Editorial: A Stupid Little Problem I Have

I guess I can’t help but make those titles really suggestive, ‘eh?
Oh well, I deserve any ridicule because the problem I have is really such a non-issue that I expect nothing but blank stares in response.
This is essentially another complaint about games being too good, but it’s in an entirely different vein. As any devoted reader has picked up, I’ve steadily been enjoying the top-tier RPG that is Suikoden Tierkreis on my DSi. As any devoted reader also knows, “steadily” for me can also be equated to “very slowly”. That being said, I actually have been playing the game a lot more recently. The plot is reaching a very interesting summit, so my playtime has been picking up the pace. Noticeably.

Whatta baby.
Whatta baby.
Enter ridiculous non-problem. See, now that I want to play the game all the time, I want to play it everywhere. This is usually perfect because at home I typically opt to play console games, but I take a lot of public transportation so it seems like the streetcar or subway is made for a good half hour play session. Not the case! See, those pockets of time also account for the few times I get to blast music in my ears and this has been a great year for music. Music is a big part of my life and so walking and traveling with music is very important to me, although you may all find that ridiculous. It’s also the best time for my to catch up on my podcasts, including the infallible Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast. So I think to myself “oh great! Once I get on the streetcar, I’ll break out Suikoden“! But then I realize there’s no way I would play that game without the incredible music, and while a lot of the voice acting is questionable, I find that listening to it adds to the experience. So I end up just listening to music, and maybe also playing Sudoku on my iPod Touch because it’s mindless and doesn’t require that I listen to it. This causes way more stress than it should, and I even start to wish the impossible with things like being able to split myself into two parts so one part can listen to music and podcasts while the other part can fully experience Suikoden.

So that’s it. That’s my stupid little problem that I have. Here is where you proceed to make jabs, but I’m curious: what other non-issues have caused unexpected stress to you guys? See you all in the comments.


  1. *more blank stare*

    Actually, I can ALMOST relate to this. I haven’t played S:T, but I haven’t found a portable game yet where the sound was that essential to the game (at least for me). If I did, I could completely relate to this dilemma, since I do listen to a lot of podcasts on the train every day. As it stands, I’ll usually just throw on a podcast (or music or whatever, but mostly podcasts) while playing on the train and mute the sound (this works especially well for any grind-heavy games, since no mater how good a game’s music is, it will pretty much always get repetitive after 20+ hours of play).

    When I do find a game I want to listen to as well, I tend to switch things up a bit, listening to podcasts one day then the game the next or something like that, depending on what exactly is going on in the game itself (I’ll usually switch over to the game’s audio for cutscenes regardless).

  2. I can totally relate Ethos, there simply is not enough time in the day to do everything you want, and I don’t generally listen to music and play games at the same time either (unless the game is unimportant).

  3. @SN&Darth – Yeah, exactly. I’d listen to music/podcasts for grind heavy games, or even games like The World Ends With You when I wasn’t a fan of the soundtrack. Suikoden is giving me the most trouble with this.

  4. An RPG OST would have to be really awful for me not to want to listen to it (TWEWY came close though).

  5. Bah-ha ha ha, it sure does, SN.
    And I thought TWEWY had an appropriate soundtrack, I just didn’t personally like it.

  6. Yeah, I listen to music when grinding or when playing a game with repetitive music. I’ve been using podcasts and my own music to get me throw the long (and sometimes) tedious levels of Children of Mana.

  7. Hehe, funny you should mention TWEwY, that’s actually the game I played while listening to last week’s MAP. I agree the soundtrack fits the game and all, but it just hasn’t grabbed me and got repetitive pretty quick. The downside of doing that, though, is it almost makes griding too easy. Without realizing it, I overpowered my character for TWEwY and ended up blowing through the next few sections of the game waiting for the enemies to catch up.

  8. See, what you describe as a bad thing, Darth, I like.

    But back to the drawing, I think this one was too good. I’m going to have to be careful that my skills don’t improve.

  9. TWEWY’s OST is appropriate, but I ultimately see it as kind of mediocre since it tries to go for the same tone as the Persona games, without being anywhere near as catchy. Also it’s extremely repetitive, though a number of people seem to love it on Cat Fancy.

  10. Yeah, TWEWY’s OST was also more repetitive than I thought necessary. Even for that dance-esque genre.

  11. Yeah, I finished TWEwY last night (btw, who decided it was a good idea to vomit a high school math textbook all over the script?). I think the only song I really liked was the one that played over the menu in the last area (I think it played whenever you completed a chapter, too). It was nice and light and a lot slower than the rest of the soundtrack. Other than that, I just had the DS muted almost the entire time.

    So, to bring it back around to the original article, I think Ethos needs to play nothing but TWEwY on the go. Problem solved!

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