MAP Episode 22: Oliver Gets Stuffed

It's Michael Jackson!
It's Michael Jackson!

Download Link: Produced 2009.07.12

Lusipurr and Oliver revisit the duo-style podcast that started it all back in their mutual CatFancy days. Nate Liles is channeled and Michael Jackson makes headlines. Parting is such sweet sorrow!


  1. The only reason this comment is being posted is so that SiliconNoob doesn’t get to.

    Downloading right now.

  2. Also: Oliver is right; he set his hair on fire, not his hand.
    It was a long time ago, and I have a notoriously bad memory.

  3. Oh man, only half way into it and already so classic!
    Favourite moments so far:
    -Oliver not noticing when you attribute HIS Backwards Compatibility article to me.
    -The “fickle friend” moment
    -When Oliver seemed a little surprised when the guy kissing the reporter wasn’t him, and said “that’s not me!” as if we actually thought it was, and as if Oliver actually needed to convince himself a bit.

  4. – Bup: But Lusupurr was channeling you, so it’s not completely worthless
    – In a fit of irony, I was actually listening to the section about how there are no Japanese listeners while getting off the Tokyo subway.
    – Lusipurr, remind me to never play TF2 with you, since you sounds like a right bastard. That being said, I’d love to spectate such a game.

  5. I’m a renowned Nate Liles superfan, but Iiiiiiii liked this podcast.

  6. No NATE LILES?!!? This is an outrage! Now I must arbitrarily destroy inanimate objects.

  7. Is an Oliver and Ethos break away site really necessary? I mean Oliver and Ethos or Lusipurr and NATE LILES!!! That’s going to be a hard choice *sarcasm voice*

    I’m going to go ahead and call the Xmas video dead.

  8. SN: Yes, it’s dead.

    Oliver and Ethan have resolved themselves to leaving. I have therefore replaced them with older, more experienced, better educated, more talented individuals.

    Granted, it wasn’t difficult to find such people, as just about anyone fits the bill!

    Joining us will be Virginia Herrell, an employee of Apple, and past employee of RPGFan, AllRPG, and CatFancy. Her interests include Atlus games, the Harvest Moon series, and bacon.

    Also joining our site is Lane Haygood, Assistant District Attorney for some county in Texas. In addition to his legal expertise, Lane is also a well-read and exceptionally gifted student of philosophy, and he has a martial arts black belt. As if this were not enough, he is the best writer of fiction I have ever met–his talents far exceed most of the things available on store shelves.

    Overawed yet? He’s also the only man on earth with a wit sharper and more caustic than mine. I bow to his mighty presence.

    I’m certain Oliver and Ethan will have all the success that they deserve. No worries!

  9. @Ethos- I’ve gone home for a two week holiday, and only have access to dial-up internet. It took me 7 hours to download the podcast D:

  10. @Lusipurr- With your intake of competent individuals, who’s going to fill the role of’s tenured boob. I mean do we go from an embaressment of riches with Oliver and Ethos to nothing…..

  11. @SN: It is true that we are short on boobs, but with the addition of another female staff member, you could say that we are DOUBLING our boobs! *zing!*

    I am thoroughly impressed that you spent seven hours downloading our podcast. I wish it would have been worth the wait! Instead, it’s just a bunch of stuff about Michael Jackson. WOOH!

    Think of it this way: the site will be a little less “The Three Stooges” and a little more “Frasier”. That’s not to say one is better than the other, but they are different approaches which yield different results. The sketches I am planning play into this.

    There’s an ultimate goal behind this, but rather than do it all at once, I am implementing various parts in degrees. That way, we can hammer out the kinks in one bit before moving on to the next. It makes the transition easier for our current readers, and it makes it easier for our staff to get a handle on things as well. A win-win situation, I think.

    We want to combine news with entertainment and sketches in a way sort of like The Daily Show meets Conan O’Brien. But without the celebrity guests. Or the large budget. Or the professional sound stage. Or the audience. Or the multi-million dollars contracts. It’s actually nothing like either of those shows, so I don’t know why I bothered mentioning them.

    ANYWAY, the point is that we are going to be more professional in some ways, and more focused on entertainment in others, and our editorials in future will probably reflect the former (rather than the latter) approach, whereas the podcast will be more entertainment-directed.

    In the end, nothing to be worried about: in fact, something to look forward to. Whilst we will miss Oliver and Ethan (they may make a guest showing here and there), I feel certain that people will love Lane and Ginia too.

  12. Unfortunate simily, Frasier is almost as bad as Everybody Loves Raymond *shudder sit-coms*. Why not just turn it into Friends, you can be Ross, Nate can be Joey and MC can be Rachael *shudder sit-coms*. *Spits and throws salt over his shoulder to ward away evil spirits*.

    Does this mean we shouldn’t expect further editorials on breasts? Because I was a big fan of that.

  13. @SN – Oh jeez! I admire your perserverance!
    Also, Riddlethos was an idea in early January if you can believe it, so it’s not exactly an offshoot!

    But and are not CatFancy, so you’ll see excellent relations between the two sites! They just have different visions. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for the official announcement.
    And, if Lusipurr is so kind, we will not be strangers to this site by any means, and might even be guests once in a while on MAP if we’re lucky.

