Editorial: Statistics, Sports, and the San Jose Sharks

The Sharks are barely relevant to this post, but I needed the alliteration. Plus, it is the playoffs, get in the spirit!

It is true that I am not often thought of as a “sports guy”. I pretty much suck at any real life sport and I couldn’t name more than 3 current, professional sports players from Baseball, Football, and Basketball put together. That is including both the NFL and CFL. I might fare a little better, however, if asked about Hockey. Fitting I suppose, since I am Canadian (as everybody at Lusipurr.com is eager to remind me). Still, I don’t watch it often and I’m certainly not very good at it.

So what am I getting at and what does it have to do with video games?
Well, fine readers, I am trying to gather feedback to see just how crazy I am, and if I am the only person who plays sports games in the way that I do.

Go Wild!
Go Wild!

Using a recently purchased used copy of NHL 07 for Xbox 360 as the base, the following is typical for how I approach any hockey video game title. 

1. Create an team consisting of only created players. Yes, 12 forwards, 6 defensemen, and 3 goalies. I also slave over their stats, never making a powerhouse team because I want them to improve if I end up playing multiple seasons.

2. Start a full season. Almost always using the Minnesota Wild. Slave over making the roster.

3. Finally play a freaking game. Usually on easy. Usually high scoring…for me.

4. After the game, I pour over player and team stats for longer than any healthy person should.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4.

As a side note, it’s worth mentioning that Lusipurr.com’s very own Oliver “Riddles” Montok is my secondary goalie and is absolutely abysmal, despite having superior stats. He let in 13 goals in 3 games. Terrible.

Anyway, is this strange? I am typically not involved in the world of sports and, in turn, not typically involved in the world of sports games. Does anybody else even create their own characters? How do you guys play sports games? Do you even play sports games? Why do I like the Minnesota Wild? I liked them even when the Leafs didn’t suck all those years ago. Let me know in the comments below!


  1. What is that….THING…that they’re holding? Is it like a Buster Sword?

  2. That is the strangest armor I’ve ever seen. Does it give them good defense against ice attacks?

  3. I’ve heared of Black Mages and White Mages, but this game appears to have a Red Mage! What do they do? Are they like support magic or something?……..Wait but then he wouldn’t need all that cumbersome armor since he could just buff up his magic defence.

  4. Not even ONE hockey or hockey game fan? Seriously?
    Montok, you asked to be traded, so I put you in more games. Pogo’s still better, but you didn’t fail quite as bad. We DID lose our first game in TEN GAMES the first time I put you in, but that was just bad timing and not your fault.

    Anyway, FINE! I’ll write about Final Fantasy next time then!

  5. If this is going to become a sporting blog, you might try writing about something interesting like test cricket.

  6. Perhaps when Test Cricket ’10 comes out from EA and Riddles is the incompetent star in my created team, I’ll consider such an editorial. Until then, I suppose I’ve learned my lesson!

  7. Alliteration, not illiteration. I’m disappointed lusipurr didn’t pick up on this.