Editorial: With Friends Like This…

I'm only writing this so I can post this picture...
I'm only writing this so I can post this picture...

One of my first posts here at Lusipurr.com was an exploration of the dynamic relationship between Balthier and Fran in Final Fantasy XII. Today, I want to look at another group of inseparable characters: Etna, Laharl, and Flonne. Well, okay, maybe these three aren’t quite as inseparable as I might like to think, but I still adore the dynamics between them in Disgaea.

Admittedly, Disgaea is one of those games that I love to death but have never managed to trek through to the end. Yet, from the moment I first popped Afternoon of Darkness into my PSP, I knew it would be love between me and this unlikely cast of characters. Laharl, small and obsessed with his overlordship. Etna, leader of the Prinny squad with her unique methods of “waking up” Laharl in the opening scenes. Flonne, an angel assassin-ninja determined to spread love throughout the Netherworld. These three characters and the rest of the unlikely cast unite to embark on a variety of over-the-top and silly adventures throughout the Netherworld.

...and this one...

If I were to write a “most hottest babes or dudes” list as seems the current trend here at Lusipurr.com, these three would no doubt appear on that list. Buxom babes are a dime a dozen in the video game industry, it is high time Etna and Flonne had their moment in the spotlight. I would rather have Etna with her quirky plots, schemes, and exploding penguins than a generic girl with a gun. What about Flonne? Yes, she is perhaps more cute than she is sexy, but her little wings, sparkling eyes, and top-notch healing abilities grow on one.

And Laharl? He is short, skinny, and has two antenna sticking out of his head, what can possibly be cooler than that? His weakness, as we see in one of the most amusing battles of the games, are women with sexy bodies. Poor, little demon guy, I want to stuff him and cuddle him while he glowers.

All in all, these are three of my favorite characters because they are silly, exaggerated, and just plain adorable.


  1. So I hear! I couldn’t get into the gameplay, so I never got to discover that for myself.

  2. I know: Disgaea has gameplay!

    Perhaps if you ask, they can include her in a cameo role in Flower 2: Perennials.

  3. Why do I feel like I’d be okay with that?
    I just beat Flower again today. It really doesn’t get old.

  4. I really wish Disgaea games didn’t entail so much grinding, Disgaea 3 had a great story which I would have loved to follow all the way through, I just didn’t have the time to plow through.

    Also Ethos fails. Stupid Flower XD

  5. Bah-ha ha ha, the game is awesome, and even if you two grumpy old men played it and STILL hated it, you couldn’t dampen my love for it.

    Of course, Lusipurr will now threaten to dampen my brain with a shovel, and that WILL dampen my quality of life, but my initial claim remains true!

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