Feature: Ethan Rides Oliver

Ethan (top) rides Oliver.
Ethan (top) rides Oliver.
Our new staff member, Lane Haygood, is not yet able to post today. Therefore, as promised earlier in the week, we present this picture from the Lusipurr.com archives. Taken when Oliver and Ethan were here for the Summer Trip, it shows the two notable boobs dressed in their elegant finery. Enjoy!


  1. Note to self: Never ever ever come to this site while eating. Ever.


  2. I’ve got to say, Oliver doesn’t look nearly as prepubescent as other pictures from that weekend. Did his beard (and then some) spring up suddenly due just from being in such close proximity to NATE LILES?

  3. @Luspurr: So Odin and Loki? Actually, that would explain quite a few things…

  4. @Darth: American Gods, not Norse Gods. They’re far less intimidating. Just look at what they wear.

  5. That picture truely is a monstrosity. Who did they get to take it? MasterChef?

  6. It’s so perfect, I have no idea how he found it.
    I mean, Lusi must have taken it when we were in Michigan last!

  7. @SN: I think the fact that Ethan’s wearing a collar and nothing else (typical) is the icing on the cake.

    @Lusi: I was actually referring to the versions of Odin and Loki from the novel American Gods. They’re dying and generally less intimidating than the originals.

  8. The funniest thing is just how much the dog looks like Ethos. The horses facial hair looks too robust to make for a believable Oliver though.

    @DarthGibblet: I got the reference, Gaiman’s amazing. Though a reference to Small Gods would be just as apt.

  9. @SN: Unfortunately, I haven’t read anything by Terry Pratchett except Good Omens, but the Discworld has always been one of those things I’ve meant to get around to reading. Maybe I’ll start that soon :D

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