MAP Episode 8: Pokecast Platinum

Download Link: Produced 2009.04.05

A slow news week fails to prevent the panel from filling the hour with every manner of unacceptable and objectionable content. With a pokemon-loving guest, the collectable critters turn up in every conversation. Gotta censor ’em all!


  1. I would have to say that B&G is delicious and I believe that Lee should try it. On another note I believe I will get a DSI for various reasons. One reason is because I never acquired the DSlite so if i was going to choose an upgrade I should choose the one that will get all the love from Nintendo. The reason I say this is because Nintendo seems to phase out products even if they are they same thing. The original DS was phased out for the DSlite, so much so that in order to get new stylus’ for it I had to go to a Japanese import shop. They did this with other hand helds s well such as they phased the GBA with the GBASP I believe I have made my point.
    Another thing I would like it is for the internet browser that comes with it, even though I have a laptop and a desktop that are always within 10 feet of me I would like to be able to go on porn sites with my DS. The SD card slot seems like an interesting concept as well one that I hope I can utilize to look up porn while waiting for class to start.
    Changing the subject entirely I would like to say my favorite Pokemon is Charmander cause he was just so cute. Coming in a close second would of course be Pikachu because again he is just so darn cute.

  2. There’s no way I’ll be getting a DSI so long as my DS lite is still in working order. I don’t know what the pricing is like in the States, but in Oz they’ve raised the price by about 50%, and for what? A couple of crappy cameras like the ones on my phone. No thanks.

    @Lusi- Are you sure the US version of Advent Children Complete comes with the FFXIII demo? All the press realease stuff that I’ve seen for it thus far only say that it will feature a “sneek peak at FFXIII”, which sounds more like a trailer or something lame like that.

  3. *Wonders if the mystery guest is Chris*

    Imo Tierkreis is definitely a 4/5.

  4. We have been given very conflicting reports about whether or not the FFXIII Demo is included in the NA Blu-Ray (Bruray?) release of Advent Children.

    It now seems that there will not be an FFXIII demo included, but of course I suspect that next week we’ll be given an article that says it will be. To play it safe, if one MUST have the demo, one should probably import the Japanese version, though the demo will only be in Japanese.

    We’ll know for certain in June, at least!

  5. Saying that I want to drain the life from PIkachu to power my computer and appliances can HARDLY be construed as Pikahating!

  6. I actually wrote theme music (“Valse Disappointemente”) for the podcast, but I do not have a synth to perform it on, nor recording equipment here to record my quite-out-of-tune grand piano.

    However, this evening I set up the purchase of a new Clavinova for my apartment in Chicago (the apartment is not big enough to accomodate a grand piano and a two manual organ with full pedal board), so I will record the theme on that and it will replace our current theme music.

  7. Regarding FFXIII – I seriously don’t give a shit anymore. The PS3 has more than enough to play without Square’s latest entry into overhyped mediocrity. This is right up there with Duke Nukem Forever as far as my radar goes. Hell, we’ll likely see Elder Scrolls V before we see FFXIII, and ESV’ll likely be the better game.

    Seriously, Square Enix hasn’t exactly been batting a thousand this generation. With the possible exception of The World Ends With You, they’ve been paralyzingly mediocre or worse since 2005.

    Regarding Pikachu – Pika! Pikapi! CHuuuuuuuuu!

  8. Since FFXII, the only Square Enix game I’ve played is Crisis Core. Crisis Core was great, but hardly legendary.

    @Master Chief: What I, (and the rest of the gaming community, methinks) are hoping is that FFXIII will break this string of mediocrity. I’m optimistic, but we’ll have to wait and see I suppose.

  9. I’m very optimistic. Although I was the same way about FFXII and while I love it, it is very rare for anything to live up to my hype.
    I’m just excited for the battle system and for Lightning.

  10. Should I see Lightning and think “Ashe with palette swap”?

    Square-Enix seems to me to be in disarray. Most of the Square people left entirely or only freelance for them now.

    The Enix people are cranking out a few new Dragon Quest games and remakes that are new to the western audience, but the western audience has never really cared much for Dragon Quest.

    The only thing else they have going on is Tri-Ace which has been making kind of generic JRPGs that you won’t like unless you’re a fan of the genre, and even then only maybe for some of the games. They have nowhere near the appeal of FF in the US or DQ in Japan.

    JRPGs in general seem to be sticking with the androgynous, angsty, teenager main characters instead of again growing up with their audience as they did (sort of) in the ’90s. We can only take so many Squall Leonharts. Lately, I’ve been much more impressed with Atlus’s games and I used to considered them “second tier.” SE just isn’t doing it for me.

    Anyway, that’s my take on the “I’m displeased with SE too” rant.

  11. Lusipurr! I expect much wailing and gnashing of teeth about the massive failure that is the latest FFXI update and expansion on the next podcast!

  12. @Evilpaul: You should see Lightning as “Cloud gender swap” Thats how SE is describing her at least.

  13. @Master Chief – while I can’t even disagree with you, I haven’t met an entry in the numbered Final Fantasy series that has been a let down yet (save 8). So even if everything else is a dud, I think hope is still legitimate for XIII.

  14. Sorry for the double post, but I’m with Oyashiro. Lightning absolutely has more of a Cloud vibe than an Ashe vibe. Thank god too, I’m not a massive Cloud fan, but he at least has more personality than Ashe.