Wanted: Reader Input on Nintendo Wii

Lusipurr.com would like to hear opinions from our readers on all things related to the Nintendo Wii. Do you think the console is the best thing to happen to gaming, or do you feel as though Nintendo has begun an industry trend of turning out vast heaps of shovel-ware? We want to hear from you for a special Wii-edition of the Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast this coming weekend. Simply comment on this post with your opinions and then listen in on Monday for their inclusion in the MAP. Thank you!


  1. I believe Nintendo has opened the gates of hell, and all is lost… HAHAHAHA J/K!… Or am I?

    A lot of good looking games are finally coming out for it. I think we will be seeing good things from the Wii from now on.

  2. I think whatever is the dominant console (particularly if it’s relatively easy to develop for) always has a ton of shovelware.

    NES, PSX, PS2 all had a buttload of awful games. I need to find a retro game shop and pick up some old PSX action games though there’s a bunch I never got to play. Tomba! and that skull-knight Tim Burton ripoff ones mostly.

  3. they need to make a Yellow Wii for the UK, only we brits get that joke…

  4. I’m a lazy sack of shit, so I’m just gonna parrot what I said in the Ep. 3 thread.

    The problem with the Wii is that for all the sales the hardware has had, it hasn’t done a damned thing to “expand the audience.” If anything, Nintendo’s been hard at work making the wall between gamer and non-gamer stronger than ever, probably so as not to have to share their pie with anyone else. Much of what sells on the Wii (and DS, but that’s another topic) is self-improvement software as opposed to anything resembling a video game, and the few 3rd party successes on the Wii are soon proven to be flukes (Carnival Games did well, but where’s Carnival Minigolf on the top 10s?). For suckers like myself who got the Wii near launch, the system sits there unused for upwards of 6 months at a time, and even when it is used, it’s for brief periods. Put simply, the system has done nothing but solidify Nintendo’s departure from gaming, and with it, my departure from their customer base.

    And let it not be said that I haven’t tried to like the Wii. Here’s my list of Wii games, not counting Wii Sports.

    No More Heroes
    House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return
    House of the Dead Overkill
    Resident Evil 4
    Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles
    Zack and Wiki
    Mercury Meltdown Revolution
    Geometry Wars Galaxies
    Metal Slug Collection
    Pokemon Battle Revolution (which is NOT a great game)
    Rayman Raving Rabbids
    Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    Super Paper Mario
    Super Mario Galaxy
    Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Too much like Hunters)
    Wario Ware: Smooth Moves
    Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers

    Of those games, the only one I regret is Pokemon Battle Revolution. Not a good game AT ALL. However, you’ll notice on that list that Overkill and Onechanbara are the first two games I’ve bought since Brawl on the system. This is a problem, and one that I don’t think Nintendo seems to care about, as they seem to only desire to throw in token efforts like the “new” Punch-Out!! game in development, which likely won’t control any better than Wii Boxing. Then, of course, you have the atrocity that is Dead Rising: Chop Til You Drop, which has no other reason to exist other than Capcom making a quick buck. Not that I’m angry at Capcom: Their only two successes on the Wii are a Cube port and a rail shooter. The problem is that, thanks to poor sales of actual games, the Wii has become a dumping ground, a place for the 5th stringers to make shovelware that makes a provit on 20k copies sold. I don’t blame 3rd parties: In light of the failure of many a great Wii game, I’d likely do the same.

    Now for the new words.

    I don’t expect the Wii’s software situation to extend beyond the Wii, simply because the audiences on the PS3 and 360 have proven eager to buy good games, making it a better proposition to invest in a high-budget game, since it’s possible to get a high-budget return, something that’s not possible on the Wii. Notice no Street Fighter IV on the Wii.

    In other words, the Wii is a self-contained phenomenon.

  5. I do not enjoy the Wii. When I play a video game i want to go sit down and have a tiny break from life rather than standing up and hitting my sister in the head with a Wiimote.

