Editorial: Pointless Games: Hexic Edition

Recently, I have been stranded alone in my apartment with all of Lusipurr’s games. At such a crossroads the sensible gamer would delve into games she has never played before. She would greedily become engrossed in those 360 and PS3 titles she has yet to play. This gamer, however, has never been very sensible. Instead or Lost Odyssey, Valkyria Chronicles, or Suikoden, I flip on the 360 to play none other than HexicHD!

hexichdReaders may remember that some months ago I wrote an editorial entitled “Pointless Games.” One question that has plagued me: Why are games like Hexic, Tetris, and Super Stardust so gosh darned addicting? For me, part of the appeal of these games is that they are not taxing on my attention. I can turn on a game like Hexic and play it while I am online writing blog entries, checking my email, chatting with friends, making dinner, walking the dog, and so on. This is something I cannot do while sneaking, hiding in boxes, fighting monsters, or reading text. So, as a multi-tasking addict Hexic is the perfect game for me!

For being a free game, it is very well put together. The colors are bright and the graphics are crisp. The music and sound effects, however, are mind-numbingly dull and can be quite grating at times. In a time when even casual games like these feature excellently crafted soundtracks ( think Geometry Wars) this is rather disappointing. That said, I am still determined to unlock all of the achievements available for this game (and I am nearly there).

So, once again, while other members of the Lusipurr.com staff write beautifully crafted and thought provoking articles, Thea is here to bore you with her dull gaming habits.


  1. Don’t play pointless games, play meaningful games, like Cricket!

  2. Hexic is out for the Zune now, right? I’m waiting for MS to release a semi-online game where your save is in the cloud. It would be perfect for commuting. You could start a game on the train, go home, and pick up right where you left off on your 360 or something along those lines. Granted, I’ve been waiting for somebody to do this with a lot of games (*cough* Puzzle Quest *cough*), but it seems like Hexic would be the easiest, since Microsoft has control over the entire framework you’d need (Zune->Internet->XBL->360).

  3. I enjoy your Pointless Games series, Ashley! Don’t self-deprecate!
    Anyway, I only played this game for a very short time to start off my gamer score, but it didn’t seem to completely blow.

  4. I think that would be a great box quote (if Hexic had a box):
    “It didn’t seem to completely blow”
    Possibly accompanied by a MS Paint-style representation of Hexic.

    Personally, I really enjoyed Hexic and wasn’t even that annoyed by the ambient noise of it all. It seems like it would be a great portable game, though, since you could pop it on, play a few combos on the bus or something, then turn it off just as quickly without having to worry about losing your train or thought or anything like that.