MAP Episode 26: The Sims

Life With Ginia
Life With Ginia

Download Link: Produced 2009.08.09

Lusipurr tries a novel ‘discussion-free’ approach to avoiding podcast derailment, only to be defeated by the combined distractive might of Nate and Ginia. Somehow, the news is covered anyway. Tell your friends!


  1. Yay! Just the thing for Monday afternoon, and regular as clockwork. I just hope there’s no S**s, T******t or F***e this week, though looking at the above picture and description does not fill me with much hope.

  2. I just finished listening to it, and there’s actually no references to any of those things! It’s COMPLETELY SAFE to listen to this podcast. You can take my word for it!

    @Lusipurr: I’m willing to bet Valve put out the TF2 SDK, although I’d definitely buy a TF2/SMT crossover, despite the fact that it sounds like horrible fanfic.

  3. Oh, and @Bup: SR2 is awesome, and much better than GTAIV in my opinion (full disclosure, though, one of my friends works for Volition, so I’m hardly impartial). GTAIV seemed a lot more serious than the previous installments (at least from what I’ve played of the GTA3 games), which I think turns me off of the series quite a bit. I’m glad that SR2 sticks with completely over-the-top goofiness, since that keeps my ADD-plagued brain from getting distracted by something else shiny. Also, mid-mission checkpoints make the game so much less frustrating than GTAIV.

  4. @SN: How about all three?

    @Darth: I was thinking of Valve’s release of the .vmf source files for their maps. Sorry for any confusion!

  5. @Lusipurr: Ahh, sorry, I’m doing some coding, so I’ve got SDKs on the brain. What exactly are the vfm files? Are they the map/weapon data or something like that? Anything that enables space weaponry in TF2 I’m all in favor of.

    Welcome to Chicago, btw. Hope the move went/is going smoothly (or at least as smoothly as a move can go)

  6. @Darth: The VMF files are basically the ‘key’ to the layout of the level itself. With the VMF file, you can see how the level is made; the flow of the triggers, &c. Essentially, it shows you everything you need to know if you wanted to create the level itself from scratch.

    The purpose in releasing them was as a sort of ‘tutorial’ for beginning mapmakers to use as a starting ground. A new mapper could begin with the VMF file for a known stock map, and then tweak it to learn how various changes affect the map, the gameplay, and so on, all without having to be able to build a map from the ground up first.

    It’s a good idea, ultimately, and one which I think will help get new mappers into the process of learning by reducing the amount of prior knowledge required before one can get started modding.

  7. Hmm, those do indeed sound like useful files. I love how Valve seems to do everything it can to help out the mod/machinima (sp?) communities. Recently, it seems like valve games really have the best value per dollar around.

    Oh, and I finally have a semi-mac computer and want to try my hand at some iPhone development. Does anybody have any suggestions for a NATE LILES app that will probably never get finished?

  8. @Lusipurr- Forthcoming, there’s an interesting docco on TV at the moment, I’ll be listening to MAP directly after.

  9. Haha this is no longer your podcast Lusipurr, it is now Natecast. And this after all your lofty plans for highbrow sketches … Not if Nate has anything to say about it I think.

  10. Resident Evil came out around ’96 I think, Parasite Eve about ’98.

    Raphael is the bomb.

  11. -Saints Row 2 actually sounds better than GTA4.

    @Lusipurr- Now I guess you know how Chris felt.

    -Loved the historical interlude, much better than F**** and the S***.

  12. -Why would you start playing FFT on the PS1 when you have access to the PSP version? I guess slowdown is a pain in the arse, but a Sony translation should be the deciding factor.

    @Lusipurr- You need to get Lane on asap to restore a bit of common sense. Nate and Ginia have turned you into the straight man in their clown show.

  13. @SN: The slowdown is very bad indeed, and I know the script by heart anyway. In the end, I eventually did end up playing the PSP version, but there are some other changes between it and the PS1 version which annoy me as well.

