Feature: The Summer of IX (Disc 3)

Lusipurr.com continues the Summer of IX Feature by moving on to Final Fantasy IX Disc 3!

Final Fantasy IX (US Box Art)
Final Fantasy IX (US Box Art)

This week’s discussion focuses on the party arrangement and character development up to and through Disc 3. Do you feel that Final Fantasy IX‘s storyline develops in a coherent and interesting way? Is it too obvious, or too complex? Is the character selection varied enough? Are there too many characters, are they developed sufficiently? Is four characters per battle to your liking?

Of course, any sort of discussion about Disc 3 is acceptable. Is the dialogue well-written? Is the music up-to-snuff? Are there any issues with the battle system, the controls, or the overall presentation? Feel free to discuss any issues which are on your mind provided they are relevant through the third disc!

Your comments will be used in the upcoming 21 June Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast, so tune in to hear us discuss what you have to say!


  1. This disc has one of my favorite scenes in any Final Fantasy game. The love scene between Steiner and Beatrix.

  2. Yes! All the love stories coming to fruition! I really haven’t seen love handled so well in any other game.

  3. The defence, and subsequent destruction, of Alexandria is one of the most awesome moments in RPGs. I absolutely love that scene.

    Garnet realising who she is, and the unveiling of Kuja’s plan, combine to make this disc a truly fulfilling experience.

    I love the various locales explored, too. Oeilvert in the desert is a bizarre and strange place like something from the planet Andoria in Star Trek. This is followed up by an upside-down castle. Puzzles abound!

    The ‘Slew of Love Letters’ scene is awesome, too. Is there anyone who doesn’t like it?