Editorial: Show a Little Love to Your Favorite Villain

Readers, do you have a favorite villian? I do!
Readers, do you have a favorite villian? I do!

My recent obsession with Final Fantasy: Dissidia has led me to lament the neglect given to villains here at Lusipurr.com. This editorialist, when she finally does sit down to play a game, more often falls in love with villains than heroes. She looks down the line of RPG protagonists and finds a plethora of blonde-haired, blue-eyed heroes. Much like the Princesses that have come to define Disney movies, so are our heroes– the same personality dressed up in a different costume. As with any generalization, there are exceptions to this rule, but that is not what I am here to write about.

When I was playing Dissidia over the weekend, the first thing I sought to do was to unlock Kuja. I did so only to find that there was no story mode available for this villain (or any other villains for that matter) nor was there an easy way to level him up. So, if I wanted to play a versus match with a friend we would be limited to arcade mode, else I’d constantly have a level 20-something Zidane destroying my level 6 Kuja.

So, why can’t the video game industry show a little love to our favorite villains? I would pay good money for a game where I can play as Kuja and go on some sort of wacky adventure. Or maybe I would like yet another sequel to Final Fantasy VII where I can control Sephiroth and kill people. Sure, many villains are stereotypes themselves– but for whatever reason there’s a part of me that will always favor the dark side over the light.


  1. Kefka also i think though that he would have been more badass if the end part of six was more linear

  2. Kefka is the only Final Fantasy villain who actually succeeds in his goal for world destruction and domination. Now THAT’S something to be proud of!

  3. I really liked the concept of the Reapers in Mass Effect. Granted, they’re about as generic a villian as you can get in ME1 (d’ur, we’re big and bad and kill everything because we can), but I’m hoping they’ll go a bit into their history as a species when they (presumably) come more into the foreground for ME2 and (if it ever gets made) 3.

    I guess if I can get a bit more general (and to COMPLETELY contradict my last paragraph), I like villians that have proper, understandable motivation. Something a bit deeper than “I was bored this week, so I decided to try to conquer the world.” Stepping outside of video games, that’s one of the reasons I was so greatly disappointed with the way Battlestar Galactica ended.

    – WARNING***: intentionally kept as vague as possible, but could still be considered BSG spoilers below –

    For the first 2 seasons you’re meant to believe there was this greater motivation behind the Cylon’s actions, but then it turns out they’re just as confused and backwards as the humans were (which is a neat statement in and of itself, but I think it hurt the series as a whole).

  4. Revolver Ocelot from the Metal Gear series, Nazis from various movies/video games, and the Enclave from the Fallout series are my favorites!

  5. Kefka is my favorite villain because he is not confused about his life, he is not a mistaken identity, and he is not a momma’s boy trying to please his mother. Kefka knows that he wants to destroy the world because, well he just wants to destroy the world and he was an amazing character for doing so.

  6. -I love me a villain. I actually think it was a pity that Crisis Core focused on Zack, rather than allow you to play as Sephiroth and be privvy to his slow descent into villainhood, sort of like what Kojima did with Big Boss in MGS3.

    -I’m also very dissapointed to hear that villains don’t have their own campaigns in Dissidia, I did so very much want to destroy the world with Kefka!

  7. I can’t decide a favourite villain. I like Kefka for his gleefull insanity, Sephiroth as somewhat sympathetic villain and Jecht for being a grade A cmprehensive Jerk giving rise to Tidus’ deep seated Oedipus complex.

  8. Sin, easily. no bullshit human emotions getting in the way, just death with a heavy metal soundtrack.
    Tying for second would be the White and Black Lions fro Final Fantasy Tactics. No nonsense about how Larg was an experiment gone wrong or how racism somehow gave Goltana a messiah complex and the inability to die (god, I hate seymor). they were just dicks which is far more believable. There are far too many Larg’s and Goltana’s in this world.

    Incidentally, I feel I need to mention what I loved most about FFT was that Ramza and Delita were never really out on a personal vendetta against any individual. there was a few pricks who were truly pains in their collective asses but more important was that they were fighting for an ideal. They went about it in dramatically different ways but were still fighting for the same thing- a world were innocents like Tetra would never have to go through what Tetra did. I realize that corruption,discrimination, and dehuminization in and of themselves don’t really constitute a villian but I believe they deserve a (dis)honorable mention.