MAP Episode 20: Nate’s Musical Face

Nate 'Bup' Liles
Nate 'Bup' Liles

Download Link: Produced 2009.06.28

Nate displays his amazing face-based music; the panel fails to discuss things of importance; Final Fantasy IX comes to an excellent conclusion; and listeners learn what they can expect from the Summer Fiesta ’09. It’s all here, except for what isn’t!


  1. OUch, it’s like I’m in a fucked up Folgers commercial and they replaced Megaphones Ahoy with Cat Fancy. This is the song Nate Mentioned, “Get Low” by T-Pain featuring Flo-Rida. It’s an obnoxious, horrible song.

    Sony has NOT confirmed the PS3 slim, but they’ve issued cease and desist orders against Ars Technica.

    Halo 1 and 2 looked fine for their times. Remember, Halo was first released in 2001. By contrast, Half-Life 2 came out in 2004. Think of what was coming out in 2001, it wasn’t that pretty.

  2. Hmm, you don’t need LV 99 (I did it at like… 80-ish) but Ozma needs lots of preparation to beat, unless you’re just in it for the masochistical “beat him (her… it?) by luck” experience. First, is finishing the Friendly Monster Quest, then stealing all through the game (or steal grind in the end) so Zidane does 9999 with Thievery, getting tons of frogs so Quina does 9999 with Frog Drop and have her Blue Magic so she can support when needed. Kill a ton of dragons so Freya does 9999 with Dragon Crest. Equip all bad status negating abilities and having decent/best equipment is a must. I chose Eiko over Garnet for she is more proficient with White Magic, and summons don’t do much damage anyways. With everything set, the battle is nothing more than attacking and reviving until it dies, which won’t take long.

  3. Unreal Tournament, released in 1999, was leaps and bounds ahead of Halo, released two years later and designed for a far more powerful ‘baseline’ system.

    Halo 3 is the first Halo game to actually be comparable to the rest of the FPS world.

    I refuse to believe a person named ‘Flo-rida’ exists. Florida is a state.

    Sony wouldn’t issue C&D orders on grounds of industry secrecy (nor could they) unless the materials in question showed something that actually existed and which they have a valid legal right to protect. The lawsuit itself is confirmation.

  4. Thievery, Frog Drop, and Dragon Crest are all maxed. I’ve been using status negation and everyone absorbs shadow. The problem is that Meteor does a hell of a lot of damage and Curse occasionally (and infuriatingly) does outrageous and unfair damage for no apparent reason. Sometimes it will hit for 80. Sometimes it will hit for 5,000. VERY upsetting.

  5. Actually Halo 1&2 looked far better for their time than Halo 3 did. Also 2001 was a while ago, but I remember Halo looking better than Unreal Tournament.

  6. I thought that Halo 1 looked fine for an xbox launch game, considering everybody was still learning the nuances of the console (like they always are for launch games). Halo 2’s pop-in problem pretty much ruined the visuals for me, so I can’t comment how it looked with out it. I agree, Halo 3 looks about on par with most other FPSs at the time.

  7. Metal Gear Solid 4 is worse then the bouncer. Eternal Sonata is worse then the Bouncer.

  8. -Lol at Nate’s OxyMontok impression.

    -I loved FFX’s story.

    -The Last Remnant doesn’t actually have a ggod story, it’s more insipid middle of the road type stuff. The battle system was actually the game’s high point, but it quickly becomes very unbalanced and requires large quantities of grinding.

    -You guys need to score yourself a Peter Molyneux interview.

    -I like Prototype, but it pretty much is everything Nate said it was, and the controls are so clumsy, and the character models look like something off the N64. The story is also pretty laughable, it’s like their project lead decided to base every single cut-scene in the game around making Alex a bigger and more obtrusive Anti-hero cliche. Incidentally does any one know how many times the word “anti-hero” was/is mentioned in the games marketing? I don’t actually know (haven’t really been following it), but I get the feeling that one of their focus groups told them that “anti-heroes” were what the all the kids were interested in this year, and to that end they were only too happy to oblige. Infamous is much better.

    -Can someone please tell me what the point of sport games are?

    -Nate’s rendition of Final Fantasy nearly brought a tear to my eye, you have the voice of an angel.

    -Nate’s awesome.

  9. You know, I actually rather liked The Bouncer. I remember playing the ever-loving fuck out of that game when I got it. Great game for what it is (a beat-em-up).

    Unreal Tournament had an absolutely pathetic color palette, the lighting in many of the levels was unnatural, character models had this odd pulsating look to them when idle, especially your character’s gun model, and the text font looked like something out of MS Word’s novelty fonts. Fun game, one I still play on occasion, but it didn’t look anywhere near as good as Halo 1.

