MAP Episode 21: Summer 2009 Spectacular

Millennium Force
Millennium Force

Download Link: Produced 2009.07.05’s staff gathers together and travels to Cedar Point; then returns to Castle Lusipurr to discuss, in person, the news and events of the week preceding. Bonus: Lusipurr proves there IS such a thing as a free lunch!


  1. Yes Nate, I can confirm that it is indeed true. It doesn’t even touch the sides D-:

  2. Yes everything Peter Molyneux puts his hands on is doomed to failure …………….. or a small child*.

    I can understand why people are pissed off about Left for** Dead 2, as the game is a purely multiplayer game, coming out a year after the original, and stands to split the community.

    I have to agree with Oliver about Bioshock. It starts going down during the Big Daddy part, then picks up on the way through the museum on your way to the Boss, then has an extremely anticlimactic Boss battle and two very awful binary endings. Overall though Bioshock is one of my top two FPS’ of all time.

    -Oliver thinks we’re slow? What a cock.

    -That’s not how Australians talk, that’s how Americans talk when they’re pretending to be Australian. Though amusingly enough Australian actors who play Australians in Holywood films also tend to use these fake Australian accents, take for instance the godless farce known as Baz Luhman’s Australia, if he was looking to slap the nation which spawned him in the face then he certainly went the right way about it. And don’t even get me started on the Crocodile Hunter, I reserve Molyneux levels of ire for that cunt, there was much rejoicing when he died.

    -I thought Oliver was able to get a Peter Molyneux interview?

    -One of your funniest episodes yet.


    *Also doomed to failure.

    **I refuse to call it Left 4 Dead, what are they retarded?

  3. @SN – It bugs me too, but although I haven’t played the game, isn’t it because it’s meant to be a 4 player game? So it’s not really a “txt lingo” thing, it’s more a pun?Because if that’s the case, it bugs me less a bit less.

  4. Many players. It is not a pun, just a terrible, stupid, moronic handjob for the cretinous imbeciles who think texting is the height of communication.

  5. Don’t u ppl get it, its clever cuz its using numbers instead of letters!!!!! Left 4 Dead rules, microsoft exclusive baby!!!!! MOLYNEUX RULES!!!!!!!

  6. @SN – Now your going to tell me that none of you actually ride around in Kangaroos! At lest tell me you know how to use a didgeridoo!

  7. I actually take Left 4 Dead the other way, I refuse to refer to LFD2 as anything except Left 5 Dead, just to irk anybody with any kind of sense of english.

    @Oyashiro: If you’re supplying the trained riding kangaroo, I’ll play out whatever crazy stereotypes you desire

    Great podcast, though, guys. If anybody does end up making the Nate Liles iPhone app, I think there might be an audience (history has proven that much worse things can succeed on the app store)

  8. @Darth – Your going to have to wear a man-thong just so you know.

  9. @Oyashiro- Shrimp on the barbie was an advertising campaign we sent over to America, over here they’re called Prawns.

  10. @Oyashiro: That means you’d have to see me in a man-thong, and I don’t think anybody wants that.

  11. Grumpy face because you’re upset that all podcasts aren’t that AWESOME?!?!

  12. Maybe Blitzmage thought all previous podcasts were travesties as well, then this one could still be the best yet.

  13. There was a bit of people talking over the top of one another, and Oliver’s usual Emo sulks, but I couldn’t stop laughing from begining to end. So while it may have suffered on the production side of things, it nevertheless turned out to be one of your better podcasts in terms of entertainment.

  14. I’m blessed if I know why people find us entertaining at all.
    At any rate, I am going to be pulling some new things out of my hat in the next few weeks.

    Sketches. We’re going to have sketches. Hold on tight.

  15. And Ric Dic continues to be the funniest moment in history.
    That was a truly great weekend.

  16. Sketches huzzah!

    And more interviews please, I want to see interviews with Rick Dick and Molyneux (regarding his plans for project baby).

  17. I think this comment threat had gone far too long without mentioning Nate Liles. Did you know he’s on this podcast?

    @Lusipurr: I think Eve Online’s ongoing goal is to prove truth is funnier than fiction.

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