Feature: The Summer of IX (Disc 4)

Lusipurr.com concludes the Summer of IX Feature with Final Fantasy IX Disc 4!

Final Fantasy IX (US Box Art)
Final Fantasy IX (US Box Art)

It is time to wrap-up our collective playthrough of Final Fantasy IX! Did you enjoy the game; why or why not? What little complaints do you have? Would you recommend Final Fantasy IX to gamers today? What sort of changes would you make if you were re-releasing it now?

Of course, any sort of discussion about Disc 4 (or the entirety of Final Fantasy IX) is acceptable. Feel free to discuss any issues which are on your mind about Disc 4, the game as a whole, or anything up to this point!

Your comments will be used in the upcoming 28 June Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast, so tune in to hear us discuss what you have to say!


  1. No Pete we will not have a summer of fable, with as much content as Fable had we could have maybe 10 minutes of Fable.

  2. I would like to say congrats oliver for finally getting a pretty girlfriend.

  3. Reetin stupid Galka, Fable has tons of content with an awesome dog companion!!!!!

  4. Hope you guys take the time to discuss with detail what the final scene of FFIX (Terra and Gaia becoming one) means for you. Do Gaia and Terra become one, does Terra take over Gaia? I’ve got my own thoughts but don’t know what the “canon” is.

  5. @Epyon – I actually don’t have an opinion there because I really didn’t find that stuff interesting. It was introduced so late into the story that it didn’t have any ties. It wasn’t relevant to the character themes, and it just generally seemed out of place. I love the ending, but the fourth disc is absolutely my least favourite in terms of plot.

  6. I actually like the plot quite a bit. It shows up Kuja’s incredible narcissism as so self-obsessed that the world itself cannot be allowed to exist in the absence of the self. Very powerful, and a testament to the reality that narcissistic people are the bane of civilisation. Unfortunately, our media and education system is designed to produce them, and we have succeeded beyond our wildest fancies. We now are possessed of the greediest, most selfish, egotistical, self-obsessed population ever to inhabit the globe.

    Disc 4 is so short; and this is really my only problem with it. Essentially, Disc 4 contains the minigames one hasn’t finished, and the final dungeon. I’ve finished all the sidequests and minigames–yes, all of them, Ozma excepted–and now I haven’t anything left to do. Every character has every ability, they all have their best equipment, and they are all far stronger than they need to be to deal with Kuja and Necron.

    And yet I want to do more! Why does it have to end here? Why can’t we have another disc full of material?

    I suppose that is the sign of an excellent game: to enjoy it all the way through, and to want more when it finally comes to an end.

  7. That’s exactly how I always thought of the third disc of FFVII, I had expected it to be of a similar length to the first two discs and instead it just contained the final dungeon.

  8. I only finally started up playing FF9 again yesterday to my infinite shame. I couldn’t help but smile as the intro movie started to play though. About five hours in now and the game is reminding me why I liked Final Fantasy in the first place.