    I can’t say I noticed much if any pop-in with Halo 2 on the Xbox. Then again, my issues with that game were more the uneven difficulty (on normal) and the underpowered weapons than with the graphics.

  10. @Lusipurr – And while I agree that cease and desist orders are de facto confirmations, Sony hasn’t officially said in public “We’re making a slim PS3.” I imagine they want to keep quiet about that so they can sell through their existing PS3 stock.

  11. @SN – The point of sports games are stats.
    -Whether or not you hate MGS4 and ES – and it’s fine and understandable if you do – they are not technically worse games than The Bouncer. Leading into…

    @MC – I disagree. I think The Bouncer is technically a terrible game. Miserable environments, clumsy controls, a horrible fixed camera, a joke of a premise, a confused focus, and broken multiplayer. I’m very glad you found a way to enjoy it, but I’m loathe to agree that it’s a “great game for what it is”. Just like I found a way to play the ever-loving fuck out of Wayne Gretzky’s 3D Hockey and love it, I would never argue that it’s actually a good game without some irony.

  12. @MC: The Bouncer is widely considered one of the worst games around with good reason.

    Halo 1 is not better than UT99. I don’t know where you’re getting your information on the graphics; perhaps you’re playing levels made by children? Simply inventing the ‘facts’ won’t defend your favourite game license from reality, though.

    The colour palette in Halo 1 was hilarious, and had the range of a set of lego bricks. Quite honestly, Mario 64 was more realistic and diverse. The lighting in all of the levels was uniform: that is to say, evenly lit at every point as if by florescent bulbs. Even my cousin, who played it every day for hours until Halo 2 came out, was at least reasonable enough to admit that it didn’t stand up to any other FPS of the time. What it had going for it was that it was a console multiplayer FPS, and in that respect it was novel.

    It was the sticking point for me and the one reason I couldn’t play it, no matter how much I watched him playing it. At the time I was still playing UT in a clan, and then my cousin would come over with his ‘box and play Halo on the TV and all I could think was how terribly, terribly ugly it was; and how few maps there were to play.

    The technology of the game itself was very dated compared to other PC FPS games, and when Microsoft finally got around to releasing it on the PC, their effort was categorically destroyed by the release of the next set of UT/Quake/etc. games, which were even better. It was not until Halo 3 that Microsoft produced something that could stand proudly alongside other games in the genre, irrespective of system.

  13. UT99 Halo

    Sorry, but I don’t see how UT99 looks better than Halo, save for the higher framerate on equal hardware from the time.

    As to the multiplayer options, of course UT99 had more maps and modes than Halo. UT99 is a multiplayer-only game (bots in deathmatch doesn’t count as a single player experience), whereas Halo was developed with the single player primarily, THEN went on to work on multiplayer. Remember, Xbox Live didn’t go online until April of 2002, a full 6 months after Halo launched next to the original Xbox.

    Now I’ll agree wholeheartedly that UT2004 looks better than Halo 2, but at that point, Halo 2 was being constrained by the then outdated Xbox 1 hardware. UT2004 Halo 2

  14. Well I’d say the advent of a console FPS was a bit more than novel. Halo took the steam from GoldenEye and Perfect Dark and almost single-handedly caused the current obsession of modern console FPS’. Perhaps it didn’t look great, but I don’t think anyone can deny its influence.

  15. @Ethan: I’m not certain why you are disagreeing with me. Are you familiar with the meaning of the word novel?

    fresh: original and of a kind not seen before;
    pleasantly new or different

    Thank you for explaining in detail why it was novel, I suppose.

  16. @MC: The map in that video is as ugly as sin. I can (or could if NaliCity worked, still) quickly find you ten maps that are on par with the stuff available in UT2004. If I didn’t know better, I’d say you looked for the ugliest video possible to prove your point.

    But of course there is also the [user-made] Britney Spears map, and you could have shown that.

    There has been some AMAZING stuff made for UT99, and indeed amazing things are still being made for it (despite the far better capabilities of UT2004. If the bots were worth a shit (and they’re not; at least by today’s standards) it’d still be worth having on my hard drive. As it is, TF2 is far more satisfying, even though it lacks the graphical prowess of current FPS games–and indeed, even certain aspects of games as old as UT2004.

  17. @Lusipurr – I suppose because I usually hear the word “novel” used in a more temporary sense.

  18. I have just received word that Peter Molyneux has agreed to a brief, five-minute interview.

    I’m sending Oliver to cover it. No doubt he will ask him incisive questions such as:

    “What is your favourite breakfast cereal?”

    “Did you have to pay royalties to Aesop for using the name Fable?”


    “Will you make a Project Natal for fat people?”

  19. All fighting games before and after Bushido Blade are extraneous and unnecessary rubbish!

    Considering how much people worship Halo it’s a pretty generic game. Weapons, story, environments, and gameplay were all not particularly interesting.

