MAP Episode 29: Return of the Montok

The Montok's Ancestor
The Montok's Ancestor

Download Link: Produced 2009.08.30

Just when you thought it was safe to listen to the podcast, Oliver Motok rears his ugly head. Join the panel as they discuss 2009’s “Day of Releases”, featuring Dissidia and Batman: Arkham Asylum. Also: More Ricdic!


  1. That’s right–they’re removing the middle ground, so you can get either something with more than you need, or something with less than you need.

  2. Well neither come with HD cables, so you have less than you need either way …

  3. Bah-ha ha ha. Microsoft fail. They’re only keeping the arcade around so that they can claim the 360 is cheaper than the Wii.

  4. That’s certainly how it looks.

    SN, My Pro came with HD cables. I have trouble believing the Elite won’t.

    Granted, it was Component, not HDMI, but both are fine for the task–and I prefer Component + Optical for my receiver anyway.

  5. As did mine, but I read on Kotaku that the Elites were only going to be sold with SD cables following the price cut. What one hand gives, the other takes back …

  6. I think that sounds extremely unlikely and backwards, and I honestly doubt it very much. We’ll see what happens, I suppose, but in this regard I’m simply unable to believe Kotaku.

  7. Awww, no Ginia this week. Now I’m sad, since this podcast is severely lacking in Canadianism.

    Also, am I the only one that thinks of Red Mage from 8-Bit Theater when I picture Lusipurr as a DM?

  8. Condolences, Reetin: but there just aren’t enough spaces for everyone to win. We had a surprisingly large turnout!

    There is no PKMN music in the outtakes. Instead, you can hear our NEW(!) official theme music. Woohoo.

    Ginia was busy putting in extra hours on the Bacon & Pancake farm. Breakfast food doesn’t grow itself, you know!

    Congratulations to Louise, Craig, and James! I’ll be e-mailing you all tomorrow! (Provided that I remember.)

  9. Reetin did not win, but Underdog did <3 Reetin! All my years around a living room table, with a case of Mtn. Dew FTW!

  10. Lusipurr is clearly the bastard test tube lovechild of Red Mage and Black Mage. >.>

    And he’s a jerkface for beating me to the punch with the BM comparison. >.<

    *Heads off to the corner to eat sausages and syrup with DarthGibblet and Ethos*

    ps- Harvest Moon 4-eva! <3 ! I like the Wonderful Life editions! I grow apples! And I have a sheep! Wheee!

  11. Sweet! Free sausages *gobble*! Although putting me on a street corner might dig up old memories best left burried *shudder*.

    So Lusipurr is BM/RM, NATE LILES is Fighter, does that mean Ginia is Thief? Or is that Thea or Lane? Maybe it’s Oliver, that way the entire cast is on this episode.

  12. I made bangers & mash for supper last night.

    Tonight, only a frozen pizza. Arrived home too late to make anything decent.

    Ugh, I want some bacon.