Editorial: I’ll Quicksave Your Face!

I’ve been playing Suikoden Tierkreis in a style that reminds me of a certain tortoise in a fabled race. I am thoroughly and surprisingly impressed with the title, as it has kept my interest in a way that a portable game rarely does. But while the game is definitely not perfect, nothing bothers me more than one particular feature. Or, more accurately, one particular lack of feature.

Yes, it’s not necessarily a new topic to some of Lusipurr.com’s readers, but a quicksave feature in a portable game is apparently a hot topic that garners some entirely opposite opinions. Let me provide mine.

It might as well say that.
It might as well say that.
When the DS (especially the new DSi) touts itself as more than just a portable gaming device, it is extremely frustrating to run into a game that doesn’t allow me to perform a quicksave from any non-cut scene, non-battle sequence. It is more important than having multiple save slots. If I’m playing Suikoden at work on my break and a co-worker comes up to me and says something to the effect of, “Oh, is that the new DS? Can I play with the camera?”, or, “Hey, you told me there’s an embarrassing picture of Riddles kissing a watermelon, can I see it?” I shouldn’t have to say, “Oh sure, just let me backtrack through this area, fight through any random encounters, find a town, go to the inn, and then save. It’ll only take 5-25 minutes!”. Or say I forgot that I left my DS in sleep mode for the day in the middle of a game and return – exhausted – to try and set my alarm for work the next morning. Sure, it’s not the DS’ fault that I didn’t remember to exit the game earlier, but the penalty for my forgetfulness (and use of a built-in convenient sleep feature) shouldn’t be tedious back-tracking that I’ll need to trek again through later. I think the lack of a quicksave in any DS game is valid reason to speak against it in a review and worth mentioning as a detractor when recommending games to others.

What do you think? Am I being too whiny? Or should the blame be placed on Nintendo for not having a “save state” option on the DSi for quick access to its other features? Let me know like you always do in the comments below.


  1. A couple of months ago I would have thought you were whiny but being able to save your game any time when you’re on the go is a must for me now. I remember Squeenix telling people when inquired on why DQIV DS lacked the quick save feature “oh you can just put it in sleeping mode”. BS. The fabled sleep mode that is supposed to last for hours and hours doesn’t last enough for me to go back to work from my break, leave work, go home and find my battery in the red so I can rush to the futile task of trying to find a way to save before my time’s up.

  2. Are you calling RIG a watermellon now?

    -Yeah all DS games need a temporary save feature. I’d actually love to see the day when every system has the PSP hybination function so you can pick up every game at the point you stopped playing, avoiding awful splash screens, loading etc.

  3. @SN: Are you talking about the PSP’s sleep feature? I think that would have the same problems, wouldn’t it? I always just put my PSP in sleep for the reason you mentioned (skipping all the splashscreens, waiting for the PSP to boot, etc. It’s great for that), but is there a way to “save state” the PSP game you’re playing and exit to the XMB? That would be awesome!

    @RIG: To be fair, watermellons are worshiped in some cultures, so that could be a compliment

  4. I WISH I was referring to Rig there. Before her time, Riddles used to practice on a watermelon.