Editorial: My Favorite Star Wars Games

With the recent site debate over the merits of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, I have decided to chronicle my favorite Star Wars games. Now, keep in mind this is not a definitive list of good games, just my personal favorites. So, I implore you, dear readers, to comment with any of YOUR favorite Star Wars games. Any you feel I should have added? Do not agree with some of my choices? Tell me! Also, these are in chronological order, not order of quality or anything like that.

1. Dark Forces (PC/PS1) I really do not think anyone will argue this is not a good game. Kyle Katarn, the main character of the game, is probably the most bad ass character since Han Solo. In fact, Katarn may be even more bad ass then Solo. The level designs were amazing for its time, and it holds the test of time. The game also adds to the overall universe of Star Wars. It not only adds to important plot elements of the original trilogy, but fleshing out characters that are only in the movies for a few minutes.

2. Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II (PC) As the title suggests this is a sequel to Dark Forces, following Katarn on his journey to become a Jedi.  Not only is this an amazing shooter, and includes eventual use of a lightsaber, but it has an amazing story.  The game’s plot is explained through cut scenes with real people, instead of computer generated models.  Usually, this would be a bad sign, as most FMV cut scenes have some of the worst acting known to man, but some of the scenes here are amazing.  Jedi Knight also had an expansion called Mysteries of the Sith, in which the player not only plays as Katarn, but also Mara Jade, one of the most popular characters in the Star Wars universe.

3. and 4. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2 (XBox, PC)

I am including these two games on the same header, because there is no point in dividing them up.  I remember when the first of these two came out and being a little interested in it.  I was pretty jaded by previous Star Wars titles, so I was skeptical as to how good this game was actually going to be.  When it finally came out, all my doubts vanished instantly.  I was so impressed with the title that I bought an original XBox specifically for this game.  It basically fulfilled every fantasy of every fan of the movies: you get to play as a Jedi.  One the player creates him or herself, from the character’s back story to the path he or she will take through the events of the game.  The first game also has one of the best twists in plots I have ever seen in a game.  The second in the series was just as good as the first, and added the ability to switch weapon sets on the fly, which is integral for surviving most battles.

5. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Now, this is the one I think most of you will disagree with me on.  Although, some of you may not have enjoyed the game, I still did.  The graphics and art style of the game are amazing, as are the physics of the player’s Force powers.  The fact that the player can use the Force to pick up a stormtrooper and that stormtrooper will try to save his life by grabbing the nearest object is amazing.  The game’s ability to combine Force powers, such as electrifying the player’s lightsaber and using it to attack an enemy is a lot of fun.  Some parts of the game may be tedious–pulling down a Star Destroyer should have been so much more fun–the overall experience is great.  I mean, how can you go wrong when the character you play as is half Han Solo and half Darth Vader?

So, my dearest readers, what do you think?  Any games you feel I should have included?  Any I included I should not have?  Debate and discuss while enjoying a tasty hamburger from McDonald’s!


  1. Did you ever play Star Wars: Galaxies or X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter? Both are PC games.

    The former is an MMO which, for its time, was very impressive. The latter is a multiplayer space flight sim which I contend is still the best multiplayer flight sim. ever made.

  2. SN – I HATE quicktime events, but they aren’t exactly common in The Force Unleashed. You can’t write the whole game off for that one cop out. I tried it out for a few hours to see what all the fuss/non-fuss was about, and while it was nothing special to me, I agree with the argument that it’s crazy to call it the worst Star Wars game ever made. Absolutely insane.
    Especially if you’ve ever played the overrated control and graphics disaster that was Shadows of the Empire.

    Lusipurr – I saw TIE Fighter played years ago and unfortunately I have never played it myself, but I OFTEN hear it quoted as an incredible game, so I know you’re not close to alone in that opinion.

  3. Name me one boss/mini-boss/large enemy in TFU that isn’t defeated by an obnoxious QTE … … …

  4. @Lusi: I’ve never played either, but I remember hearing people rave about the X-Wing and Tie Fighter games.

    @SN: Yes, I do actually enjoy QTEs.

  5. @Bup – You’re crazy

    @SN – Yes, you beat the bosses with them. That does not make them common. That does not make them the primary function of the game. Or even a defining characteristic.
    That being said, I would love it if no game ever used quick time events ever again.

  6. TFU has the worst QTE abuse of any game I have played. I am fast begining to think that you remove your critic goggles before you play or view anything associated with George Lucas.

  7. Yes, yes I have. Wasn’t crazy about their use of QTE’s either, but they tended to be slightly more brief, better implimented, and had the outstanding quality of the rest of the game to counterbalance these annoyances. QTE’s are all that I remember from TFU.

  8. Well that makes sense why you didn’t like it then. You remembered the worst 2% of it.
    I don’t love the game either, I just think you’re misrepresenting it. What Nate describes takes up far, far more of the experience.

  9. I’d say they constitute far more than 2%, there was a QTE for everything, which is why they’re all I remember.

  10. As we discussed, there was one at the end of each boss. Far more than necessary. Because we agree that necessary is 0%, but a QTE for everything is not only an exaggeration, but just inaccurate.

  11. I think we all see where this is going. SN vs. Ethos mud wrestling competition!

  12. C’mon kiddo, it’d be fun! You sound scared. Is there something you’re not telling the audience?

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