Review: Don’t Shit Your Pants

The eternal struggle of “shitting your pants” and “not shitting your pants” has finally been recreated in video game form with Don’t Shit Your Pants.

Don’t Shit Your Pants, a survival horror title, places the player in the role of a man who has forty-eight seconds until he has to poop.  This feat is accomplished through Maniac Mansion-style game play, wherein the player types the action he or she wishes their character to perform.  The game understands a variety of commands, such as “open,” “pull down pants,” and “small fart.”  The typed commands combine to provide a variety of endings to the game, which involve the game character successfully pooping in the toilet, on the floor, and, the obvious “you shit your pants.”

Some of the most surprising parts of the game are the achievements unlocked by completing various tasks.  These are unlocked by something as simple as beating the game to actions the player may not think to do, like the player killing his or her character in the game.  Upon completion of all the achievements, the player is awarded with a special, in-game item.

For a game so simple, it is surprisingly fun to play.  This writer found what he thought would be a five minute round of gaming turn into twenty minutes.  The addition of the hilarious plot of “not shitting your pants” and the various paths to accomplish this goal just add to the enjoyment of this game.  Don’t Shit Your Pants is perfect for anyone looking for a funny, simple yet fun, text survival horror game.


  1. I believe this review is a exclusive!
    THIS is the kind of incisive, informative, serious-minded reporting that one can ONLY get here.

  2. I love that this follows up a review of Okami xD

    I played this before and Agree with your review!