Editorial: Idiot Proof

Games have a tendency, at least in my experience, to point out the obvious in obvious ways. I noticed this recently when playing Final Fantasy IX. Apparently, abilities such as reading and basic reasoning are not prerequisites when playing an RPG. Why figure out where I need to go next, when the game will present the next step to me in different colored texts? Why sit through lines and lines of character chattering when I can press “X” on my controller until I see bright red letters? Never mind plot, character development, and interesting pseudo-philosophical battle, I just need to get to the next boss!

However, this elusive colored text has saved me on many occasions. For instance, when I was in Madain Sari for the first time and happily skipping through blocks of text in order to catch myself up with the rest of the staff, colored letters saved me from having to look at an online walkthrough. (Was there actually colored text at this point in the game? Or is this just me merging moments again?)

Have a great weekend!


  1. I think the saddest part is I kept mousing over the red text to see if they were links

  2. Same here. Looks like this article was not Idiot Proof!

    HAHAHAHAHA. *80’s style movie freeze frame*

  3. I ended up getting stuck on Disc 3 in the Desert Palace last night. No Internet so I couldn’t look up where to go next.

    One thing I’m not liking about the game is I sometimes can’t tell where I can and can’t walk or tell what exactly I’m looking at. They couldn’t have pulled off half the visual appeal on the PS1 in 3D though, so the tradeoffs were worth it.

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