  6. For a game system the Wii doesn’t have an awful lot of games, but then I guess that’s what you get when your core demographic is middle age women. Of the few games that it does have, many of them are mere ports from the previous generation of consoles or current gen games which have been converted into on rails shooters.

    Nintendo have really opened up a fecund cesspit with this one, people with little to no inclination for playing video games de jour have no place diluting our industry. Nintendo should ask themselves whether this scum blown rank mass of human swill is really their bread and butter, and if the answer comes back a resounding yes, then perhaps they should consider selling their wares at department store cosmetics counters rather than game stores, so that I don’t have to negotiate my way past this scummy ‘in crowd’ every time I go to pick up games. It pains me each and every time my way is blocked by indecisive Wii owners as they scan the shelves with uncomprehending eyes.


  7. Don’t let my post up there confuse anyone. I don’t like the as well, I sold mine a long time ago for a nice profit to some chump…er…friend…

    I am still a firm believer that Nintendo’s trend this gen will come back and bite them in the ass next gen, and Sony’s 10 year plan will pay off big time.

  8. Haha, that was funny… But It sounded like he said it was better than Killzone 2… Then again I couldn’t tell if he liked Overkill or not from that review…

  9. I’d like to ask an open question to the pannel, namely; what will become of us in the next console generation when all three players choose to target casuals with their console designs, and developers are all too busy courting glassy eyed soccer moms to give a tupenny fuck about actually developing video games? How will we play our games when all we have are wagglemotes and dildo peripherals?

    I think Nintendo opened an awful can of worms with the Wii. At this point in time the games to chaff ratio on the Wii is completely out of all proportion, and you could no more call the Wii a dedicated gaming console than you could the PC (in fact the PC has many more games). The difficulty this poses for me is that when the next generation of consoles come out, I don’t think that I’ll be able to bring myself to buy one for the first couple of years, until I can get a handle on what kind of consumers constitute the userbase. Nintendo has ravaged the industry and left it bereft of any notion of certainty or predictability, and for this the Wii stands condemned!

  10. As evilpaul said, shovelware on a Nintendo system is hardly new. People often forget that the majority of the games on the NES were mediocre at best – for heaven’s sake, there was a Domino’s pizza game on the NES (Yo Noid), among other atrocities. So it’s pretty silly to imply that this is a worrying new trend of any kind.

    I’m not saying that Nintendo’s justified in doing this – they’re not, of course. What I’m saying is that I’ve been around long enough to see that the chaff gets forgotten for the gems, over time.

    The only difference between the NES Era and the Wii Era is that compared to back then, video games are taken much more seriously now. So, there’s this fear the Wii will be the end of serious gaming, etc – I don’t buy it.

    If gaming could grow out of the NES days, where most games were aimed at kids and were unabashedly childish, then gaming today has enough space for the Wii. Take the long view, folks – the Wii isn’t going to kill gaming.

  11. evilpaul Says:
    2009.03.11 at 18:30

    “I think whatever is the dominant console (particularly if it’s relatively easy to develop for) always has a ton of shovelware.”

    There are two differences. One, the shovelware production on the dominant console never really ramped up until the console hit critical mass, and two, there was always enough good software for gamers to ignore the shovelware, to pretend it never existed. The Wii’s shovelware output has, nearly from the start, outpaced the 10-year-old PS2, and the output of good games is, by comparison, laughably low. We all have massive collections of GOOD PS2 games, but how many of us will have more thna 15-20 Wii games of note?

  12. ZenAndTonic you seem to have misunderstood what I meant by chaff. I didn’t meen bad games, I meant pieces of software which aren’t games at all. As much shovleware as the PS2 had, and indeed continues to have, most of it was still in the form of games. The Wii on the other hand has championed a worrying paradigm shift whereby the systems software line up is dominated by yoga simulators and cooking guides rather than actual games.

    I dread to think what would happen if Operah ever released her own yoyo diet simulator.