MAP Episode 5: We Wii Cast

Download Link: Produced 2009.03.15

The panel discusses the state of the Wii, its impact on the industry, and how it compares to other consoles past and present. A WoW survey has unexpected results, Resident Evil 5 is released, blood and gore can finally be found on the Wii, and a contest!


  1. @Lee- Have you looked at the ps1 classics on PSN lately? I’m pretty sure that both Suikoden and Wild Arms are available for download.

    IMO RE5 looks far better than MGS4, I don’t know why so many people put MGS4 up on a pedestal when it has some of the muddiest textures of this generation. Though of course the graphics are the least of that game’s problems.

  2. No Wild Arms or Suikoden on my store, which is a shame!

    I will not be drawn into the debate about MGS4 :P

  3. ? Perhaps I accidently signed up to the American PSN then, I just assumed I was looking at the PAL psn because they had bugger all to download. Perhaps you’d be better off emulating instead.

    Btw MGS4 is bollocks.

  4. Lol Nate’s so bad he’s good, I can’t stop laughing each and every time he does his awful Lee impression.

  5. Noob – You’re an aussie, aren’t you? I imagine there’s a different store for you guys.

    Me, I have accounts for the US and for Spain, and the Europeans do have little to DL. Then again, the west in general has little compared to the Japanese store.

  6. I played the first Wild Arms back in the day. I’ve got the second, but never played it. Is it Lusi-approved as well? :o

  7. All of the Wild Arms games are worth playing, in my opinion. However, I also think that WA2 is not as good as WA1. If you enjoyed WA1, you’ll probably like WA2 enough to warrant purchasing it, though.

    Also: Point for Reetin!

  8. I’m shocked there was no mention of No More Heroes.

    I’m not saying this in defense of the Wii (hate the damn thing)but Nate isn’t correct in claiming that MadWorld is the first mature, violent Wii exclusive.

  9. I’ve been blasphemed. I never said that stuff about Castlevania, and you butchered what I said about Metroid.


  10. If I remember correctly your arguement (in one of the Q&As) was that if you deviated from the linear trajectory on which the game was set you would find nothing aside from power-ups, therefore it wasn’t exploration………..didn’t make much sense to me.

  11. @SiliconNooB: It doesn’t make sense to anyone but Oliver, and that’s why it is so funny. He is seriously the only person on Earth using that definition of ‘linearity’. …Which isn’t even a true definition, anyway! Ahhh, long shall we profit in mirth because of him. Long shall we profit in mirth.

  12. No More Heroes wasn’t mentioned? I haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but I’m sure I’ll be annoyed many times that I wasn’t able to make it!

  13. Well I got Madworld yesterday (along with 50 Cent: BotS and RE5, but I’ll save those for the PS3 and 360 podcasts), and I asked the guy how many copies have sold, including mine.

    He said 3. THREE, and the game came out on the 11th. While I’ll try to hold out hope until the March NPDs, this bit of anecdotal evidence has me thinking Madworld’s going to flop hard.

  14. Excellent podcast, however it concerns me that the file size is getting larger each week. My poor MP3 player with its tiny memory isn’t happy. I’m all for superior sounds quality and all, but is it possible to compress the files a bit?

  15. @Scholtenheim — Short answer: yes we could, but no we will not.

    Long answer: Right now we are at an average 128k bitrate. Whilst we could compress it still further, the quality would deteriorate significantly and would end up below the threshhold of what we’re willing to accept given that the vast majority of our audience is far more than capable of handling podcasts in the 60-70M range, especially given that even the *most* basic mainstream MP3 players sold several generations ago had storage in excess of 1G.

    Hopefully the following statistics will allay some of your concerns.

    Despite what you’ve said, I’d like to point out that the podcast size has really changed very little. Our first podcast was 67.7M and our latest, which is also our largest, is 72.7M. It’s also not true that we’re getting larger every week:

    Week 1: 67.7M
    Week 2: 63.4M
    Week 3: 60.1M
    Week 4: 68.7M
    Week 5: 72.7M

    From week to week, it has gone *down* twice (Week 2 and 3) and up twice (Week 3 and 4). Our average of 66.52 is still squarely in the 60-70 ballpark that we set out for ourselves. This past week, the extra size is largely due to the fact that there were extended outtakes and more than the usual material to cover–an exceptional situation and probably more to do with the fact that we are trying to examine an entire console in depth *and* cover the rest of the usual podcast material.

    Whilst I appreciate the position you are in with your MP3 player being low on space, &c., I also have to keep in mind that the industry trend is towards higher quality than even we are presenting. As for file size, I don’t think that 60-70M is excessive for a one hour podcast–not even remotely so–for the vast majority of our audience, and it is the majority of our audience which we must tailor our content for.

    Hopefully you can understand our position. After all, there are MP3 players out there with only 32M of memory (I’ve seen such devices!). Should we therefore reduce our bitrate to variable 32K mono so that we can fit on these devices? Obviously not; of course, this is an extreme example, but hopefully it makes the point that our content is tailored towards the majority of our audience for a reason.

    Ultimately, we have struck a balance of sound quality against size which, given the current technology, is satisfactory for the vast majority of users. Going further in either direction will discommode more people than it will service, so we’re going to stay where we are.

  16. @Lusipurr

    Well reasoned. I appreciate the explaination. Seems I’ll just suck it up or use it as an excuse to buy a new player.