MAP Episode 9: Easter Podcast 2009

Download Link: Produced 2009.04.12

Lusipurr and Oliver assemble the absentee panelists Nate and Ethan using whatever means necessary for some discussion and Easter music. Fat Princess, XNA, and the frustrations caused by Japan-only releases are chronicled in this special holiday podcast!


  1. I am listening just now, but at the beginning I am reminded of the last time Lusipurr and Oliver talked alone. This discussion of chocolate makes me hope for discussion of pie.

    Evilpaul approves!

  2. I also downloaded Paper Mario for the N64!
    I failed to mention that.
    I liked this unique set-up, it was still a new listen enough though I was a part!

  3. The end of eternity shares the name of an old sci-fi novel so perhaps they are going for a literary connection with this one.

  4. @Lusi-I was actually thinking about playing FFVII again but keep hearing about how bad the BC glitches are. So I’m just wondering if you can tell me if there’s anything potentially game ending in there? Since trading in my PS2 my only options have been BC or emulater, I was erring towards BC because I’ve played through the start of FFVII on my PS3 without encountering any glitches but if there are any significant freezes I’m thinking I may be better off going with epsxe.

  5. @S.Noob: There are no freezes/game-ending glitches that I know of, just graphical glitches. However, it probably depends on your version of the firmware, which model PS3 you have, &c. I’d do a quick internet search just to be safe.

  6. If I recall correctly, Tales of Symphonia PS2 stayed in Japan because Nintendo payed for the localized voice acting. I really hope Bandai-Namco games brings Vesperia PS3 NA, but you never know with them. They may just skip it because they don’t want to pay for all that additional voice acting.

  7. Great podcast! Who new that having you all separated from each other would be a good idea!

    And on the PS3 BC glitching. I haven’t experienced any yet. I have a launch 60 gig. is it something you really have to look for?

  8. @Oyashiro – which games are you playing on it?

    @Epyon – oh yeah, I had forgot about that, I think you’re completely right about that reason. Because the GCN version sold so well, there would have been no reason to not bring out the PS2 port.

  9. Quiet a few. FFVII is one of them, I’m at northern crater (the first time you get there) on my PS3 save. I haven’t noticed any graphical glitches as of yet. Are the glitches supposed to be really noticeable or just in a specific area?