Wanted: Reader Input on Playstation3

Lusipurr.com would like to hear opinions from our readers on all things related to the Sony Playstation3. Is the PS3 the most amazing console ever made; or is it a bulky, over-rated hunk of junk? We want to hear from you for a special PS3-edition of the Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast this coming weekend. Simply comment on this post with your opinions and then listen in on Monday for their inclusion in the MAP. Thank you!


  1. Well there are a number of marks against the PS3. The price point makes it unpalatable to many, and I was quite unhappy not to receive component cables with my console. The management team appear to be a cabal of dunces, which often reflect poorly on the console through word and deed (also true of M$ to a lesser extent). These boneheads have recently announced they will begin charging developers for download data on PSN whilst simultaneously expressing the wish for more titles to be available for download over the network. Firstly in this instance Sony are wearing their financial opportunism on their sleeves and secondly these two plans seem diametricly opposed to each other, as charging developers for data means that they will only make games available for download when they are sure to generate a revenue. And finally some people find the dualshock too small (though not me).

    Well that’s enough for my criticism. The PS3 currently has the majority of exclusives that I am looking forward to including; Final Fantasy Versus XIII (which may or may not one day get a 360 release) Uncharted 2, White Knight Chronicles, Heavy Rain and the Team Ico game. The main reason that the PS3 is my favourite console however, is the consoles construction which stands in stark contrast to that of the 360. The PS3 is cooler, quieter and has a much lower failure rate which gives me greater confidence during extended gaming sessions. Then of course there’s the free online play and the fact that the dualshock has a functional dpad as opposed to the 360.

  2. Oh! Now it post my comment… Lets try this again.

    Great Exclusives.
    Free online.
    HDD always included.
    Wireless internet out of the box.
    Controllers are chargeable. (No changing of batteries)
    Blu-Ray Player.
    Games are Blu-Ray format. (More storage space)
    Built tough!

    No cross-game voice chat. (yet)
    No cross-game invites. (yet)
    Not as much DLC for Multiplatform games.
    Still the most expensive.

    -Not sure how to classify-
    PlayStation Home. I don’t hate home, I don’t use it a lot. I have been going in there recently as they opened a few new spaces. It has a lot of potential. This can o either way with me. I’m leaning more towards good as time goes on.

  3. I use my PS3 a lot and as such I have about three million complaints with it. Going to wait until tomorrow when we have some more comments before I post, though, so that I don’t preclude discussion from the readers.

  4. The PS3 is, without a doubt, the most full-featured console on the market. Wi-Fi, Blu-Ray, free online service, and the PlayStation controller, which is the best design for a game pad ever. The system is also coming into its own software wise, with Sony itself finally stepping up to deliver the exclusives like Killzone 2 and the Uncharted series. Those buying the PS3 now are not going to have much trouble finding games to play on the system. Also, they’ve stepped up to the plate with meatier online offerings such as Warhawk, Ratchet And Clank FUTURE: Quest For Booty, and Flower, as if to make up for the lack of quantity on the store.

    Now, my criticisms. Removal of features from later models is inexcuseable. I’m not too concerned about backward compatibility as, quite frankly, the hobbyist emulation scene will have it doing better than Sony ever could in a few years. I am, however, more concerned about the reduction of USB ports and the removal of the card readers, making USB hubs a necessity for the system. I have a 60 gig model with the four ports, and I had to get a charging station for my two controllers because I’m using the ports for my keyboard, PlayStation Eye, headset charger and keypad charger. Also, we’ve only now gotten to the point where games are starting to work on the PS3 the same way they do on the 360. The PS3 is a system that should be vastly out-performing the 360, as evidenced by first party efforts, but the crazy architecture makes it a difficult proposition. I don’t just mean the Cell processor, but the split ram. Here’s a clue, Sony, when the PS4 hits, you give it a gig of unified ram, and we’ll all be good. Thankfully, Sony seems to be stepping up to the plate and offering more in the way of middleware to help developers. Here’s to hoping we see more improvement. Lastly, several of the highest-profile exclusives, including Final Fantasy XIII, have slipped from Sony’s grasp as they lost the gamer market to Microsoft. Of course, the PS3 version of FFXIII will likely be the superior version, but there’s no reason for this to be a 360 version, other than continued bad executive decisions. Of course, you gotta talk about the price. $400 is not acceptable for a system that has comparatively few exclusives. The Blu-Ray movie crowd can’t be relied upon to move units anymore, as the victory of the format has resulted in cheaper alternatives for Blu-Ray movies (Sony themselves sell a nice $300 Blu-Ray player, and Magnavox has one for $200). Simply put, Sony has to drop the price and refocus on making the PS3 into a gaming experience like none other, instead of harping on about the multimedia bullshit. Oh, and the PlayStation Network… Hey Sony, WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE PSONE CLASSICS!? Japan’s got over 200 of them, we barely have 30 in the US, and Europe has few more. Indeed, their marketplace is sorely lacking compared to XBLM, and their policy of charging publishers for downloads isn’t going to help. Lastly, did we really need the marshmallow L2 and R2 buttons?

