The Lusipurr’s Christmas Spectacular 2008 Trailer: Starring Nate Liles!

As promised last week, today delivers a sneak peek of what to look forward to (and what to be frightened of) in our upcoming video feature: Lusipurr’s Christmas Spectacular 2008!

After such a long wait, it is no doubt that the anticipation for the full release can hardly be heightened any further. Yet, the staff of mean to try anyway. Enjoy these trailers, available in two formats, both starring Nate Liles.

Note: You may want to right-click these links and choose to “Download Linked File” or “Save Target File”.

Click Here (Approx. 50M)


  1. @SN: No thanks to every imaginable technical difficulty, and quite a few unimaginable ones.

    This trailer ruined TWO luncheons, both of them mine. You’d better be grateful!

  2. He is not lying! No lunches of mine were ruined, but I do not eat. I was not immune to the technical difficulties, however.

  3. awesome trailer, guys. the music makes it sound very epic, but the scene with bup eating mac and cheese (?), just friggin’ goofy. this should be amazing.

  4. @TumbleCheck – You’re right about the Mac and cheese. I laughed way too hard when I made that cut to NOT have it in there.
    It’s looking really good so far. Hopefully I have it done by 2042!