    Generally speaking, the cutscenes and translation in the PSP version are better, but in just about every other way I prefer the PS1 version. Ah well.

  14. It sucks when they fix somethings and break others, if a developer decides to re-release a game then it should be the definitive version, rather than giving gamers the odious task of deciding which trade-offs they wish to make.

  15. @SN: But if they did that, there wouldn’t be any reason to buy the same thing twice!

  16. Sure there is, you buy the gimped version when it first comes out and then the definitive version years later when it’s re-released. I think what you meant to say is that there wouldn’t be any reason to buy it a third time on PSN.

  17. Sadly, I find myself buying PSN (or, more often, Steam) copies of games so I don’t have to keep track of the discs. I think I’m part of the problem *shame*.

    Actually, when you describe it like that, it sounds a lot like the “Game of the Year” editions that companies put out with the added in DLC, except stretched out over a much longer period. I do wish it was more of a cut-and-dry case of “Version B is better than Version A” with remakes more often, though.

    What other differences are there between the two versions of Tactics? I played the PS1 version about when it came out, but haven’t picked it up against since, so all the little changes in War of the Lions were probably lost on me.

    Oh, and @Lusipurr (or whoever handles these things), I was wondering what the chances would be of having this feature enabled:
    From the post, I’m not sure if it would work for everybody or just admins, but it would be really handy to be able to reply to comments directly from the notification email.

  18. @Darth: The way the game handles difficulty has changed, as have the requirements to learn new jobs. There are a variety of other changes–a few new maps, &c.

    As for the feature you mention above, it has been enabled. Thanks for the suggestion!

  19. How have they changed? For better or worse? I’ve only played the PSX version.

  20. Even though Lusipurr seems more and more dissapointed with each episode, MAP is one of the few podcasts (sometimes the only) that i truly enjoy every week. Great show.

  21. Yeah CatFancyCast is entirely lacking in this kind of crazyness these days.

  22. I still enjoy CatFancy (I listened to the new episode today), but there’s been a severe lack of phone calls being taken while on the podcast recently, which is quite disappointing. I will say that MAP is the only podcast I make a point to listen to right when it comes out and (possibly not coincidentally), the only online community I’m actively involved in that’s not directly gaming related (I.E. XBL, PSN, Steam, etc).

    Not to completely sidetrack the conversation, but what podcasts to people here listen to? Some of my subscriptions have failed to capture my interest as of late, and I’m looking for a few good, informative, hopefully funny podcasts.

    @Lusipurr: Thanks for enabling that feature, but it seems like it might be for admins only or something, since the email notifications I get still come from :f. I’m trying to resubscribe with this post, we’ll see if any subsequent emails change, but if not, it’s not a big deal. Thanks for taking the time to help!

  23. @N00b -I entirely agree. And not just because I used to write for this site. MAP is absolutely the only podcast I listen to that isn’t an IGN podcast. And it’s not out of obligation. I don’t listen to podcasts I don’t like.
    But since you asked, I listen to the following IGN Podcasts in order of most entertaining:
    -Three Red Lights
    -Podcast Beyond
    -Nintendo Voice Chat

  24. Oh! And in terms of features, I don’t know if it’s possible to view a “recent comments” bar on the side of the main page. I miss that feature from the admin dashboard in case I miss a new comment on an old article.

  25. @Ethos: I wonder if I can do that. I bet there is a widget I can find to do it, if nothing else. Give me a couple days!

    @Breaka666: I laughed. A LOT. The whole thing is true, too: especially the conclusion. Yahtzee is the best.

    @Darth: It seems to be for moderators only. Sorry, I tried!

  26. @Ethos- That sounds like a brilliant addition.

    -Also, I still listen to CatFancyCast, and enjoy it … but it’s just lacking in the kind of LOL funnyness that it used to have when Lusipurr would start reciting poetry and you would destroy each and every one of Chris’ segues.

