MAP Episode 23: Goodbye, Riddlethos!

You're fired!
You're fired!

Download Link: Produced 2009.07.19

Lusipurr finally fires Oliver and Ethan in this overstuffed podcast, chock-a-block with news of every variety. Oliver won’t shut up, and Ethan is a pansy. The result: termination, effective immediately. Good riddance!


  1. The only question now is whether or not Lane will return from vacation in time to make his first post this Friday.

    If not, I suppose I can just post a picture of Ethan riding Oliver down the street like a horse.

  2. Ohh, that’s a good one! Not my favourite, but the best shots are some of the most memorable in the Anthology Collection. I recommend the one in which Oliver actually in the horse costume and I am in the cowboy outfit. A classic and surprisingly the only one of its kind!

  3. Having an creative imagination has never been a curse as much as now.

  4. @SN: YES. You will be the Chief of my Secret Police!

    We’ll also be abolishing the courts, since they only slow down my GOOD JUSTICE.

  5. I will also round up the local youth and ensure their jowls are clean shaven, thus they will be fit for service (unlike certain other unmentionables).

  6. Oliver will have to flee to Canada if he wishes to spare his mutton chops.

  7. As Canada is merely the 51st State, even that won’t avail him. Indeed, I intend to hunt down him and his ilk as I extend my control across the entire globe. There will be nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

  8. -What is gritz anyway?

    -I savoured Ethan’s finest moment.

    -Cricket is in fact the greatest sport in the world.

    -As far as the whole FFT vs VS translation thing goes, I’m pretty sure that FFT was translated by Sony whereas VS was traslated by Alexander O. Smith who also tranlated FFX, FFXII and bits of FFVIII.

    -The Force Unleashed is absolute rubbish, there is nothing to gain from playing the game proper, which cannot also be gleaned from playing the demo. Ethos is absolutely right, and Oliver as usual has no idea.

    -I want to move to Lusipurr’s America!

    -By the end of this podcast I was so ready for Oliver to be fired XD

  9. Capital. The mutton chops shall be razed unto their very foundations.

  10. @SN: Grits is corn (as in maize) ground up to the consistency of coarse sand. This is then toasted in a pan, usually without oil. It is often served with butter. It is a traditionally ‘Southern’ food.

    – Cricket is the greatest sport in the world.

    – One more reason to hate Sony, as if I didn’t have enough. As for Mr. Smith, I want to shake his hand.

    – Lusipurr’s America is coming soon! Once I’m President, things will be BETTER.

  11. Why do such a thing to corn? It sounds awful.

    Lusipurr’s America; where every day is a great day for watching the Cricket. I’m so moving there, can we start a pogrom against emos?

  12. Ha ha, I forget if I said it on the podcast, but I definitely thought it: “Lusipurr’s America will consist of only Lusipurr and SN”

  13. Nonsense, any tyranny requires subjects. People will enjoy watching cricket, as it’s preferable to hard labour.

  14. I just realised that MasterChef is no longer listed ammong staff, that was a quiet departure, I had begun wondering where he had got to.

  15. He got himself fired, and then followed it up by getting himself banned. Needless to say, his departure wasn’t as hilarious as that of Ether and Olivan, so I didn’t bother including it in the podcast.

  16. Reetin returns from his long absence and this is what we get?

    Seriously; the “I Hate Apple” people might actually be *more* annoying than the “I Hate Windows” people–a feat I scarcely thought possible; comparable only to the anti-console rants which are featured at quality forums like GameFAQs.

  17. Oh I really have nothing against Macs as a whole, they are decent machines that cannot run games. My main problem is the people that believe that Macs CAN run games, but their reason for this is that they say redundant sentences such as “OMG i can totally run FFXI if i use bootcamp or a virtual machine.” which any logical person would just say “You are using a WINDOWS machine at that point.”

