MAP Episode 12: Oliver’s Tea Time

Download Link: Produced 2009.05.03

The knowledgeable and sagacious staff of offer a complete and in-depth review of the things that matter to gamers: what goes with Darjeeling tea, what are the best stamp-collecting games, and where is Oliver going for dinner?


  1. This podcast is SO bad, we have stunned our readers into obedient silence.

    At least we know how to render them mute, now.

  2. Just listening to it now, I’ll be sure to shriek in abject horror and confusion, or not as the case may be. I remember you once before saying how terrible one of the podcasts were (the one you had to re-record) which actually turned out to be quite entertaining due to the recriminations.

  3. Wait this is movieCast now?!!? Why not just make it songlyricstatusupdateCast Oliver?

  4. -IMO the new graphics for Turtles in Time ruin it, they should have either used high-res 2D art or cell-shading but to have it fully 3D just makes it feel too far removed from the original arcade game. I’d much rather just play the original on MAME.

    -SE actually have another mystery game that they have teased in a magazine also:

    After SE’s first ill-fated foray into Unreal Engine 3 development with TLR, I’ll be interested to see if they continue to use the technology with their upcomming games.

    -The last Harry Potter game was well recieved, at least by Gametrailers to my recollection. It was open world (or open school) styled with good graphics and lots of activities, I keep meaning to pick it up but never do.

    -The intermissions a great idea, I made myself some soup.

    -Bully is indeed a fantastic game, I actually enjoyed it much more than GTAIV.

    -FFXII sucks, I hate MMOs.

    -Just out of interest did you guys know FFVSXIII is going to feature real world locations, apparently Saint Mark’s Basilica is set to make an appearence:

    With the Italian setting, warring families, frequent Shakespeare quotes and Noct and Stella I’m beginning to think Nomura plans to lift the plot directly from Romeo + Juliet.

  5. How was your slut Oliver? Was she really easy?

    (masterfully handled Lusipurr)

  6. Well it serves him right. How DARE he have a social life.

  7. FFTactics… *snore*

    Call of Duty 7 – It doesn’t need to be JUST the Vietnam War. The Bay of Pigs Invasion could also be a scenario in the game. Damn good one too, I imagine. Though, I imagine it’ll be a game that reignites old debates. There are quite a few in the Cuban exile community down here who STILL haven’t forgiven Kennedy’s pullout of Cuba. Never mind the fact that the Soviets were giving Cuba nukes that could wipe out the country, no sir…

    This would have been a better link for Nutty Bars. Which fucking rock, BTW.

    Fable II – I got an idea for Fable II DLC. How about making the game not suck? Would that be too big a file size?

    Marvel VS. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes – Day one purchase when that shit comes out. PS3 of course. A controller that doesn’t suck for fighters > achievements.

    Link’s Choo-Choo Adventure – Fuck that. I’m with Lusipurr, anyone buying that is a fucking dunce. You ought to go to the Gamestop with one of those pointy caps when you buy it.

  8. @Lusi-I wouldn’t worry about Oliver he’s probably just grumpy, is he teething yet?

    As for Fable II, I haven’t played it, the first entry was enough to ensure that eventuality.

  9. If Lee isn’t going to be on the podcast I need to at least have Nate talk how Lee and all other British people talk once per cast to pick up the difference. :(

  10. Yeah Lee’s quitting is no reason for Nate to stop doing his delightful Lee impressions.

  11. Me too. He’s back at Cat Fancy though, so perhaps he’ll still do podcasts there or something.

  12. @SN – Hehe, ran like a bitch, did he?

    @Oyashiro – I dunno, HDR was pretty cool online. Only reason it was hard to find people was because many of said people were waiting for SFIV.

  13. I shall direct Nate at once to resume his most excellent British accent as it is, after all, a perfect and accurate representation.

  14. Capital. Thankyou Lusipurr it is this level of consumer service which seperates from other CAT related sites which shall remain nameless, I mean FANCY not having your podcast up on time without forewarning your listeners of the nature of the delay and the revised estimation of when it will go up. Thankfully that sort of thing does not occur here.

  15. All joking aside…

    The staff has no illusions about the most fundamental nature of this website: it exists because of our readers and is designed solely to serve them.

    I am not here to line my own pockets or to get review copies of games for free; then to take a year to review them, if ever. Rather, I am here to bring people who know how to write (our illustrious staff) together for the purpose of entertaining and informing people who appreciate intelligent and amusing gamer-oriented content (the readers).

    I’d like to think that what sets us apart from other sites is our selfless devotion to our readers and the topics we propose to cover. The people here care, and care deeply, about the topics upon which they write. The focus is always what is best for the reader. There are no ads, there are no commercial enterprises, there are no hidden profits–these things take away from the real focus of the site: the readers.

    This is not a company, it is an idea. You have made it successful; we thank you.

  16. @Lusipurr – Oh shit, we’re not supposed to get free games? Shit, I need to call Jast USA and tell them about that before they email me anything else.

  17. Good episode, I missed Oliver’s melancholy voice and depressed attitude. I also missed Ethan this podcast so I hope that he makes a triumphant return next week. Also I would like to add that I enjoyed the final out-take and would like to see more tricks on Ollie in the future.

  18. Yes I think tricks on Oliver should see an increase upwards of 150-200%. Lol I wonder if Oliver’s lady friend listens to the podcast heehee.

  19. @MC – Its not really that, I grew up playing this in arcades. And the first thing you learn is if you want to win against complete strangers. Your going to go for the Same couple of teams.

    Cable, Magneto, Cyclops, Sentinel, Iron Man, Storm.

    They will be comprised of only thous characters. Then it turns into a projectile spamfest.

  20. @MC: That really is a shame about the free review games. I was so looking forward to a unbiast, in-depth review of “Cosplay Fetish Academy.” I suppose my never-ending search continues.

  21. Oyashiro – This much is true, unfortunately. This is the sad truth about fighting games. SFIV gets a lot less interesting when everyone plays with Shotos.

    Gibblet – Yeah, sucks, I know.

  22. @MC: When Shotos are being employed, the only thing to do is stop playing a silly 2D fighter and join me in a game of TF2 instead.

    No seriously, that really is the only choice.

  23. @Lusi: What about reading a good book? Being a productive member of society? Fighting crime?

  24. @Oyashiro: Nope, killing people in a video game with me is the only option. Sorry. I don’t make the rules, I just parrot them at people on my website.

  25. @Oyashiro: It is against the rules to ask such ridiculous questions; and also against the rules to answer them.

  26. Too late.haha.

    I only check my email about roughly once a week though, so you’d probably be better off just sending me a message on Facebook.

  27. I hardly use my email as well. I’ll send it to you though, Or use the PM me on Cat Fancy. That would work as well.

  28. Actually, I’ll just create a facebook account… everyone seems to have one, I’m hip too!

  29. Its about time, its cold and lonely being on the outside looking in.