Editorial: Dear God, No.

E3 is quickly approaching and, as usual, it’s bring a ridiculous number of rumours with it as well.

Usually at this point, I’d be extremely excited. It’s common knowledge that I prefer to be optimistic when I have little to no information about a game or major event. Although that perspective has resulted in disappointment in the case of E3 recently, especially last year when I still had yet to own a 360.

However! This year, there is one rumour in particular that makes me want to chuck expensive things out a window and squash any hope that attempts to raise itself. Have you heard about this? (IGN and Wall Street Journal Online). I’m sorry, I might enjoy using tilt controls for Excitebots, or I might think the pointer controls for Twilight Princess, Lost Winds, and Trauma Centre are intuitive, but Wii Sports or anything that encourages me to fail my body about is something I might play every 10 months with a few friends and their parents. Fun, yes, but hardly included in my gaming routine. So the prospect of a full motion camera or some sort of 3D space controls makes me want to vomit.

"Dancing to play video games is stupid," says Dancing Bear
"Dancing to play video games is stupid," says Dancing Bear

In its defense, Microsoft has been doing a decent job at keeping the casual separate from the hardcore. This might be because their efforts haven’t taken off in the way Nintendo’s have, but in any case, I never felt or feared that Microsoft would start ignoring its hardcore market. This, however, might be more than the Playstation Eye or You’re In The Movies. If Microsoft has actually created some extremely impressive hardware enabling a user to only use her body to control games, it might catch the casual eye as “the new and improved Wii”. This could snowball into a change of direction for a lot of software and then an ignorance of the dedicated hardcore market that might feel all too familiar.

This is an outlook driven by fear, of course, but I’ve just become more uneasy since entertainment media has become so gimmick-driven. What about 3D movies and gaming? It might make a few people “ooh” and “aah”, but does it actually allow movie and game makers to be more creative? Perhaps I’m just turning into an old fart who will constantly say “back in my day” when faced with new technology, but I really fail to see how moves like this can enhance the medium. Developers are finally starting to explore what the powerful current-generation hardware is capable of, so why march out the distractions? 

But what do you think? Am I over-reacting? Will Microsoft not even focus on this new technology and if they do, will they reiterate that it’s just an alternative to traditional gaming. Would you believe them? Hell, maybe all these rumours are just that: rumours. I hope that Sony’s rumoured redesign announcement comes with a price cut so that I’ll buy that system and hide away from all this for at least a little while longer.


  1. I hope this trend dies this generation, as unlikely as it seems.

  2. Well I like pointer controls, and I think subtle motion controls can work (see: Excitebots and Flower). But yes, the exaggerated waggle and flailing needs to end right now. I want to lie down and play Fallout 3, Blue Dragon, or NHL 07 without having to do a high kick.

  3. Coming soon from Bup Studios, “Take a Shit!” the real-life toilet sim FOR YOUR WII.

    The full-body motion sensing “ShitSuit” detects each and every movement. To successfully complete a mission, you must simply pantomime removing your trousers, sitting down, and straining to pass a bowel movement. DON’T TRY THIS ON A FULL STOMACH!

    EXPERIENCE the amazing gameplay which is SO REAL that IT’S PRACTICALLY REAL. And, now with up to four players, you can simulate the angry fights over the bathroom when EVERYONE has to take a shit!

    So don’t wait: TAKE A SHIT today!

  4. Wow that game isn’t even that much of a stretch.
    If only “shit” was in Nintendo’s vocabulary.

  5. I personally think we’re safe from this. There’s still the very real question of whether the Wii crowd will continue playing once their Wii Sports fix is done. That’s the thing about playing the gimmick game: the followers never do as well as the leaders.

  6. This peripheral fad is coming to a close I think. I hope anyways.

    Guitar Hero was a surprise success. It seems like two things happened after that, the “casual gamer” (read non-gamer) got excited that there were these party games to play. And the development companies got excited cause they can sell $15 worth of plastic for $200. That’s continued for awhile.

    But there is only so many fake instruments and plastic skateboards you can fit in your living room. And there are only so many new devices people are interested in buying. No one is going to buy DJ Hero. Also non-gamer people are realizing that after they play these a couple times, they pretty much just take up space and cost a lot.

    A year from now garage sales around the world will be filled with this crap.

  7. Um…I beg to differ about the DJ Hero, but I think I agree overall. Huge fans of Guitar Hero and Rock Band are already losing interest. Nobody has room for 50 fake guitars and 6 fake drum sets.