MAP Episode 28: Ashes 2009

England Regain the Ashes!
England Regain the Ashes

Download Link: Produced 2009.08.23

Lusipurr, Bup, and Ginia quail before a mountain of late Summer releases, but still have courage enough to face news including Water in LittleBigPlanet, Modern Warfare 2 Preorders, and the announcement of a third WoW expansion!


  1. Tell me about it. I don’t really comment at all during the day since I’m at work, but usually Mondays are filled with update emails. Wonder where everybody went.

  2. Maybe everyone (like me) has returned to school today and consequently (like me) is too knackered to read anything.

    Still working on my feature, but I can definitely say it is unlikely to be done this week. I won’t have my desk until tomorrow at the earliest (which I have to then build), and I have a LOT of start-of-term stuff, including writing a lesson plan, a bunch of article reviews, and doing around 800 pages of reading. And Latin. Woo…

    Nevertheless, with Labour Day coming up (a holiday here in the colonies) I should be able to get it finished sooner rather than later.

  3. Yeah, I suppose that’s the most reasonable explaination. Ikea Season always seems to sneak up on me in my old age.

    Sounds like you’ve got a fun time ahead of you. I think I’ve maybe read 800 pages total since graduation (and some of that was Mass Effect novels, so it only really counts for 1/2), so best of luck with that (and Latin. Woo indeed). How are you finding the greater Chicago area? You got here just in time for Winter. It’s scheduled to start next week.

  4. Winter cannot start soon enough. This hot (80+ degree!!!) weather is killing me. I walk 1/4 of a mile from Loyola station to Dumbach hall, and arrive having to mop sweat off of my face, with my undershirt soaked.

    I am enjoying Chicago otherwise. Next week I have tickets to see My Fair Lady, which has received near-Universal acclaim, and then in October I have tickets to see Faust at the Lyric Opera. I’m also going to pick up tickets for Lyric Opera to see The Merry Widow, The Marriage of Figaro, and either Tosca or The Damnation of Faust.

    The presence of good Opera is something I intend to take advantage of as often as I can. Coming from Detroit, I admit I am not nearly as impressed with the Chicago Symphony–very good in its own right, but Detroit is really world-class and few orchestras can compare. However, there is excellent Opera here whereas there is just about none at all in Detroit, so on balance Chicago wins the Battle of the Arts.

    Latin will actually be very easy. I’ve had plenty of it, tutored it, and should have an easy time with this undergrad first year course, which proceeds at a rather glacial pace. The instructor has already kindly offered to let me take it as a bye, with me doing my own work and only showing up for the full tests. I do want to be involved in the group work, so we’ll see how that works out. If it really is too easy, I will take her up on her offer.

    This week I need to get innoculation shots and work out if Loyola has a Cricket team, or at least a club.

    This week our readers need to submit their D&D applications! I’ve received a few so far, but I know there are plenty of people out there who read but haven’t applied. COME ON, YOU CRETINS. SUBMIT AT ONCE!

  5. Oh, don’t worry, it’ll get cold enough soon (I mean, I imagine Michigan’s very similar in that regard). I much prefer cold to hot, since my theory is I can always put more clothing on. There’s only so much I can take off before I start getting complaints. Thankfully, I’ve only got 2 blocks of actual walking to get to work, so it’s never too unbearable.

    It’s good to hear somebody’s enjoying all this “culture” I’ve heard so much about. The closest I’ve come is “Wicked” which, while enjoyable, probably won’t go down in history as a classical musical or anything. Although my friends and I are trying to organize ourselves to get to the Final Fantasy concert this winter, which could be really entertaining.

    I’ve never taken Latin, but I’ve taken a few years of Spanish and Japanese, and found out I’m terrible at learning languages (which shouldn’t have been a surprise, since I have enough trouble mastering English). I always understand the structures fine, but my brain just wasn’t designed for memorization, so all the vocabulary gets jumbled around in my head and what comes out is usually a horrible mix of all 3 (I often ended up using Spanish words on my Japanese tests, which I imagine was quite perplexing to the graders). I much prefer subjects where you can figure things out on the fly as opposed to studying.

    At any rate, it’s time for me to get some sleep. Best of luck with the cricket search tomorrow!

    Oh, and I’ve been meaning to try to get into a good D&D campaign, so I may applying for that (hopefully I’m not woefully underskilled, as I’ve only played a few times and never actually finished a campaign before).

  6. @Darth: We should be very happy to teach you, and really I should have made that more clear in the application. Whilst it is certainly great to have people who have knowledge beforehand, it is in no way a problem to have people with no prior knowledge. Teaching others how to play helps to reinforce the rules for those who already know. Repetition is, after all, a fine way to learn.

  7. -WoW D:

    -I don’t find that there’s not enough games for the PS3, I have more PS3 titles then 360 ones.

    -I think there will be a massive spike in PS3 sales and then when sales settle back down the PS3 will be selling roughly the same ammount as the 360, with 2nd and 3rd place in the console wars fluctuating depending on what games are released that month. Sony’s first party development will probably start paying for itself now.

  8. @SN: Since most games this generation are multi-platform, I agree that there are plenty of PS3 games to go around. Even if you’re just looking at exclusives, the PS3’s library is much more impressive than it was early last year.

  9. I must say that its was nice to hear Thea on the podcast and that she sounds very nice! Also why must we have the pokemon songs in the bloopers i would rather hear nate saying twitter twat a million times than pokemon songs

  10. @Epyon & Blitz: Think of it as a sort of clue…

    @SN: Aw, PKMN is decent, mindless, RPG fun. It’s like the B-Movie of RPGs. You don’t have to think, you can just play, and put it down the moment you are satisfied.

    @SN & Darth: I still don’t think the PS3 will sell as much as the 360, though I readily agree it will sell more than it has done heretofore. At this point, several years in, I think the 360’s advantage will be hard to crack.

  11. Think back to the start of last year before the 360’s big price reduction, the PS3 was beating it (ever so slightly) in weekly world wide sales. Unless M$ slashes the price again I think that eventually it will settle into the same kind of situation. I don’t know whether the PS3 will take the lead or whether that position will remain with the 360, but either way I don’t think there will be much in it.

  12. @SN/Lusipurr: I’m curious to see how the PS3/360 sales compare the month FFXIII comes out. On the one hand, FF has been a traditionally Sony franchise of late. On the other, I wonder how many people will just get the $200 360 and play it on that. Or (and I think this might be the most likely), FFXIII won’t sell any console because anybody interested in a Final Fantasy game already has either a PS3 or 360, and they’ll just play it on whatever console they already have.

  13. FFXIII will sell more PS3’s, because Sony has exclusivity in Japan. Or were you just talking about American sales?

  14. Yeah, sorry, I was thinking just American sales (the only region that REALLY COUNTS! YEAH!!!! /sarcastic patriotism). Does Eu/Au get the 360 version?

  15. It’s advertised an coming to America and Europe, and while Australia isn’t technically part of Europe, we do seem to be the same region as far as electronics is concerned, so I’d bet my bottom dollar that we will recieve the 360 version of XIII also.