  18. @Reetin: Presumably (and I can’t speak from experience here), what Mac users don’t like about Windows is it’s interface, not it’s compatibility. If there were some way to get the game-running-ness without having to use the Windows GUI, then I’d think that’s the best of both worlds for them, you know? Granted, running 2 OSs at once leaves that many fewer resources for playing games, but hey, that’s the trade off :D.

    Sorry if what I’m saying sounds stupid in the context of the podcast. I haven’t listened to it yet (I’m saving it for my flight home tomorrow). If my comments are horribly out of place, ignore them as the scandalous rantings of a misinformed, lonely, shell of a man (actually, you can probably treat all my comments like that :F).

  19. Actually I imagine the thing many Mac users really don’t like about Windows is that it tends to have more viruses than a pirate hooker … or Ethan.

  20. When someone says that The Force Unleashed is not worth playing , I cant be silent. there, I feel better =P .

  21. Force Uncleashed is one of the worst games in the Lucasarts cannon.

  22. @SN Yes I would agree that Macs have far less virus’ than Windows, however so does Linux and linux is far less expensive than Apple products, and Windows for that matter. Also, Linux can do far more than both the other major OS if you know what you are doing.

  23. @noob: I can understand if The Force Unleashed didn’t impress you – (It’s nothing amazing, just some solid mechanics and good fun for Star Wars nerds like myself) – but to call it one of the “worst in Lucasarts’ canon” is beyond ridiculous.

    While TFU has its issues, it is LIGHTYEARS beyond any other Star Wars game ever released, aside from the KOTOR games. Ever played any of the 980232 games based on the new trilogy? Now there’s some proper shit for you.

  24. @Reetin: Thanks for telling me my Mac doesn’t play games. As I just now finished playing TF2 on it (under Mac OS), I suppose I imagined the past eight hours.

    In fact I have many games installed under Mac OS X. Starcraft, Diablo II, Warcraft III, WoW, the various Penny Arcade RPGs, Braid, Unreal Tournament 2004, the Myst series, SimCity 4 Rush Hour, and yes, even Team Fortress 2–ALL of which run under Mac OS without resorting to boot camp or parallels or vmware. So saying “Macs can’t play games” isn’t merely misleading, it’s an outright and blatant lie. I won’t argue that it can’t play as many games as Windows (though most things run under WINE, just like Linux); but the PS3 can’t play as many games as the XBox–that doesn’t mean it is okay to say “the PS3 can’t play games.”

    Anyway, I wanted to set the record straight, but this is all a moot point. Since you missed the fairly obvious direction earlier, I’m going to tell you now that if you have some sort axe to grind with Apple (or Microsoft, or Sony, or whatever), grind it somewhere else–this ain’t GameFAQs. Last warning.

    The next post will deal with your question about Oliver.

  25. As Reetin cannot apparently tell: Oliver and Ethan were ‘fired’ in quote marks.

    There is a link to their site–which is our sister site–in our main links sidebar. This should be a clue about how ‘fired’ they really were. As if I would fire them on a podcast anyway. And in that particular way.

    The fact that I have to explain this to someone is really quite sad.

    As for Oliver being allowed to post here even though he doesn’t work here, I should like to point out that Reetin doesn’t work here and yet he is allowed to post here. If Reetin feels this arrangement is unjust, we can amend it directly.

  26. @Lusipurr: Hmmm, if TF2 works as well as you say it does under Wine, I’ll have to try installing it on my laptop sometime. Did you use the steam install, or do you have it on a disc?

    As for the comment (I think from Reetin? I’m too lazy to check, sorry :F) saying Linux can do far more than OSX or Windows, I’d have to disagree. If you can do something on one, you can do it on the other two (I want to throw in a turing complete reference here, but I won’t :F), it’s just a matter of how much extra work you need to do. I use linux because it’s easier to do what I want to most of the time. I do keep a Windows machine around for games, though, and I imagine if I were to get into audio/video editing, I’d probably shell out for a Mac somewhere along the line, depending on how serious I was about it. What I like about the current environment is that there are choices, and you can pick the OS right for you :D (and now that I’ve stated my completely unoffendable “everybody’s right” view, I’ll shut up about it :F).

