Feature: The Summer of IX (Disc 2)

Lusipurr.com continues the Summer of IX Feature by moving on to Final Fantasy IX Disc 2!

Final Fantasy IX (US Box Art)
Final Fantasy IX (US Box Art)

This week’s discussion focuses on gameplay and character development through Disc 2. Do you feel that Final Fantasy IX has a solid and engaging battle system? Is it too simplistic, or too complicated? Are the characters entertaining and interesting? Is the plot, as it revolves around the characters, beginning to thicken?

Of course, any sort of discussion about Disc 2 is acceptable. Is the dialogue well-written? Is the music up-to-snuff? Are there any issues with the battle system, the controls, or the overall presentation? Feel free to discuss any issues which are on your mind provided they are relevant through the second disc!

Your comments will be used in the upcoming 14 June Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast, so tune in to hear us discuss what you have to say!


  1. Well yeah the FFIX battle system is a tad simplistic, and it’s certainly not going to win any awards for thinking outside of the box, but frankly after the convoluted shambles that was the junction system, this was exactly the sort of battle system required. The strength of FFIX’s battle system doesn’t lie in its intricacy or its originality, but rather in its balance. FFIX’s combat is a good challenge without going overboard,and thus it acts as a good incentive to keep at it.

  2. @SN – Exactly. Sums it up. Plus the ability system is so addicting for ADDs like me, so I feel like every battle is going toward more than just a level up.

  3. The ability system did make it fun checking out shops for new armor and weapons.

  4. The abilities from weapons/armor is an aspect of something I really like in RPGs.

    It’s boring when you have to fight for an hour to gain a level and only receive tiny stat boosts or something. When you win 10 battles and gain a completely new ability or something it keeps things interesting. “Just two more fights and I’ll learn Ability X!”, etc.

  5. Yeah it felt really rewarding, whilst also feeling really traditional (which makes it something of a microcosm for the game design in its entireity).

  6. That’s a good point that I didn’t even quite realize, NooB. The ability system really DOES make it fun to look in the armor shop. I’m kinda realizing that FFIX has set the tone for the way I play all my RPGs. I keep all my weapons, usually (synthesis), and I go into weapon shops expecting the same rewarding feeling, and I’m not usually satisfied.
    Disc two is great, it’s the disc for the two villains. Kuja is off his fucking rocker, but I love ‘im. The story ramps up at such a good pace that you really begin to care about everything that’s happening. Still keeps the multi-perspective!

  7. I just love Zorn and Thorn.

    What gets me really dissapointed is plain old vanilla leveling up, with nothing more compelling to give meaning to grinding out battles. There’s nothing better than games like FFIX and X where you earn yourself frequent incremental rewards for grinding, which becomes really addictive.

  8. @SN – Zorn and Thorn are great. And their theme is one of the soundtrack’s greats. I love the variety of the villains, and that we’re never too far removed from any of them. Disc Two is just as strong so far. I just fear this one part in Disc Three that is my bane. The part of the game where I stop the most during a replay. And it’s actually because of the stuff I LIKE about the game. Just in overload. But more about that next week!

  9. I think I appreciate this game more now than I did when I played it way back when. It has a great script and wonderful characterization. I do have a couple of minor complaints, however.

    Why did they have to make the Trance system activate as soon as it’s filled. essentially, it’s the limit break system and in previous titles, they made it an option. It frustrates me because I was in a random encounter, with zidane going into a trance, then Quina killed the last creature and ended the fight. I didn’t get a chance to use Zidane’s abilities and now it’s lost.

    Also, it seems like the ATB bar moves in a stilted way, like how it moved in the PSone remakes of V and VI, while the ATB in VII moved more like an hour glass. it doesn’t really matter, but I would have thought Square would try to improve, rather than regress.

    Still, these problems are very minor and I’m still loving the game.