Editorial: I’m Exhausted, but You Get to Read My E3 Thoughts Anyway.

E3 has had a bumpy ride in the last few years. Formally the equivalent of Christmas for gamers, the conference -now 14 years old- hit adolescence and tried to find itself. As was to be expected, the show got awkward and detached before settling into a slightly more mature format. The big three all seemed to sense this return, and all had relatively strong conferences, but I’m not going to write about that. Those stories are all over the internet.

Indeed, Lusipurr.com is not a massive establishment with 20 employees and a war room, so Riddles and I never intended to bring you up to the minute news, but rather our impressions.

While Oliver has been handling announcement impressions, complaining, snoring, and eating all the food I buy, I actually took to the floor for a short while and am able to give you my take on a select few titles.

My first E3!
My first E3!

Legend of Zelda:
Spirit Tracks
Confirmed: The train is stupid. I was a big fan of Phantom Hourglass, and I still prefer it to Wind Waker, but choosing “Train” out of the possible three “Train”, “Dungeon”, and “Boss” options soured my anticipation for this title. While many complained about the sailing in the two “Celda”s, I actually found it to be one of the best parts of both titles. The open water and epic music gave a rush of freedom and inspiration to the games. But on the train, I was left with only the more annoying parts of that travel. I could shoot things, adjust the speed, and clear animals out of the way. And even if I tried to have some fun and run over a beast, it would just retaliate and do damage to the train. I’m sure the dungeons will be fun – I actually enjoyed the touch screen control last time – but this is no longer a day one buy for me based on that train demo. But one game still will be a day one buy…

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Okay, so it’s really just more Kingdom Hearts. I can’t say that too much is different, but it’s been so long since Kingdom Hearts 2 that I’ll take anything at this point. But truly the controls are tight, and the presentation is fantastic. Square Enix has really learned how to squeeze all the power out of Nintendo’s under-powered handheld. There’s not really much more to say about this title other than it’s more hack and slash action-RPG goodness that people have already decided if they love or hate.

Mass Effect 2
So I didn’t get to play this, but I DID see it. The demo showed off tweaked combat including a skill wheel that doesn’t pause that game (hopefully that’s optional), and new weapons. Most notable was the missile launcher which created a pretty impressive explosion, but I play adept anyway so I wasn’t as excited as other people in the room. Shepard isn’t dead, but it turns out that s/he can potentially die depending on player choices, and then that decision will continue on until Mass Effect 3. That sounds insane to me, but Bioware is an impressive company. I’m also excited that Bioware is actually working on a direct sequel. Just from the demo, I can see that there’s less texture pop-in, and a better frame rate. Hopefully this hints at more varied environments as well.

So that’s it! Show’s over! Games are great! I’m exhausted! Exclamation mark! We pre-recorded a segment for the next Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast too, so look forward to that. For now, I need to sleep and catch a plane.


  1. 358/2 Days lost me with that stupid title that just strikes me as trying WAY too damned hard to sound cool. Maybe if SE toned down the emo teenager nonsense they’ve been injecting into every game of theirs since FFX, I might buy something from them again. Until then, chances are 0%.

    Mass Effect 2 sounds incredibly dope, though like you, I hope that non-pausing tech wheel thing is optional. I also wonder if they can pull off this monumental feet story wise. They’re introducing a TON of variables, and I can’t help but wonder if the overall story’s going to be diluted as a result. Still, this is really the only title that’s got me straight hyped up. The rest I can live easily without.

  2. MC – I agree with you with Mass Effect 2 (and 3). Absolutely entirely to be honest, so if I state my opinion about the story, I’ll literally just repeat what you said. I adored ME1 and this really just seems to be an improvement.

    But although I agree that 358/2 Days is a really dumb name and it’s DEFINITELY trying way too hard to be cool, it’s a good thing that it has no bearing on the gameplay.
    Although FFXII was hardly teenager emo, and definitely not compared to the Playstation era.

  3. @MC: Ethos is right about FFXII, and nor was FFXI teenager Emo; so it can hardly be said that ‘every SE game after FFX’ was injected with Emo. Indeed, most of their post-FFX games have been excellent. I’m particularly enjoying FFTA2 at the moment, and my intolerance for emo bullshit is well known (as Oliver can tell you).

    and Ethos: no, I didn’t knock on wood, and consequently Nintendo announced the full-size steam engine wiimote attachment (dubbed the Wii-Choo) in their post-E3 press conference.

  4. @Lusipurr – Not to be confused with their also recently confirmed “Wii-Chew” that comes with the highly anticipated Wii Eat Out which is unfortunately not the sexual simulator you all hoped it would be.

  5. Also, nobody mentioned the Wii Vitality Sensor to even make FUN of it, because it’s just THAT ridiculous.

  6. I mentioned it to Oliver on the phone but he began to snarl and growl in a threatening manner, so I felt it best not to press the matter.

    Also, everytime anyone brings it up, I begin to feel nauseous and dizzy–that’s how bad it is; merely mentioning it causes vertigo.

  7. Given the age of the Opera crowd, I can’t help but thinking Nintendo would have been better served bringing out a rectal thermometer.

    I also can’t wait for KH 358/2 days, though I fear I will never be able to coherently mention it in a conversation. How did SE think that it would actually be a good idea to give it a name that noone would be able to ask for?

  8. @SN – Naw, Nintendo needs to put out one of those “I’VE FALLEN AND I CAN’T GET UP” pendants for that audience.

    Seriously though, I don’t get the vitality sensor. Maybe it’ll be used in Wii Fit Plus, but what could it possibly do gaming wise?

  9. I’m glad I’m not the only one disinterested in Zelda Choo-choo.

    Kingdom Hearts I initially wasn’t interested in because of what douchebags Disney was being with IP laws at the time, but was given it and it turned out to be ok. I never played the GBA or PS2 sequel. Have they fixed the camera yet? You’d think the first game was programmed by a proctologist or something.

  10. Yeah KHII mapped the camera to the right analog stick (where it should have been to begin with), and it worked just like any other camera.

  11. If the vitality sensor weren’t so obtrusive, I think it would be cool to apply it to an Eternal Darkness or Silent Hill type game. Since Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is supposed to be profiling the player somehow, I think it could be used to great effect if done properly.

    I don’t think that’s what it will be used for, though.