MAP Episode 11: Pee? Yes, pee!

Download Link: Produced 2009.04.26

Lusipurr, Bup, and MasterChef discuss the PSP’s hardware and software, the effect of piracy, and the news of the week. Bonus Feature!: Bup’s bowel movements and a baby-shaking iPod game!


  1. Agito was for the cellphone but they moved it to the PSP after Crisis Core did well.

  2. I actually agree with MC that the Zune is far superior to Ipod…stupid Apple.

  3. I could hardly hear Nate and Lusipurr’s voices and MC’s was booming. Might want to change the name to MasterChief Ahoy! Podcast.

  4. I wouldn’t call the PSP versions of FFI and II “how to do remakes” by any means. Aside from the fact that they’re based on the brain-dead-easy DoS versions and use graphics that would look at home in RPG Maker XP, splitting them into two releases after bundling them together for so long was a deplorable move on SE’s part. I don’t think either sold especially well, and good riddance to that.

  5. @Epyon: Already taken care of for next week. I had my mic turned down because I am still a bit sick and I didn’t want my coughing to drown things out.

  6. About Linux on the PS3… it’s pretty cool if you ask me. There are actually a pretty decent amount of desktop apps for it. I’m not at all familiar with how PS3 piracy ties in with it, but being able to watch streamed DivX movies from another computer in my house on my PS3 would be pretty awesome. As would being able to surf the web on it. (I don’t recall whether the PS3 has a web browswer or not already.) You could also probably do a Virtual Console sort of thing and play old NES games via an emulator on it. All of which are pretty neat.

    The Linux kit for the PS2 required you to buy it directly from Sony ( was the site I think). It wasn’t really worth it though as the PS2 only had 32MB of RAM which isn’t enough to run much of a desktop system even 10 years ago.

    Anyway, I’m going back to listen to the rest of the show.

  7. @Epyon:I actually ended up buying a new mic. I was using a Logitech PS2 USB mic, which is more suited to gaming than podcasting, I imagine. I have a PC specific headset which is Skype-certified now, so we’ll see how that works next week.

    @Lusipurr: That explains you, yes, but Nate seemed subdued this time. Perhaps he was a bit miffed that his obscenity was replaced by chocobo sounds last week?

    @evilpaul: The PS3 does have a built in web browser. It works largely like the PSP browser, only with more memory and better flash support (YOU CAN USE YOUTUBE ON PS3, YAY!). And I can see the utility in running NES/SNES/Genesis/Turbo stuff on the PS3 via linux, but by the same token, I can hook my PC to my television (especially now that more and more newer graphics cards are showing up with HDMI support) and use my roms that way. Also, while streaming is a bit lacking on the PS3, it’s entirely possible to copy most videos on the PS3. DivX actually works on it, though as each video is of course encoded somewhat differently, your mileage will vary. Though if you REALLY wanna watch stuff on the PS3, you really should do yourself a favor and get yourself the free PS3 Video9 program.

  8. @evilpaul/MasterChief: I’m a pretty big linux nerd, and even I’ll readily admit the “linux on the PS3” idea is more of a gimmick than a must-have feature. The only reason I’m somewhat considering it is just because the PS3’s streaming is so problematic (plus, I’d love to be able to use MKV files natively instead of converting them). I had the PS2 linux kit and, promptly after getting it installed, figured out that 32MB really isn’t enough to do much. It was cool as a proof-of-concept that Sony’s expanded on a bit with the PS3, but I have yet to see anything truly useful on it.

    As for plugging a PC into the TV, though, why would you get another machine when you’ve got a functional equivalent already with existing hardware? It seems like if you want a specific piece of software (like XBMC) plugged into your TV, you might as well install linux on the PS3 vs. buying and setting up a seperate machine (assuming there’s a compatable binary available).

    Anyway, excellent show as always guys. I found your site last week and just finished listening to the backlog of podcasts.

  9. @Darth: Thanks for the compliment and welcome aboard. Tell your friends about us. Heck, tell your enemies about us, too. Spread the news!

  10. Fun show as usual guys. Here’s my feedback!

    Version 5 of the PSP software fixed most all of the video output issues, you can now get full screen output, and game output over S-video and composite.

    Masterchief, you seem to have a rattling cord or something with your headset. It causes a lot of noise that you probably can’t hear, but comes through very clearly on the podcast. May want to look into getting a different headset.

    The correct translation of Cat Fancy is “RPGamer”.

  11. @Chris: Is that what you think? How amusing. Nevertheless, CatFancy is CatFancy, as I’m certain anyone who works here could tell you.

    Furthermore, I stand agog at your shameless attempt to plug your own site at the expense of a cherished institution like CatFancy. You should be ashamed, sir.

    The link above should set things right, so that people will not be misled by your sinister equivocation.

  12. Also, DragonQuest is awesome. for your cheap cable needs.

    Hey man, I reference your site and plug the podcast, figured you could do the same. :)

    (For some reason my posts aren’t showing up, feel free to just delete the last few if I’m triggering a moderation or something.)

  13. Yeah, I gotta agree with Lusipurr. It really is despicable that you would try to besmirch the beautiful, important Cat Fancy… I am honestly offended. For shame, Chris, for shame.

  14. Great show, guys. you ought to get lee back on so bup can do his impression of him or just have bup do the impression more. it had me in tears, I was laughing so hard.

  15. I won’t be back on the show again, however I am sure Bup will be more then happy to carry on doing his amazing impression of me and all English people.

  16. I bought a PSP after listening to this podcast.

    It might not have had anything to do with the podcast.

  17. Alternatively it may have had EVERYTHING to do with the podcast. I’m very close to getting one as well.

  18. Yeah Bup needs to keep doing Lee impressions, I just can’t stop laughing.

    Shame on Chris and his unrattley headset! Does he take us for fools? I know Cat Fancy when I see it.

  19. I gotta admit the bad British accent is not amusing, but then again, I have a higher sense of humor than Nate. Granted, this isn’t difficult

  20. @Ethos: I agree, obviously the podcast has mind-controlling powers that are beyond our comprehension. And if you’re thinking about getting a PSP, I’m very happy with mine, for what it’s worth. It’s almost worth it for Crisis Core alone (granted, this is coming from a diehard FFVII fanboy, so take it with a grain of salt). I like that recently Sony has started releasing UMD games for download directly from the store. Now if only they’d beef up their PS1 library a bit.

  21. I want FFVII on my PSP, I’m thinking the only way to ever have that is the homebrew route though.