MAP Episode 24: Chippendale’s Rescue Gamers

Brought to you by the McDonald's Angus Burger!
Brought to you by the McDonald's Angus Burger!

Download Link: Produced 2009.07.26

Lusipurr, Bup, and Ginia discuss the merits of The Sims (there are none), consider advertising for McDonald’s Angus Burgers (denied), and perform woefully in the Game Show (Nate wins). News? What news?


  1. Stuff and nonsense! There are no merrits to the Sims, it is entirely rubbish, crafted for the malign and nefarious purpose of destroying everything that is good about games.

    I wish to pass the motion that The Sims be stricken from, and roundly condemned by the chamber.

  2. The aye’s have it, The Sims is fit only for the disdain of gamers, and to be cast out as the retarded dribley cousin of the Sim family.

  3. Those hamburgers look far more delicious than the smashed down, soggy wretched crap I’ve gotten from McDonald’s!

  4. In honor of this podcast, I had an angus burger from McDonalds for lunch today.

  5. I honestly cannot believe that McDonald’s has a good hamburger.

    Until I see/taste it myself, I remain convinced that in reality it is a greasy, sloppy monstrosity.

  6. @Bup: As Lusipurr pointed out, the bar for McDonalds burgers isn’t set very high, but I found it a solid “edible.” It was somehow greasy and dry. Not sure how they managed to do that, really.

    On an side note, I vote against the [CENSORED] ban (I know, I know Lusipurr and SN are the only people who really get votes here, but I can try anyway!). I don’t play the game, but I do think the stories of depravity and incest that come out of it can be entertaining.

  7. For the record, Darth was gibbering something about ‘oppression inherent in the system’ and ‘I won’t be silenced.’

  8. The records show two votes in favour of the ban, naught against.

  9. Let the product in question, heretofore referred to as the Sims, be designated ‘the game that dare not speak its name’, to sit along side the F-word in the annals of gaming infamy.

  10. I would agree with Lusi that Tales games are not fun. I really do not like the battle aspect of them either, they try to be innovative, but it ends up as an unintuitive piece of…pooh.

  11. So far Tales of Vesperia is the best Jrpg that I’ve played this generation besides Valkyria Chronicles.

  12. I would have to agree with Lusipurr and Bup on the Software issue. I do not think you should have to pay for an optional update such as Snow Leopard, or even windows 7 for that matter. They are just rebuilt OSs that are just an upgrade and not much of a change but yet we are expected to pay for them?

  13. @SN – Now that I’ve had some time from ToV and its dragged out ending, I realize that I miss it. But I’d say I prefer Lost Odyssey to it.
    I’m assuming Suikoden DS doesn’t count.

  14. I’m talking about CURRENT generation consoles, Wii doesn’t count either.

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  16. SN – DS IS current. Just not console so much.
    I’ll agree with the Wii in terms of generation tech.

  17. When most people talk about the current generation, they usually mean the console generation. The handhelds are current, but they really don’t follow the same general lifecycles as the consoles, so I wouldn’t really lump them into the same category.

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