MAP Episode 18: The Official Oliver’s Mom Podcast

Oliver and His Mother
Oliver and His Mother

Download Link: Produced 2009.06.14

The Summer of IX Feature concludes its second week with a discussion of Disc 2. A round-up of post-E3 dribblings helps to balance the podcast with a hearty helping of Beer and NASCAR. Oh, the excitement! What would Oliver’s mom say?


  1. To make it clear!
    Zidane – Ethos
    Steiner – Lusi(purr)
    Vivi – Riddles
    Dagger – Dagger
    Freya – Freya
    Eiko – Thea
    Amarant – MasterC

  2. Bah-ha ha ha, not to steal SN’s thunder with his usual live reactions, but this cast is hilarious so far. Time for work though! Hopefully the after the first 10 minutes it doesn’t go HORRIBLY downhill.

  3. Well the podcast in short is
    Oliver’s mom hates
    Bup and Lusi make fun of Oliver for liking nascar and berr.
    Bionic Commando sucks.
    Everyone loves the love scene between Steiner and Beatrice Not that I blame them, that is a fantastic way they handle the love between two characters.

  4. It’s not a bad podcast.

    I had to do the outtakes twice, though. A bug in the audio programming made them all disappear.

    I was so tired when I finally finished. =.=

  5. I’m honoured that you have taken on that saying. I expect royalties.

  6. Halo 3 ODST is a stand-alone game taking place between Halo 2 and Halo 3, mainly in New Mombasa. In addition, the game will feature a Horde-like co-op mode and the full multiplayer suite from Halo 3, including DLC packs released thus far.

    Good news – I got my 360 back and re-validated my downloaded stuff. Quick and painless. A good lesson to all: call daily, make sure they know you’re not going anywhere.

  7. Yeah, it was originally going to be an expansion, and it ended up being more ambitious growing to the size of a full title.

  8. Halo 3 was the size of an expansion, so I would love to see the scope of a product they actually designated as such. Bungie really hasn’t been able to create a decent single player game since Halo 1.

  9. Well ODST is supposed to be reminiscent of Halo 1, so hopefully you’re keen on this on, SN.

  10. I actually agree with Oliver, once is fine, twice is slightly annoying but four times is as annoying as all fuck.

  11. Infamous is much better than Prototype, though Prototype is still pretty fun.

  12. This is a complete change of topic from ODST and it might go better in the FFIX thread, but I thought about it while listening to the podcast so I’m putting it in this thread, consarn it! GET OFF MY CASE YOU YOUNGUNS! NONE OF YOU APPRECIATE HOW GOOD YOU’VE GOT IT!

    Anyway, I’ve got a theory as to why FFIX is to minigame-heavy. It starts with FFVII which, while it wasn’t the minigame-a-palooza that IX was, had a pretty good share of minigames that were definitely hit or miss, but the variety was there. For VIII, they opted to replace all the minigames with the Triple Triad card game. It was a pretty addictive card game and all, but that was about all there was to distract from the “plot” and “prerendered cinematics” that kept popping up everywhere (seriously, who plays an RPG for the story?).

    Now I wasn’t really on the internet back then, but extrapolated from the opinions two guys names “Bob” and “Larry” I knew at the time, everybody hated this new, minigame-less direction. I like to think this is one of the hand full of cases where a large corporation has actually taken criticisms of it’s products into account. At some point, I have a picture of a Square executive in a board room yelling “THEY WANT MINIGAMES, BY GOLLY WE’LL GIVE THEM MINIGAMES” (I’m not sure why Square employs Yosemite Sam in my fantasies, much less how he made it to the board of directors, but I digress). And thus FFIX was born (or at leas the dev team was given the “more minigames” directive). Anyway, somewhere in those ramblings might be a coherent thought, hopefully it gets the point across. I need more sleep.

  13. I’m pretty sure the development cycles overlapped for VIII and IX. Perhaps Sackaguchi is just a massive mini-game fiend, and was too distracted with FFIX development to ensure they found their way into FFVIII.

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  15. Not to worry I’m sure Oliver’s just having his period or something.