MAP Episode 25: Twilightcast


Download Link: Produced 2009.08.02

Lusipurr, Nate Liles, and Virginia Herrell discuss all things Twilight-related, with special attention to the relationship of Edward Cullen (vampire) and Isabella Swan (emo girl). Listen for all the sparkly details!


  1. Oh but surely you will agree that this podcast, chuck-a-block with Twilight news, information, and speculation, is SO magnificent that it is worthy–not only of approbation–but also of positive recommendation to every Twilight fan from here until the world’s end.

    I think they will find something very ‘interesting’ and ‘eye-opening’ in this podcast. I think they should listen to it right now.

  2. I’ve watched Twilight twice. Both times heavily inebriated. And I apparently made fun of continuity issues and general ridiculousness in it both times. I don’t remember a minute of it, so I’m sure the podcast will be highly informative.

    You could suggest things regarding my sexuality for admitting such shameful things, but it was with a special lady friend, so you’d be very wrong.

    Now I’m off to listen to the podcast!

  3. @evilpaul: As you were very drunk at the time, you probably don’t remember, but it wasn’t a lady friend.

    How’s that for a suggestion about your sexuality?

  4. I have a deep seeded hatred for all things Twilight related. This is mainly due to the fact that the books are not as good as people make them out to be (i don’t like how the vampires sparkle) and the movie is worse than the books in the fact that none of the actors can actually act.

  5. @Epyon That means it will cost twice as much as the other podcasts on this site.

  6. -I loved Nate’s don’t shit your pants review. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

    -Nothing’s free when you owe a “favour” to Riddlethos.

    -I much prefer single player games, multiplayer Lost Odyssey sounds like a nightmare. Multiplayer ruined RE5.


    -Haha loved the Oliver impression.

    -Cricket is a thousand times better than Baseball. The two don’t even compare,its like compareing class and poise (Cricket) to ADD and steroid abuse (Baseball).

    -Hahaha I look forward to seeing the Twilight MMO completely shitting itself and dying in the arse.

    -This episode features all my least favourite things.

    -All goth girls are fat, all goth guys are anorexic, which is why they look so comical when they roam in packs.

    -I look forward to next weeks MAP with no Twilight or Sims.

    -Wii Sport Resort is by its very definition an insipid pile of virulent garbage. NATE LILES is wrong!

    -I remember when monster books/films actually used to be about … well … monsters, not cuddly, snuggley, sparkly misunderstood loners, just waiting for the right girl to come along and reform their badboy ways, in short a wank. I literally will not touch a supernatural/fantasy/sci-fi novel written post 2000 by a woman, because it will almost certainly be a female masturbatory aid. The entire genre has been thoroughly ruined just like historical fiction, the lowest common denominator ALWAYS wins out.


  8. Um … double negative there. Do you wish to allow it or not allow it?

  9. I suspect he means it shouldn’t be allowed; no worries, as we report in the podcast. It’s not going to happen. Probably.

  10. u know as much as we think it won’t work I have a bad feeling that it might

  11. Or rather they’ll be ordered to cease because there’s a developer already working on the Twilight MMO :/

  12. As somebody who’s been involved in groups similar to the one making the Twilight MMO, I can assure you that it won’t work. I think SN’s scenario is far more likely and more terrifying.

    I find one fact strangely amiss from the Twilight discussion, though. If there were a Twilight MMO, and it got millions upon millions of subscribers, then all the 15-year-old girls would be playing that instead of being on WoW or other, better games. Would this really be such a bad thing?

    @EvilPaul: If you’re ever forced to watch that monstrosity of a “movie” again, I recommend this:
    I think it’s the only way to make the movie actually worth watching.

    I need to start doing a SN-style play-by-play for the podcast, since it always seems like I have these brilliant, enlightening thoughts while listening, but then I forget them by the time I go to post on the site. I do remember enjoying Lusipurr’s reaction to the baseball scene from Twilight, though. I told one of my co-workes about this same scene at one point, and he had the EXACT same reaction.

    Also, I love how Lusipurr slowly lost control of the episode as it went on. All in all, I’d say it was one of the best episodes in a while. Ginia’s fitting in really well, although I fear the combined power of her and NATE LILES.

  13. @Darth: More seriously, I was considering what you said about WoW and such, but then I asked myself a more important question: do gamers really like Twilight? Substantial numbers of them? Enough to make a Twilight MMO successful?

    Personally I think there just isn’t enough interest in the potential MMO market. Most MMO and Twilight fans would probably not be romanced away from WoW, which they are almost certainly already playing–and those that could be would (in addition to the new people they entice to play) constitute a group of approximately twenty people. Twenty horrible, pathetic, awful people, deserving of death or worse.

    The fan group couldn’t make an MMO on their own, full stop. The company with the rights isn’t going to pick up the idea, full stop.

    Humanity is safe for the time being.

  14. @Lusi- Sadly I think your wrong about that. Do you know how religeously 13 year old girls regard their Twilight? I’d wager that it would get many people who don’t even play games to join up. On the bright side we could have an epidemic of 13 year old girls dying at their computers from malnutrition.

    @Nate- That’s not adorable.

  15. @Lusipurr: Yeah, I think the only way they’d be able to make a Twilight MMO successful it to put it on the Wii. You’d have to type in the friend code for everybody currently online before you could log on (Actually, I think that might be a fitting punishment for anybody who wants to play a Twilight MMO. Hmmm….).

  16. NATE LILES and Ginia’s combined power broke Lusipurr’s scouter. Best outtakes ever.

  17. EDWARD CULLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    … I love him more, I used more exclamation marks.