MAP Episode 19: Ethan’s Forward Stroke

Super Mario Universe
Super Mario Universe

Download Link: Produced 2009.06.21

The panel brings exclusive information on Mario Universe to its Dear Listeners, along with coverage of Final Fantasy IX Disc 3, Mr. Bilbo, and Sony’s latest string of woes. Don’t be a Montok; listen now!


  1. Based on the title and tags alone, there is no way this CAN’T be the best podcast yet.

  2. Ethan Pipher you lazy good for nothing penis. Make that god damned video already so i can laugh at how nerdy you all look.

  3. Ethan Pipher you lazy good for nothing penis, stop making excuses and do the video now!!!!

  4. -is it just me or did the Steiner + Beatrix relationship have some heavy ‘Much ado about nothing’ overtones?

    -Yeah I havn’t seen any Transformer films, it is a policy of mine not to view anything that Jerry Bruckheimer has had a hand in.

    -@Nate, yeah I completely hated that mini-game too.

    -Lol Oliver’s Facebook song lyric updates aren’t going to write themselves.

    -That whole Activision thing is a storm in a tea cup, perhaps the Wii is more profitable to develop for (though I doubt it), but that’s irrelevant considering that 360 games can be put on the PS3 whereas Wii games cannot. The PS3 by contrast has basically the same functionality as the 360, and usually generates at least 2/3 of the software sales. Boby Koticks threat was limp and flacid, it has never ven occured to the weasel to stop developing PS3 games. What are they gonna do, put Modern Warfare 2 on the Wii lol, the PS3 is still miles ahead of the PC as far as sales are concerned.

    -I don’t think I’ve ever bought an Activision game, and I don’t think I ever will. What they’re trying to do to brutal quite frankly disgusts me.

    -If Miyamoto’s Mario leak proves accurate, I may need to buy a Wii, as that hardcore Mario title sounds too good to pass up.

    -@Oliver- I havn’t played Starcraft.

    -Lol that Bilbo game sounds so tacky that I want to download the demo. Still I imagine that most of their core demographic is living in the 1950’s, unless the studio has invented time travel then I imagine that they’re SOL.

    -Congratulations Oliver, I thought I sensed a spring in your step.(Perhaps you can ease up on the emo Facebook lyrics now).

    -I think I like Nate’s intro the best, lol.

    -Sometimes plays are recorded on film also, which shoots down Oliver’s definition. It’s what civilized folk substitute for Nascar.

    -Lol now I wanna know what presents Nate’s getting Oliver and Ethos, matching butt plugs?

    -Lol as always Nate was awesomely funny, and Lusi was his droll amusing self, sadly Oliver was typical Oliver. XD

  5. Oh hey, Oliver’s dateing RIG, now her and Ethos really will have to fight to the death.


    (…just an fyi, the smart money is on Oliver. Ethan is 1) Canadian, 2) Effeminate, and 3) ‘a lover, not a fighter’.)

  7. Yes, but judgeing by his most recent Facebook entry, he may well have the weight advantage, besides which I don’t think he’s above scratching and spitting when it comes to protecting his Oliver. Perhaps this is just the sort of wake-up call he needed in order to stop taking Oliver for granted and ditching him for wealthy businessmen.

  8. Oliver has no culture, wears flannel, smokes like a stevedore, and lives in Tennessee.

    Do you *really* think Ethan prefers him to wealthy, cultured, well-travelled Japanese businessmen who haves the means to provide Ethos with everything his heart desires?

    No fairy tale romance here. I bring you reality, cold and unvarnished.

  9. Bah-ha ha, I love that Rig signed up as “Rig”.
    I never fail to name people!
    There’s even a chap over at CatFancy that I talked to ONCE. BRIEFLY! And he completely changed his handle at my suggestion.

  10. Full credit to Ethos though, he did create an endureing nickname for RIG. Now more editing if you please.

  11. At this point, I think the Christmas video and the next video should just be edited together. That way, we get to see this epic battle in action (as well as Nate swooping in to steal away Rig, regardless of who wins)

    @Ethos: If you love someone, you need to know when to let them go.

    @Lusipurr: Are you quoting the theme from Coupling?

  12. @DG: Well, it’s a jazz standard, actually, from the mid-20th century, but it is used as the theme for Coupling, yes.

  13. @Lusipurr: And now I know, and knowing is half the battle! (anybody who just yelled “G.I. Joe” to themselves has to take a shot)

  14. I’d imagine duct tape, Oliver doesn’t strike me as someone who would want to eliminate all his options.