Editorial: Games I Still Play

I am notorious for buying and trading in games.  I have purchased games two or three times after trading them in.  However, there are still some I have owned for a few years and cannot even fathom getting rid of.  I am by no means a collector, but I still play these games.  Here I have created a list of my top three games, in no particular order, that I refuse to get rid of.

1. Silent Hill 2 (XBox, PlayStation 2)

Not only is this one of the top games I will never get rid of, but it is also one of my top games of all time.  I actually own three versions of this game: the original and greatest hits versions on the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox version.  And yes, I still claim to not be a collector.  I just really love this game.  I mean, how can you go wrong with a game where one of the main antagonists rapes another enemy?

Much like my heart...
Much like my heart...

2. Shadow Hearts and Shadow Hearts: Covenant (PlayStation 2)

I am compiling these two games into the same section because, well, they are about the same.  The first two Shadow Hearts games are by far two of my favorite RPGs ever.  Everything about these games is amazing: the battle system, the characters, and the writing/translation.  With most RPGs I usually do one play through and that is it.  I cannot describe it, but there is something about these two games that holds my interest after the countless times I have played it.

3. LittleBigPlanet (PlayStation 3)

This is one of those rare games that I do not play often, but I never want to get rid of it.  Mainly because when I have friends over it is one of the first games they want to play.  However, when I start playing this game, I get really into and will play it nonstop for a couple weeks.  Even though I have never made a level of my own –I did once make a baby doll with a super muscular arm that moved around when you hit a switch– I love playing the levels others have made.  The almost constant additions of new, free content make it one of those few games that are worth holding onto for all time.

Even the Helghast are cute in LBP!
Even the Helghast are cute in LBP!

There it is: the list to end all lists.  So now I ask of you, my most favorite of Internet users, what games can you never get rid of?  Do you think I should immediately incinerate any of the games I listed?  Tell me what YOUR favorite games are in the comments!


  1. @Bup- Oh I missed that, you’re lucky he didn’t delete your entire post!

    -Lol you should have posted that Wolfenstein review!

  2. I’ve only played number 3 on that list! But I can’t exactly relate because I have very rarely EVER sold or traded in games.

  3. Wow, I haven’t played ANYTHING on that list. Sadly, I don’t really have games that I go back to all that often. Probably the only things that would qualify for me are FFVII and TF2, neither of which I’ve played in a while (I still haven’t tried out the classless update :f). Too bad Shadow Hearts is over $100 on amazon, otherwise I’d be tempted to pick it up and give it a shot. Here’s hoping for a PSP port!

  4. I love LittleBigPlanet! As for games I would never trade in, those would probably be Okami for the PS2 and Valkyrie Profile for the PSP ( I rather regret selling my PS1 version of this one).

  5. The Shadow Hearts series is one I still look forward to play while I’m stuck in PS2 era. What I’ve played and have watched others play has been really interesting. Wonder why Lusipurr thinks so little of them while one would otherwise think the series would fit his taste perfectly.

  6. @Darth: I usually hate that guy, but everything he said about SH2 is true. And the SH games in general.
    @Epyon: Lusipurr just likes to hates things for no good reason.

  7. @Epypn- Yeah I’m a bit surprised too considering it was developed by the same people that made Lost Odyssey.

    @Everyone- Silent Hill 2 is one of the single most amazing game narratives to ever be committed to the medium, it will change you and how you relate to games, especially if you get one of the more impactful endings.

    -too bad Konami seem determined to run the Silent Hill franchise into the ground.

  8. It’s funny that as I read this I just finished SH1 and have just started the second disk on SH2 ^_^