Lane Haygood, Esq.

Hello world.

My name, as you might so craftily surmise from the byline, is Lane.

I am always at a loss for how to explain myself, at least not without going to lengths that would cause Proust envy. I doubt I have Proust’s hand at prose; doubtless you would skip over this to something more interesting, such as pictures of cats captioned in broken English.

So let’s hit the highlights, shall we? I’m a happily-married, mid-20s lawyer. I live on an island. I’m a Texan. I play video games, write speculative fiction, and love to read. I’m a T.V. geek, amateur musician (I play the guitar and program electronic music) and martial arts enthusiast.

I dearly love philosophy, social theory and politics (comes with the territory). I dislike the taste of fish, spiders, and books about sparkly vampires.

Almost exclusively, I play role-playing games, from tabletop dice-rolling adventures to cheeseball Japanese console RPGs, complete with spiky-haired protagonists and plucky mage sidekicks. I got my start with video games “back in the day” of NES. Ever since I was very young, I liked things with swords. Give me a T.V. show or movie that included swordfights, from G.I. Joe to Conan to Star Wars, and it would immediately become “my favorite.”

As such, at the tender age of five, my parents bought Final Fantasy for me. The world was never the same.

I don’t have as much time as I would like to play games anymore: work, family, and care of my home have taken much of my idle time, and the time I do have to game I typically focus on one or two games at a time. I hate not being able to complete a game; leaving them unfinished isn’t something I’m comfortable doing.

Right now, I’m raiding Ulduar in World of Warcraft and playing Lost Odyssey on my Xbox. Things will change as they do. I have a very Zen perspective on gaming.

I hope everyone enjoys reading what I write as much as I enjoy writing it! See you in the game.