Editorial: Exploring LittleBIGPlanet

When LBP first arrived to the PS3 I was enamored. I was so enamored, in fact, that I began to see LittleBig opportunities in my every day life. For example, Lusipurr and I were once sitting in Red Lobster and there was a very large, wooden fish hanging between the different sections of the restaurant. This wooden fish, hanging from chains, was conspicuously blank. All I could think was that I had to open my Popit and find the matching fish sticker. At which point I fully expected to hear the customary “successfully placed sticker” sound and be rewarded with goodies. I had so been looking forward to a shrimp head to match my turkey head.

untitled-2What is it about this game that I find so appealing? I think, like Pokemon, it is the sheer amount of things to do that keeps me coming back. Whether I’m logging on to play the story mode, to seek out the latest user-created levels online, or to create another little sack person, I never get bored. The environments are rich, engaging, and not challenging enough to make a weak-willed gamer like myself run away screaming in frustration. I can be a bunny, a wrestler, a mini-Rorschach, and even a lion!

My one complaint about this game has to do with the search feature when I am looking for online content. Despite having used said search feature numerous times, it always takes me a long time to figure out how to access it and then to figure out how to find the good levels. Oftentimes, I find myself having to wade through dozens of terrible and unworkable levels before I find a good one—and believe me there are many great levels to be found.


  1. Y’know, I played a good few hours of this game, and while I had a really good time, I’ve never felt a desire to play it again. I likely will buy it when I get a PS3, so hopefully it will captivate me like it has you.

  2. LBP is one of those games that I never think of playing. When I do play it, I play it for hours and hours.

    It seems to be something that is forgotten until one plays it; at which point the funs comes pouring out of every nook and cranny.


  3. Same here, I never have urges to play it, but when I do There goes about 5 hours out the window. And the user created levels are pretty awesome! Have any of you played the “LittleBigContra” levels? They completely remade the original Contra. It is just so awesome, and just as hard as the original.

  4. I thought Sony was in the habit of deleting content based on existing properties?

  5. They may have taken them down already, they where up there for a while though. As far as I remember it didn’t have any gfx ripped from the game in it. Then again no one really knows the check list they use for deleting levels in LBP.

    I mean, there are so many music levels that have been up there from the begging.

  6. I love LBP. It makes me wish I had a TV and a PS3, just for this game. It’s true though, I have to get the itch to play, and then I know I will play all day.