  14. Lol I was just giving you crap for the sake of giving you crap, it’s really no hassle to add an extra tab to my browser, provided the explicit gay porn content is kept to a minimum. XD

  15. Well Frasier was occasionally quite good, and that is what I meant. It wasn’t universally good (what is?), but it was often quite smart and witty, and depended on its audience having a degree of education to get some of the humour.

    Another similar show to what I mean is That Mitchell and Webb Look which was an excellent absurdist humour programme in the UK. Mitchell and Webb are still very successful and there is much anticipation for their next venture, in fact. Their shows were often very strange and silly, but also required one to be fairly clever at times.

    M&W are the inspiration for some of the sketch ideas I have at present. I’m not looking to create a recurring situational comedy, so Frasier may have been misleading in that regard.

  16. Frasier was however universally lame, and frankly your comaprrison is an insult to M&W. I demand a 100% increase in Sir Digby Chicken Caeser.

  17. Well shame on you! The literary humour in Frasier was excellent, SN. Though when it was on, I had to suffer being endlessly told “You’re just like Niles from Frasier!”

    It didn’t help that I looked like him at the time, I suppose.

  18. I generally like my comedies to be funny, wanker free, and not sit-coms (the lowest and most populist format of lowbrow humor (save for the traditional jokebook)). Frasier doesn’t genearlly comform to any of those standards, I find that it’s usually preferable to watch good programs rather than bad ones, but to each their own.

  19. -Damn, It sounds like Michael Jackson’s Bioshock is shaping up to be a real hash.

    -IMO Vagrant Story was Sakimoto and Michael Jackson’s best OST.

    -Does Oliver talk to the adults when he’s playing Team Fortress 2? (I imagine that would be quite annoying for them, provided they weren’t Michael Jackson).

    -Dead men are also like Michael Jackson.

  20. Bioshock 2 Delayed now. Probably because they need more time to find add’t’l studios to work on it.

    Vagrant Story has a good OST, but I’d still say that Final Fantasy Tactics was their best by a wide margin.

    Oliver is many things, but he is not a hypocrite. He follows his own advice, and never, ever, talks in TF2.

  21. I’m glad you guys enjoy Vagrant Story as well. It’s one of my all time favorites on the PSX. They called it a bad game at an RPGcast once, I thought I stepped into bizarro world or something.

  22. Finishing Vagrant Story was a transcendental experiences, the ending sent shivers up my spine, but it’s not a game I plan on completeing again any time soon, it’s too damn difficult. IMO that’s why Chris hates the game, it’s too hard for him, and given Mikel’s staunch defence of everything DQ I don’t think him an adequate judge of poor game design.

  23. I didn’t find Vagrant Story particularly difficult (in fact, I will be replaying it again later this week based on my memories of not having too much difficulty with it), but there are several things which give me pause when I consider replaying it.

    First: the menu system is terrible. It is the single worst-designed menu of any game I have ever seen, and by a large margin, too. Nothing else compares. I have seen BROKEN menu systems which are easier to use.

    Second: the amount of time spent running around trying to get from A to B. The non-linear layout (and the maze-like arrangement of the place) are very refreshing at first. But when one is playing it again, it is tedious to have to run for ten minutes to get back to the last save point–and then to reverse the process to resume what one was doing.

    Third: the ‘speed’ of the gameplay. Much like Parasite Eve and Final Fantasy XII, the game ‘stops’ when you are making a command decision. Whilst I applaud this, what it means is that even basic encounters eat up valuable time; important for when you are impatient to get somewhere and are tired of having to stop to kill a room full of soldiers in armour.

    Fourth: Crafting items. This makes the game vastly easier but, once again, is often time-consuming. Alas!

  24. Yeah, I hate it when games make you work for the good stuff. If only there were some sort of genie that could magically unlock aspects of games without doing any actual work…

    Is the menu system more broken than Mass Effect’s? I haven’t played the game myself, but listening to you guys gush over it kind of makes me want to go pick up a copy at some point, especially if I could play it on the train during my commute.

  25. Mass Effect has the worst menu of any game in existence bar none.

  26. @SN – I DID hate that menu. And I’m usually the guy who says “that menu wasn’t so bad” when people complain.

  27. Yeah, I’ll agree. Like I said, I haven’t played Vagrant Story at all, but I have no idea how all the play testers from Mass Effect thought “Yeah, this menu’s usable.” Like Ethos, I’m usuall pretty forgiving of little things like that in games.

  28. I have not played Mass Effect so I can’t compare the two, but I would find it HARD to believe that it is worse than Vagrant Story.

    I honestly have gotten LOST in the Vagrant Story menu back when the game first came out.

  29. It may be a different type of bad, then. For Mass Effect, the problem wasn’t finding where you needed to go, it was just really inefficient with it’s button presses to where things you should have been able to do in 1 minute (and things you had to do frequently, not something you could get away with ignoring) ended up taking 20

  30. My big problem with it is that it didn’t really seem to arrange your inventory in any logical fashion, and there was so much junk you could have in your inventory. It was easily worse than Vagrant Story’s menu and without the weapon change shortcut.

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