Videos from Cedar Point!

In lieu of a real article this week, because I am in Florida visiting Disney World, I have just uploaded a few videos I took with my Flip camera at Cedar Point!  Enjoy!

Oliver fell asleep while playing a game.

Nate Liles vs. Charlie Brown

Oliver LOVES rollercoasters!

Has Ethan found the one?!

Oliver LOVES pepper!

Celebrate the birth of the nation by blowing up a small chunk of it!


  1. Oliver you really need to have a shave. Don’t worry I’m sure that you’ll be able to grow proper facial hair one day, but the tweenage mutton chops really do not become you.

  2. I’m a classy guy.
    2 minutes of fireworks: “…You guys know how to make bombs”

  3. @SN – Yes
    @Oyashiro – I don’t know. That prick Ethan is an excuse-ridden bastard.

  4. I know that when you’re like 13 years old and first begin to grow whispy adolescent down you become pretty damn impressed with yourself, like you’re finally a man or something, but honestly Oliver would be better holding off with the facial hair until he can grow a more convincing beard than his grandmother.

  5. Actually when I saw the video I immediately thought of that South Park episode where Cartman glues pubes to his face.

  6. IMO next time Oliver is asleep like that and you’re recording, you need to sit a couple of speakers next to him, crank up the volume, and play a repeating loop of ‘there’s no exploration in Metroid’.

  7. HA HA! that would be fantastic.
    Hopefully he doesn’t read this and I’ll do that in Tennessee later this month!

  8. Even if he does I’m sure he’ll forget about it, or you could just erase my post…

  9. I WISH I could. I only have that power over my own posts.
    But you’re right. He WILL forget.

  10. Or he could replace it with something completely innocent-sounding, like “Oliver is a god amongst men, and I want to have his babies.” He’ll never suspect a thing!

  11. Let’s not go crazy here Gibblet, I doubt Oliver has ever heard such sentiments in his life, it’s not as though he’s NATE LILES. In all likeyhood it would just make him more suspicious like on this weeks podcast, to Oliver compliment = something’s wrong.

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