    Still, the PS3 is, like Winn-Dixie, getting better all the time. Get a PS3, get a 300 gig HDD from TigerDirect (2.5″ SATA), and you’re set to go.

  5. More Bad

    Blu-Ray disc reading is slower. Which leads to longer load times.
    Profiles take to damn long to load as well.

  6. Well, the problem with that is that DVD read speed is more variable, while BD-Rom speed is constant. The PS3 uses a 2x Blu-Ray drive, so it’s max/min speeds in comparison to 12x DVD are as follows.

    Blu-ray 2x: 72Mbp / 8MBps
    12x DVD: 66 – 132Mbps / 8.2 – 16.5MBps

    This isn’t so much a fault of the disc as it is of an early drive. I doubt the PS4’s going to use a 2x drive. Hell, I’d be surprised if they didn’t go past 4x by the time the PS4 was out.

  7. @MC: Yeah, Thanks for elaborating. That what I meant but worded that really badly.

    I would also like to state that PSN has yet to give me a single problem. For me its been very reliable and speedy in online play. I can’t say the same for when I had Live.

  8. Now I like the DualShock3 just fine, but I would hardly say it’s the best controller design ever.
    I prefer the GCN and 360 controller to it.

  9. DS3 is my favorite controller this gen. If it did not have the trigger buttons, It would dethrone the DS2 as my favorite controller ever.

  10. One important feature I forgot to mention is the PS3’s region free compatability. To American gamers this might just be a pleasent little perk but to PAL gamers this feature is absolutely invaluable since some of our games are released 6-12 months after America.

    The dualshock is by far the most comfortable controller for me to use, but Sony ruined the L2 and R2 buttons.

    Then of course there’s the hardware differences between the PS3 and 360, namely Blu-ray and the powerful cell processor. The extra storage and processing capabilities have resulted in several absolutely beautiful exclusives, yet the architecture also makes it more difficult for multi-platform developing so it’s a double edged sword.

    Finally in the last couple of days Sony have released a new dev kit which they claim will make PS3 development easier and more streamlined, which also happens to be a fraction of the price of the old one @ $2000.

  11. Can’t believe I forgot about the Region Free, Region Locks are soooo last gen. >_>

    And the thing about double edged sword is that for the remainder of this gen. The PS3 will only get easier to develop for, while its other ability are kept intact. In time, the double edged sword will become a deadly Katana.

    God I hate the Trigger buttons…

  12. Let me begin by saying that Home is stupid.

    Most of the PS3 games already feature a good way of being in contact with the people who are playing that game, and the PSN Friends List is a good way to see what your friends are playing. Why, then, do I want Home, which is essentially a collection of advertisements all wrapped in a giant, flashy advertisement.

    Yes, it looks nice, but it makes connecting to play games more difficult, not less.

    The PS3 game-to-game networking is excellent. I have never had even the slightest problem playing online. Whether it was Soul Calibur IV or Unreal Tournament 3, everything was smooth and seamless. Nintendo could certainly take some lessons from this (Wow, multiplayer that works!) as could Microsoft (Wow, multiplayer for free!).

    The PS2 Dual-Shock is my favourite controller ever. I still use mine (with a USB adapter) for my PC Gaming. The trigger buttons on the DualShock3 are justifiably lamented, but the programming side of the equation shares some of the blame for their implementation. Companies could certainly treat them like digital on/off (and some do), and they could allow you to set their sensitivity in the game (i.e. how much ‘push’ is needed before the trigger is detected as ‘pressed’). Generally, though, I just hate triggers. (Gamecube, I’m looking at you.)

    BLU-Ray is excellent and it is a jolly good bargain to get a BLU-Ray player and a PS3 game-player all wrapped together in one package. The price point is lower now than initially, which helps too–but it is still too high. Rather than endlessly ‘updating’ the console with more storage/less backwards compat., so that they can justify continuing to sell it for $[Too Much].00, they should focus on making one uniform system (say, 120G) and get the price down. Fast.

    The ‘full’ backwards compat. in PS3s (such as my 60G) is lamentable. Some games (Chrono Cross) are unplayable. Others (Final Fantasy VII) has graphical glitches and bugs. I mention these two games because they are very popular and clearly games that Sony should be looking to fix, but this they have not done.

    MC mentions the pathetic PSOne Classic lineup for the PSN. He’s one hundred percent correct. This is damning considering the substantial Virtual Console lineup which the Wii has (even though Japan has way more, once again). This divide needs to be fixed IMMEDIATELY. It only serves to remind the rest of the world that they are playing second-fiddle to Japan, as usual. With a growing Western audience, this attitude is unforgiveable.

    Don’t even get me started on the stupid, ass-backwards, myopic, insane, practically SUICIDAL business strategy of Sony towards the PS3. I’m still not certain it has improved, either.

