April Podcast Contest

Do you want to be a guest on the Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast?

Lusipurr.com is currently inviting would-be guests to participate in a contest! The winner will be offered a guest seat on the first podcast in April. The rules are simple: send a single sentence describing your favourite game-related experience to webmaster [at] lusipurr [dot] com. The sentence may be of any length, but it must be grammatically correct and free of spelling and punctuation errors. Lusipurr and Lee will consider the entries; the winner will be announced on the 29 March podcast.

To participate, entrants should have access to a computer with Skype and a headset/microphone. Additionally, the podcast is recorded at around 18:00 (Eastern US Time) on Sundays, so entrants will want to have that particular time available for 5 April.

Individuals may enter as many times as they like, but each entry must be in a separate e-mail. Good luck! We look forward to reading your entries.


  1. An answer from my 2nd grade Social Studies class test: “He we she we write to me.”

    The question was something about how would you help elderly people in your community or something, so it wasn’t related to gaming though. :(

    Also, I am not its original author.