MAP Episode 14: WARK!ing Spycast

Download Link: Produced 2009.05.17

Lusi pours out his ire in the lucky fourteenth episode of the MAP. When Bup and Riddles conspire to stab him in the back, the wrath of Cait-Sith is poured out upon them. DJ Hero, Final Fantasy IV-2, and the PS3-Slim round out the conversation. Gentlemen!

Additionally, is pleased again to award the Violet Megaphone to long-time listener–and now twice-decorated hero–SiliconNoob. Well done, sir! The staff of salute you!


  1. Wait so now people that don’t play with turn tables are wankers? I’m confused.

  2. Haha weekly update of how many times Oliver and Nate spykill pyro: Make it happen. :)

  3. Oliver is too timid to talk to a girl, let alone jeopardise his very existence. And Nate is just lazy.

    The upshot: neither of them dared.

    Also, P4 and P3 are not particuarly impressive graphically, though they aren’t rubbish either. And GI is a tolerable magazine. I can think of worse.

  4. Was anybody really expecting P3 and P4 to be graphical powerhouses? I mean the PS2 was (and still is) a great system, but even the gamecube was more powerful from a raw horsepower standpoint. I thought they looked fine for what they were, and the rest of the games were so fantastic I could more than overlook last-gen graphics.

    Oh, and I’ll chime in as at least one person that’s interested in more TF2 talk :D. Great job as always, guys. It’s getting harder and harder not to burst out laughing at work while listening.

  5. Serious Sam was a really fun shooter series. I’m glad to see it’s going to make a comeback.

    Also, I’m playing Persona 4 right now (I may pick up 3 afterwards if I can find it locally), and have to say it’s quite enjoyable.

  6. @EvilPaul: I hate to regurgitate some stuff from Cat Fancy, but it would be reaaaaallly difficult to go from P4 back to P3. It’s a shame, because I think P3 had a better story and I liked the characters more, but pretty much every little annoyance I had with P3’s gameplay was fixed in P4. For the most part, things were fine in P3, but my main gripe was the computer-controlled party. They made the game so much more difficult than it needed to be (I know, if I don’t want difficult, I shouldn’t play SMT games, but there’s good difficult and bad difficult). I’d routinely have to play through a boss 4 or 5 times just to wait for the right combination of things to happen (or, more frequently, the wrong combination not to happen) in order to win, whereas there were only 2 bosses I had to replay in P4, and in both those cases I found a better strategy. In P3, I had to try the same strategy until it worked.

    There’s also a lot of little annoyances, like not being able to access character’s status except by talking to them, but those aren’t really as important. If you want to know if you’d be OK with P3, put the computer AI on all your teammates in P4 for a few dungeons and see what you think (in the interest of full disclosure, I never gave the AI in 4 a chance, so maybe they reworked it, I don’t know). If you can put up with that much, I really do believe P3 has a better cast and story, although both are spectacular games. If finding a copy is a problem, I got mine new from Amazon back in February, and it looks like they still have them available.

  7. Imo P4 has a better story and cast (though I sorely miss Junpei). That said I would still recomend P3 if you’re looking for more persona action.