    The PS3 is replete with problems. Nevertheless, it is the console I play most these days. I am looking forward to FFXIII and Last Remnant on it, and Valkyria Chronicles is one of the most fulfilling RPGs I’ve played in ages, up there with Lost Odyssey.

    Ethos may think the 360 and Gamecube controllers are better, but he’s clearly a slavering maniac. The 360 D-pad might as well not exist, and the Gamecube controller’s D-pad is no better. It works slightly better, yes, but it is also too small to be seen with the human eye. So, use of it results in acute FUCKING IRRITATION and then the Gamecube controller flies through the air and into a wall, ending its functional usefuless rather abruptly.

    Also, the Gamecube controller is designed for tiny six-year-olds, whereas the 360 controller was clearly designed to be held by Jupiter Maximus, the giant God of the classical age.

    In summary
    PSN is good but sucks compared to what it could be (and is, in Japan)
    Hardware is robust but a pain in the ass to program for
    Blu-Ray play is terriffic.
    Home sucks.
    The Dual-Shock controller design is perfect. Too bad they ruined the L2/R2 buttons.
    The ability to install Linux on my PS3 is awesome. But why would I want to?
    Non-proprietary hard drives. YES PLEASE.
    Built-in wireless. Full HDMI and Surround Sound support.
    Excellent exclusives.
    But a business branch run by a bunch of apes in suits.
    …Drunk, retarded apes.
    …In ill-fitting suits.

  13. Yes, both GCN and 360 controllers are terrible for the d-pads. I can’t argue that. But I never use the d-pad ever, so it’s a non-issue for me.
    The positions of the analog sticks make a lot more sense and don’t destroy my thumbs like the DualShock.
    I also DO like triggers and think the shoulder buttons were gorgeous on the GCN controller with perfect sensitivity and a satisfying click to indicate you’ve reached the end.
    Perhaps the colours made people think “kiddie”, but it was an intuitive layout.

    I prefer the 360 controller because of the aforementioned analog stick layout and the superior triggers. But because you’re a anti-tigger pro-d-pad person, it makes perfect sense why we prefer the controllers that we do.

    All that said, it’s not like I have anything particularly wrong with the PS3 controller, and I’ve loved all 3 Playstation home consoles with 3 of my top 4 favourite games being Playstation exclusives.
    I may not own a PS3 yet, but it is hardly out of disdain. I will hopefully own one very soon.

  14. The price may be a bit steep, but nothing that a few tricks couldn’t pay for.

    You live in Toronto, and you are free in the evenings. What’s the hold up?

  15. Hrm….excellent point.
    I’m usually tired after work, I don’t know if I could put in a throw or two.
    I’m expecting a price drop by E3 anyway, so I might hold out until then.

  16. “whereas the 360 controller was clearly designed to be held by Jupiter Maximus, the giant God of the classical age.”

    The 360 controller is nowhere near as big as the Duke.

  17. The 360 has a better pad layout for action games. The sticks on the PS3 just don’t feel “right”.

    Trying to play any fighting game on the 360 is asking for trouble.

  18. The lack of backwards compatibility in the current PS3s (and bad backwards compatibility Lusipurr mentioned in the “backwards compatible” ones) along with the price tag are what make me less than eager to plunk down cash for a PS3.

    Being able to slap in a huge like Xbox HDD is a definite plus for it though. Charging like $2/GB for HDD space was cool…in 1998. Not so much today.

    Also, the Dual Shock 2 rules.

  19. You nailed it about the controllers, Lee

    @evilpaul I think I’m starting to side with Lusipurr about backwards compatibility (or lack thereof) and it being barely part of the discussion now. The system has been out long enough and has garnered enough exclusives to keep it out of the discussion.
    This coming from somebody who was extremely upset when backwards compatibility was taken out of the feature set and used to think it was a make or break deal.

  20. Ethos – Yeah, BC isn’t AS important as it used to be, especially with the process PCSX2 has been making. We’ll be playing PS2 games on our PCs in a few years, no problem. I know I do most of my PSOne playing on ePSXe 1.7.0 and pSX now.

    The controllers have an equal set of faults. The PS3’s pad has those silly marshmallow R2 and L2 buttons (those THINGS are not triggers), and the sticks are a tad too sensitive, while the 360’s has a bad D-pad (though again, nowhere near as bad as the Duke) and the guide button in a bad spot, making for the occasional accidental press when wanting to hit Start or Back (though better than where those buttons were on Controller S).

  21. I have just heard of a new Sony policy wherin if self-publishing developers commit to developing their downloadable titles exclusively on PSN then Sony will provide half their development budget. Interesting, hope this doesn’t divert funding away from their first party developers though.

  22. Not only that but they get to keep the rights to there own IP. And get to choose what they want to price it at on PSN. Basically Win/Win for developers.

  23. Well it will certainly lead to more elaborate PSN products now that companies effectively get twice the budget. I just worry slightly whether Sony is solvent enough to offer such a lucrative deal.