Wanted: Reader Input on PSP versus DS

Lusipurr.com is once again soliciting the opinions of readers for an upcoming podcast!

What do you think of the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP? Is one better than the other? Is hardware everything, or is the software what really decides which is better? What about development costs and constantly changing hardware? In short, which is better; the DS, or the PSP?

Comment on this post and let us know which you prefer and why. Your comments will be used in next week’s Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast. Thank you!


  1. Neither is better than the other. PSP has more solid software but the DS has so much more come out for it.

  2. More solid software?
    The main reason I don’t have a PSP is because there are very few games out that interest me. And I have 10 DS titles that I consider to be from quite good to excellent, and there are many more I’d be glad to own.
    The PSP advantage is the glorious screen and far superior graphics.
    I have nothing wrong with the PSP, but it just doesn’t have my attention yet.

  3. Yeah at the moment I do play my DS more, but there’s a ton of stuff I’m waiting for on PSP like Agito XIII and Birth by Sleep.

  4. @SN – Yeah, the scale is VERY slowly tipping for me. Birth by Sleep is far more than likely the title that will do it in for me.

  5. They both cater to different crowds. By the end of the tear, I might be leaning more towards the PSP though.

  6. Yeah it’s like everything I want to play righr now is on the DS while everything I wanna play on the PSP is somewhere in the future.

  7. http://kotaku.com/5221988/sony-psp-piracy-levels-are-sickening

    This goes some way in explaining the massive hole in the PSPs line-up, with all it’s appealing software already released or comming next year.

    To the best of my knowledge the PSPs only big releases this year have/will been/be Resistance Retribution, Dissidia Final Fantasy and possibley Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.

  8. …..Actually Birth by Sleep will probably only get an ’09 Japanese release (just like FFXIII grrrr).

  9. Whenever someone comes into my store trying to decide between the DS and the PSP, I always ask this: “Are you looking for a multimedia system, or are you looking for a gaming system?” If they answer the former, I recommend the PSP, and if the latter, I recommend the DS.

  10. I honestley couldn’t tell you which I prefer having, but I do own more DS games.

  11. I own a few more DS games than PSP games, but I would have to say that on balance I enjoy my PSP games more, and I use my PSP much more than my DS.

    My favourite DS games are the Castlevania games, PKMN, Suikoden, and Chrono Cross. I’ve played CC elsewhere, PKMN is PKMN, and Suikoden is only an average Suiko title.

    My favourite PSP games are Crisis Core, Prinny, FF Tactics, Disgaea AoD, Wild Arms XF, Me & My Katamari, and FF1. I love all of these games to death. FF Tactics is glorious and near-faultless (excepting only the battle lag), Crisis Core is astonishing even though the battle system is a bit shallow, Prinny is a most excellent platformer, I can play Disgaea any day, Katamari on the Go is brilliant for trips and between classes, and Wild ARMs XF is one of the most inventive strategy RPGs I’ve ever played.

    And FF1? I have probably put more time into FF1 than any other game–even FFXI. I have certainly played it from start to finish more than one hundred times. I never, ever get bored with it. The PSP incarnation is easily the most beautiful ever, and I love playing through it.

  12. I remember someone posted the box art for Jeanne D’Arc in a RPG thread once and I thought to myself “wow, what a neat premise for a SRPG. Joan’s tale of heroism, war and betrayal already lend itself so well to the SRPG formula that you could keep the real-world setting without having to fill it with silly fantasy stuff. I may actually buy a PSP for this!” Then I looked into it and I find anime character designs, skeleton warriors and dragons. I do not own a PSP.

    Etrian Odyssey is super cool though. DS wins!

  13. At this point, I have about the same amount of games for both my DS and my PSP. The only reason I’ve been playing my DS more is that I’m loving my DSi. The fact that I can connect my PS3 and my PSP together and transfer things over is awesome, and the cheap, portable movies I can buy.