Editorial: Promotional Items

Sorry, but I don't drink blue things.
Sorry, but I don't drink blue things.

On my way home yesterday, I heard an advertisement on the radio regarding Mountain Dew and World of Warcraft. The announcer happily told me to log on to the website so I could claim my super cool (and free) robot pet. Pet collector that I am, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. Now, I have no desire whatsoever to drink the new World of Warcraft Game Fuel flavors– a citrusy red for the Horde and wild berry blue for the Alliance– but I still feel tempted to buy the product for the sake of the WoW geek buried deep down inside me.

This is something that is, in my mind, becoming more and more common. Drinks and other products featuring games in order to boost sales. I generally avoid buying Mountain Dew (save for the occasional AMP), yet here I am logging onto their website to claim my robo-pet, battle fuel for my robo-pet, and contemplating buying a product that I do not want solely because I enjoy the game.

So, I will leave you with this question. Have you ever bought a product just because it features one of your favorite games? In the meantime, I am going to go frolic around Azeroth with my new buddy.


  1. Well I did buy a very pricey Blu-ray film because it came bundled with a certain video game demo.

  2. I remember when Halo 3 came out Mountain Dew had the special “Halo” flavored soda or whatever it was called. I had a friend who was a big Halo fan, and when the new flavor came out, he was ALL about it. I don’t think he’s had any MD since they stopped making the Halo version.

  3. Lol couldn’t he just buy regular mountain dew and replace the normal lables with the Halo lables?

  4. @Bup: No, MasterChief doesn’t drink MD anymore.

    I bought a Final Fantasy XII Potion when they came out, so that I would have the (glass) bottle as a collector’s item. But, the actual drink tasted like aftershave smells. Not entirely pleasant, but surprisingly appropriate for what is meant to be a medicinal item.

  5. I generally don’t drink any soda. I prefer more “adult” beverages full of empty calories if I’m going to indulge. I also don’t play WoW (or have any idea what pets do in WoW), so this one wouldn’t appeal to me.

    I do remember the Final Fantasy “Potion” and “Elixir” or whatever a while back. And while I wouldn’t buy one personally they were at least a little bit tempting to buy as a collector’s item sort of thing. Of course I’d probably put them near my game collection and end up with sticky CDs/DVDs and ruined instructions and inserts eventually.

  6. @Miyamoto-sama: These liquid thirstquenchers that is of recent look like they will make thirsty gamer history. I like the Cloud one.

    @Evilpaul: That’s why you drink the potion first, then wash it out with hot water, and cap it. Tada. Now you have a potion bottle, but there’s nothing inside to get your valuables all sticky.

  7. The bottle should have been half filled with low resolution tepid bath water, becaust that was what the campaign tasted like.

  8. I agree with MC, the only thing better than Halo 3 is FABLE! you didn’t even need to buy a drink to receive an awsome dog companion for that game!

  9. Looks like Mountain Dew isn’t even spelled properly anymore, I mean what the hell is Mtn DeW? It’s like they view vowels as a frivolous extravagance, why such disdain for the English language? This is like McDonalds and their “drive thrus” all over again.

  10. In Australia we still get Mountain Dew spelled correctly, though McDonalds……to McDonalds every country is America. I sometimes feel like buying a great big fat permanant marker so that I might correct the spelling of every drive thrOuGH I patronise.

  11. I always encourage vandalism, personally! I also discourage use of indefinite articles. They’re for hippies.