed in a fairy tale-like setting where the main protagonist is a sun goddess-turned-wolf. The lack of voice acting, which is instead replaced with strange grumbling and squeaking noises, adds to the sense that instead of playing a game, I am reading a story from a beautifully illustrated picture book.

OkamiThe most powerful aspect of this game, hands down, is the graphics. The sumi-e inspired style of the game, paired with the bold lines and colors, is enough to make me want to hang it on my wall. The fact that I get to gaze upon this while having the opportunity to actively participate in this painting-come-to-life world adds pleasure to every moment I spend doing little side quests. When I first set out to play the game, I was afraid that the addition of the brushstrokes would become tiresome or detract from the overall feeling of the game. Fortunately, while I do have some trouble making the right lines with my PS2 controller, I have yet to find myself put-off by it.

All in all, Okami has been a breathtaking experience and I look forward to completing the game. 


  1. I picked this game up for the PS2 sometimes ago. As of yet I have not played it. I feel that after reading this it would be an injustice not to play it, at least for a little while.

    Wonderful writing, looking forward to your next article already.

  2. Watching you play Okami has been really amazing. The artistic direction is phenomenal. I don’t particularly care for the gameplay, but there is no question that the artistry is singularly expressed.

  3. This leads me to question whether I should play it on the PS2 or the Wii? Has anyone played the Wii version? Are there just tacked on motion controls, or does i add to the game?


  4. I’ve played both and switched to the PS2 because the waggle-controls on the Wiimote are entirely superfluous and, in fact, distracting from the core gameplay.

  5. I’ve heard points in both directions although it’s interesting that both sides seem to feel very strongly about it. It looks like the Wii gameplay is absolutely love or absolutely hate it.
    But I absolutely agree with the gorgeous artistic direction.