MAP Episode 15: Podcall of Dutycast

Download Link: Produced 2009.05.24

When the Call of Duty comes, who will answer? MasterChef and Bup, that’s who! Topics include Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper; Spy vs. Sniper; inFamous vs. Sly Cooper; E3 vs. Swine Flu; and Hideo Kojima vs. the World. Answer the call by listening now!


  1. Lol we weren’t even allowed to have the Australian accent on radio or television until around the 1970’s because that wasn’t how civilised people spoke (in other words a Lusipurrian paradise). That has changed somewhat now though, and we have masses of toothless bogans (the AU & NZ equivalent of Red Necks). All things considered though an American is not really in the position to call Australia uncivilised.

  2. And he lives in MIAMI of all places!

    Australia is a most civilised place, and I am very fond of its good people and amazing landscape. Pay no mind to the Master of Chefs!

  3. Lol in Australia you just have to be careful to only visit the good places and steer clear of the bad ones like Salsbury and Elizibeth, else you’ll have to mingle with the peasantry.

  4. Lol wasn’t Hitler the entire reason that P2 Innocent sin never made it over to America?

  5. From what I hear Japan has as many Swine Flu cases as the US, so it doesn’t make sense. Apparently the Kingdom Hearts team was going to make an appearence before everyone decided to freakout over nothing.

  6. Companies can benefit from region locking by selling the same product for at a different price point based on what they think the consumers there will cough up for it.

  7. Lol I got stuck with my names aroung the wrong way in P4. XD

  8. Well concerning the lack of recognition for FFIX it is my theory that it is so forgettable over the long term, that it is easy to forget how much fun you had playing it at the time. FFIX is a great game, all of its elements from the graphics and sound to its mechanics and pacing work so well with what the game is designed to be. One thing I have noticed about FFIX (and maybe this is just personal, I’m not sure) is that it was far more instantly forgettable than any other recent FF entry. I think maybe it has something to do with the story playing off nostalgia as much as it does, after a month I was struggling to remember the particulars of the plot. Today I can only remember breif episodes from the game like kidnapping Garnet, Vivi getting stuck underground in some village, Steiner returning Garnet to Alexandrina etc (I had completely forgotten about Zorn & Thorn until Ethos reminded me about them the other day). I just can’t remember any more than that, and it’s not like the plot wasn’t interesting (far better than FFXII), it just wasn’t able to stake a place in my brain like FFVII or even FFVIII, where I can remember the details years after. IMO this is why FFIX never received the fanboy attention that it deserved and is regularly forgotten, though perhaps that’s a good thing. Also not enough belts and zippers. XD

  9. I know, Nomura finally didn’t do the character designs.
    FFIX was actually the first Final Fantasy I beat all the way through, and I had only played FFVII before that, so there was no nostalgia in the works for me. Perhaps that’s why it wasn’t forgettable for me. Also I played a billion times. That would help.

  10. I still remember the details of FFIX’s plot, so I’m not certain that is it.

    It’s a great game and does not deserve the slights it so often receives.

  11. Yeah it might just be me, but it’s kind of weired, I’ve played it through twice and really enjoyed it, but it leaves no real impact on me.

  12. How people can bag on FF9 all the time and then talk about how awesome FF8’s characters, story, combat, and character development system were all amazing is beyond me.

    I should really replay FF9 again as I don’t remember much of the story.

  13. @evilpaul – yeah, talk to Oliver about that. Blows my mind.
    I’m excited that FFXIII looks to be following FF9’s example with branching story paths. It kept it interesting and allowed for more character development.

  14. FFIX is actually the style of game that I’d love to see Mistwalker trying to replicate on one of the handhelds. By all accounts it was one of Sakaguchi and Uematsu’s favourite FFs to work on. I imagine these days pre-rendered backdrops are reletively inexpensive and easily outsourced, I think they would be perfectly suited to this style.

  15. They are too busy ensuring we get utter bilge like Blue Dragon +, which serves only to placate Oliver.

    I would pay good money for an FFIX-like handheld.

  16. Haaaay. The link for this podcast and #13 don’t seem to work anymore. They get this error: “Sorry, the page you were looking for could not be found.”

    And that makes me sad.