    -Are the IGN podcast really that good? I’ve been looking for something new to listen to in order to pad out my week.

  27. hehe, perfect example of how what Ethos was talking about would be handy. I usually subscribe to get email notifications for whatever articles I’m commenting on, but apparnetly Yahoo Mail just kind of forgot to give me my new messages for the past 20 hours or so, so hooray for Yahoo!

    @Ethos: I’m a 1up guy myself, but I’ll check out the IGN podcasts next time I hit a lag in my schedule (usually happens around Wednesday/Thursday). Thanks!

    @SN: If you’re up for a non-gaming-related podcast and are a fan of Kevin Smith’s work (Dogma, Clerks, etc), I’d recommend checking out smodcast:
    Word of warning, though, it gets pretty NSFW sometimes, even by his standards.

  28. I’ve actually checked out Smodcast before and was actually surprised by how unfunny it was, given how funny his movies are. Perhaps I just listened to a bad episode, but it didn’t really make me want to tune in again, as it wasn’t NATE LILES funny.

  29. Hmmm, actually one thing does jump to mind when you say that. Do you listen to the CAGcast at all? I know at one point, Wombat mentioned that he listened to an episode and had essentially the same reaction. I know the episode he was talking about (It had Jason Mewes on it and Smith was essentially naming production positions to see if Mewes knew that that person did), and it’s the one episode I’ve turned off 1/2 way through because it was so awful. Unfortunately, right after that episode, the show went on a several-month hiatus while they shot a movie, so anybody who just grabbed the latest episode got that trainwreck. If that’s the episode you got, I’d say it might be worth giving another shot (I thought the recent episode where they talked about Harry Potter was pretty good). Or maybe it’s just not as good as I think it is. Very few things are NATE LILES funny, after all :D.

  30. Nah the episode I listened to was shortly after they got back from filming Zack and Miri, it wasn’t entirely devoid of humor but it was only about CatFancy funny.

  31. I listen to\watch a TON of podcasts:
    The Mega64 Podcast
    Stuff You Missed in History Class
    Stuff You Should Know
    RebelFM (but I only listen to the Game Club episodes)
    Good Grief

    Funny you guys mention SModcast, because I just learned of it last week. The only episode I’ve listened to is the Harry Potter one, and their “rendition” of the movies had me cracking up.

  32. @Bup: I keep meaning to jump on the Game Club podcasts, but I never get around to actually picking up the game they’re talking about until 2+ episodes in, and by then I figure it’s a little too late (same thing happened with FFIX here). Oh well, maybe next game (have they mentioned which one they’re doing next?). If they ever do a playthrough of Persona 3 or 4, I’m all over that (that’s probably more time commitment than most people are willing to put into it, though).

    As for Smodcast, if you liked the latest Harry Potter one, they talked about the last book sometime around when it came out (episode 29). Some of my other favorite episodes are 10, 27, the second 1/2 of 52 (first 1/2s not bad, but it’s also a double-length episode), 56, and 66 (and I’m sure there are other ones I’m forgetting about, but those are the ones I distinctly remember enjoying).

  33. @Darth: The next Game Club they’re doing is Heavenly Sword. I’ve already played it through a couple times, so I doubt I’ll play with them this time around.

  34. @Bup: Hmmm, that’s disappointing. I actually haven’t played Heavenly Sword yet and it’s been on my list of games to try when it gets cheap, so Game Club seemed like the perfect excuse. I figured it would be relatively cheap by now, since it came out a while ago and got a lukewarm reception (specifically because of the length, if I’m remembering correctly). I just checked it out on Amazon, and the game’s STILL a full $60. WTF? Uncharted’s been dropped to $30 and I’d wager that’s a much better game. Is Amazon just behind the times with this? Is it cheaper elsewhere? lists the game for $50, which is a bit better, but still more than I’m willing to spend on a game club game. Oh well, maybe next next game. I’ve got plenty to play in the mean time.