MAP Episode 30: Failcast

We are not amused.
We are not amused.

Download Link: Produced 2009.09.06

In which the panel fails to record a podcast. Twice.


  1. TWO fails!? that’s twice as much fail as any podcast (save catfancy)! that’s why I come here, ya’ll are always 1uping the competition :)


    It seems like this podcast had an extra helping of malice. Or maybe that was just frustration. Whatever it was, it was entertaining :D. I propose that all podcasts be recorded 3 times from now on.

  3. Darth, if I did this every week, Skott, Ginia, or Nate would surely hunt me down and stab me in the groin with a sewing awl until my death was assured.

  4. – I love the malice.

    – Sub-HD games have been released for years now on the 360, often by M$ themselves, this is just formalising their stance. The games will look the same.

    – Devil Survivor is awesome.

    – “I hate you” ?!!? That’s Oliver Motok’s line … (or Tidus).

    – You guys did fine for and abridged MAP!

    – I liked the old Podcast intro/outro musics better …

  5. @SN: There’s just no pleasing some people!

    – The official line is that there are very few exceptions to the 720p HD Requirement, esp. among big titles.

    – The first and second recordings were better. And funnier.

    – This is the BBC Cricket theme. It makes a great ringtone, too. Just ask Stephen Fry.

  6. – Not a terribley suitable theme for Cricket …..

    – Halo 3 and CoD4 were sub-HD, the two biggest shooters on Xbox.

  7. @SN: And also the two largest exceptions. Their largesse was one of the reasons they were given the exceptions to begin with. —

    The rule was adhered to pretty strictly when you look at the numbers of exceptions granted versus the number of compliant games.

    And I think it is perfectly suitable for Cricket–or podcasting, for that matter. You are welcome to turn the volume down and hum something else of your own choosing, of course.

  8. It’s fine for podcasting (though not so fine as your old musics), it just seems an odd and unsuitable choice for Cricket. I think it would perhaps be best suited to being the intro to funniest home videos, or something of similar ilk.

  9. I can imagine they might go something like:

    When your dog pukes on the couch
    And some gets on your head;
    When the cat shits in the food
    That is lunch for Uncle Fred:
    It’s time for

    At which point most sensible people have already switched the channel or died in the attempt.

  10. Good effort, guys. I can imagine the level of frustration ye had to endure to get through it a third time. and I’m glad ye did. I listen to this at work and would have been grossly disappointed if there was no podcast.

  11. RE: Devil Survivor – I’d have to agree with NATE LILES on this one. It’s a fine game, nothing particularly wrong about it (a few teeth-grindingly difficult parts, but you’ve gotta go into a SMT game expecting that), but if I didn’t have a commute, I doubt I’d be finishing it.

  12. Is it me or NATE LILES just got pissed and wandered off in the end?

    Shame we only got 30 mins this week, at least you top most of the other podcasts i listen to even when you fail.