  27. @Lusipurr- I’m sure Reetin was just having fun with the Oliver got fired joke.

    Oliver is quite wrong about the Force Unleased however, as there are many other Star Wars products besides KOTOR which are vastly superior to TFU, he’s just too young to know about them.

  28. I think star wars for the nes was not as fun to play like TFU , the empire strikes back for the nes was fun . Oliver is right in saying that TFU cant be possible be the worst star wars game .

  29. @Reetin: Good!

    @Darth: Steam Install. I’ve done it with Disc Install but ran into some problems. Of course that was a long time ago with an older version of XQuartz and an older version of WINE… so who knows now.

    Having choices in an OS is a really good thing. If there weren’t options, there’d be no impetus for software companies to improve their offerings. Competition is good!

  30. There are five good Star Wars games:
    Force Unleashed (everyone shut up. It’s a good game.)
    KoToR 1 and 2
    Dark Forces
    Jedi Knight

  31. Here’s to Chrome OS! Also I would have to say that I was too a fan of the Force Unleashed game, as well as KoToR games even though the second was not as well made as the original. I heard that the original Star Wars: Galaxies game was good but I got into that too late so I did not get to experience the peak of it’s success. The one Star Wars game I hope does very well is the new game by Bioware named The Old Republic…god that game looks good.

  32. From what I heard from friends that played Galaxies, you’re not missing much, so I wouldn’t be too broken up about starting after everybody left :F. The second KoToR seems sloppier than the original because, well, it was. From what I’ve read, Obsidian had an extremely truncated timetable to finish the game, and the end product suffered because of it (although, I must say, I still really enjoyed it). I heard there’s a fan mod out there that unlocks a bunch of content that was originally supposed to be in the game, but was cut at the last minute, so it’s still on the disc, just inaccessible.

    I am really looking forward to ToR, though. I don’t play MMOs (like, at all. I hate the idea of monthly feed), but I do love Bioware games, and hopefully they’ll bring enough story to it to make it worth playing.

  33. Have you seen the new voice acting documentary? If not you should go to their site and check it out, it is amazing.
    Now the second KoToR was given a very strict timeline to get complete, I believe it was like within a year or so…but do not quote me on that.

  34. Ooo, cool, I’ll have to check that out when I get back, thanks.

  35. The Force Unleashed is only good if you like the idea of a seven hour quick time event.

    The SNES Star Wars Trilogy, Rogue Squadren, the Episode 1 racer and Star Wars on my Game Boy were all better than the Forced Unleashed. Seriously Oliver you need to get into emulation, you have a huge blind spot in your gaming experience (i.e. everything before Blue Dragon).

  36. No one has mentioned Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, which is STILL (ten years on) the best multiplayer flight combat sim. ever made–though I doubt it will remain so much longer. It’s only a matter of time before some first-rate company says, “Hmm, these multiplayer fighting games are doing well. Let’s do one with spaceships!”

  37. Oh, about SWG: I thought it was really cool when it came out, but it got boring -fast-. It did have some really innovative and clever ideas that I have yet to see implemented elsewhere, though.

  38. 2 things lusi: 1) what happened to the podcasts being in MP3 format? I listen to this RPGCast,, FXN and GU podcasts, but lately you changed the format. I copy them to listen at work and now yours is off from that. 2) in the August issue of Game informer Magazine page 10 is a fanart pic that you may enjoy and probably end up using. It’s a picture of “Master Ch(i)ef in a chef’s hat and apron.

  39. @Drachonus: The podcast is still, and always has been, in MP3, recorded in Joint Stereo with an average bit rate of 128k. The only thing that has changed is the link, which now takes you to the feed, rather than to the MP3 itself.

    The feed has a link to the MP3 on it, of course. This was done so that if we move the podcasts (which we will have to do shortly, when we change our hosting) we only have to update the feed, rather than every single podcast post that was ever made.

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