    I’m going to go listen now. :)

  20. Yeah, we should rather be talking about how Nate’s Oliver impression is surprisingly accurate! It eliminates the need for Riddles; Nate is two friends in one!

  21. @Lusipurr – Woo-hoo, I learned more about WordPress today!

    And I’m more into Atari Lynx. :P Yes, nothing makes me happy like a handheld that pees away batteries.

  22. @MC: The Game Gear had the same problem. Not to mention the fact that the GG required 6 batteries, but nobody sells packs of 6 batteries, you had to buy 8 and then hope that you remembered those other two after you’d gone through 2 more sets of batteries

    @Ethos/Lusipurr: How do you know Nate hasn’t been Oliver this whole time? Have you ever actually seen the two of them in the same place at the same time? Just some food for thought.

    At least personally, Halo’s split screen’s always been it’s biggest asset. About the time the first one was popular, I was in a dorm and none of my friends (or me, for that matter) had gaming-quality PCs, but we could still play Halo 4 at a time (more if we coerced other people with xboxes to join in). Even with Halo 3, the multiplayer is what gives the game legs. Lusipurr, I’m not entirely sure why you’re claiming that Halo 1 & 2 were so far behind the times but Halo 3 gets a pass, something like 3 weeks after Halo 3 came out, TF2 was released, which is a far superior shooter by the standards you put forth for measuring 1&2 (except graphics, which I think can be argued for TF2, since the game’s so darned charming). Unfortunately, the 360’s Orange Box is gimped with no split-screen for TF2, so Halo 3 is still what my friends and I play when we’re all in the same place (which happens infrequently enough recently :f)

  23. But then shouldn’t 1&2 get the same pass? They’ve got the same use case, really. To be fair, TF2 is really the only PC FPS I’ve ever played, so I’m hardly an expert on the subject or anything. I’ve never really had friends with portable gaming PCs (I know, we fail), so consoles have always been our best option.

  24. @Darth: No, because the point made is about graphics and gameplay options.

    Halo 1 and 2 were not as graphically powerful as other games available at the time, and they offered fewer gameplay options (in terms of maps and gameplay varieties)–largely because they were released on consoles. When Halo 1 was released–despite MasterChief’s video above–most of the widely-played maps looked absolutely phenomenal. There was some really jaw-dropping stuff in the last few years before UT2003/2004 came out (and some even better stuff later, surprisingly enough). NaliCity was the standard repository, where maps were reviewed, and amazing things came out of there.

    In an entirely different case, Halo 3 is very comparable to other games graphically (and superior to quite a few), and though it does not (and cannot) compare with a PC FPS in terms of gameplay options, it does a very good job with what it has; moreover, it has an excellent single player mode, which many current PC FPS games cannot boast: TF2, for example, is purely a multiplayer game. The UT3 single-player can HARDLY be called engaging. Halo3, however, is quite impressive.

    That is the ultimate difference. Halo 1 and 2 were console FPS games–and impressive compared to other console FPS games, but not to PC games. Halo 3 is impressive even compared to other PC games.

  25. @Darth – Yes. Yes unfortunately I have seen both Nate and Riddles in the same place. I will again in a matter of days.

  26. I think Lusipurr’s falacy is in comparing Halo’s ugly PC release to UT on the PC. It’s a console FPS, and compared to other console shooters of the day it’s graphics compared very favouably (especially against UT on the PS2). By constrast Halo 3 looked positively ugly when compared against most shooters released since around 2006, and it’s single player campaign was awful and uncompelling. Halo 1 was light years ahead of Halo 3 (reletive to its time) in every aspect except multiplayer and sound design.

    I have nothing invested in the Halo series, and stand nothing to gain by defending Halo 1, but I definitely think Lusi is selling that game short.

  27. Yeah, I mean Halo 1 is the only Halo who’s single player I could say I was compelled by. I agree it didn’t really have any community features, but as somebody pointed out, Xbox Live didn’t launch until a while later.

    Halo PC was pretty much a 2 year old game (at the time of it’s release) plus a flame thrower and some tacked on community stuff (whereas Halo 3 was designed with the community stuff in mind, making it mesh a lot better).

  28. what up my dawg Nate you are the most fly white guy on the pimpin’ MA podcast, I see now why your the head honcho and lussipur should take a backseat to you and your ballon life style, keep them bitchs hoppin my bro

  29. Just beat on Nate. He’s closer and he’s proven that he can be me in a pinch.

    He’s also a larger target.

  30. No, and neither am I. That is what would make it such a good podcast.

  31. Well in that case I’ll be waiting with bated breath Guv’nor.

  32. Sweet! I’ve already come up with a theme song that I’m sure I’ll forget!

  33. …would you be angry if I said I already forgot it?
    And anyway, don’t think that Supercow won’t get its own mini-cast!

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