Editorial: Is there a Doctor in the House?

I have always wondered what video games would be like without all the ingenious ways video game developers choose to heal their beloved game protagonists. If I were to be walking down the street and someone suddenly set me on fire, I would not be able to turn around and fight. However, if I were a video game character all I would need to do is slam back a potion, slap on a band-aid, or eat a small meal, and I would be ready to go!

So, to honor all the many methods used to fill life bars and regain hit-points, here are three of my favorite healing methods.

On Fire? Have a Band-aid!
On Fire? Have a Band-aid!

1. World of Warcraft – First Aid

Aside from collecting vanity pets, one of my favorite World of Warcraft passtimes is training my first aid skills. I love to collect cloth for bandages, make bandages, and then use them in the field. It adds a sense of power to the act of healing my character, and takes less time than sitting down to eat vendor-bought foodstuffs.

2. Odin Sphere – Food

I was never able to finish this game because I had so much trouble with it disagreeing with my PS2. However, I really did enjoy the food system in this game. I liked that I could grow the materials and then return to a shop to combine them into different dishes. These dishes, in addition to restoring HP, also grant experience and life bonuses. I thought it was quite interesting that players were given the opportunity to take such a large part in creating items used for healing– through the gathering, growing, and mixing of materials found in the game itself.

It certainly beats buying potions.

3. Final Fantasy – Tents

If I am feeling a little under the weather, my favorite solution is a good nap. So why should it not be the same for our favorite protagonists? The tent, an item that you can pull out in the depths of the darkest dungeon or the sunny forests of your world map, is the cure all solution for wounded characters. Day or night, Zidane and his friends can pitch a tent and restore those treasured life and mana numbers.

As always, I hope to hear about everyone’s favorite healing methods! Have a fantastic weekend, readers!


  1. Turkeys in walls, Chicken under garbage cans… There is no such thing and food poisoning in video games! ;)

  2. What I would like to know is what happens during the average FF party’s sleep cycle, to require them to use a new tent every time they want to camp. Are they just to lazy to pack up camp in the morning?

  3. In TF2, being on fire can be instantly cured by picking up a bandage.

    It’s amazing what modern technology is capable of!

  4. Yes, but do they biodegrade after one use? And if so, what use a biodegradable tent? Is the world of Gaia stricken by a great canvas shortage? I’d love for them to release a game that actually explains some of these mechanics in the main storyline, ie:

    Sephiroth: Haha! I am about to impail you with my Pheonix Down negating Masamune.

    Aeris: Noooooo *ugh* he got me, and with my final stength I have decided to make my holy materia fall in slow motion.

    Cloud: Curses! we have been trapped in a scripted battle transition, Sephiroth’s getting away…………. and where’s this bloody music coming from.

  5. I love this one. In Resistance 2’s co-op mode, players can only be healed by being shot at by a medic with the Pheonix’s alt-fire mode. Makes sense, getting shot to heal yourself after you’ve been shot.

  6. Lol or Killzone 2 where you get zapped with electricity to mend gunshot wounds. XD

  7. Haha I also loved Wolfenstein 3D, who knew Nazi death camps had so many cooked chicken dinners laying about the place, were the Jews on hunger strike or something?

  8. @MC: It’s the same in TF2 where you get shot with the medic gun.

    I like how Castle Crashers did things fairly realistically (at least when reviving your teamates. You still gained health from apples) where you have to perform CPR on your dead comrade and the better you did, the more health they were revived with (Ok, so it’s not 100% realistic).

  9. @SN – You know what I hated about Killzone 2, Rainbow Six Vega and GRAW single player? Why the hell can my AI teammates not heal me, even though I can heal them? Kinda bullshit.

    And yeah, the sheer amount of food in Castle Wolfenstein is pretty funny. Though I don’t think they ever took place in the death camps themselves… Then again, Wolfenstein has mecha Hitler, so it’s best not to think about that game’s eccentricities too much.

  10. Well I seem to remember a whole bunch of cages with skeletons, but you’re probably right.

    I also loved all the eating out of trash cans in Final Fight.