Editorial: Okami for the DS?

okamidenWhen I first heard that Capcom would be publishing a new Okami game, I immediately transformed into a giddy high school fangirl. This happens to be one of the very few PS2 games I own, and I adored every moment spent in the magical, artistic world of Amaterasu. However, when I heard later that it would be a DS title my excitement transformed into quiet resignation: I knew it would be a huge disappointment.

It is written in stone somewhere that whatever games Thea looks forward to on the DS, ultimately disappoint her. Final Fantasy IV for the DS? I was so disappointed that I sold it on Amazon within a week. There’s just something about DS games that are doomed to failure. I think Okamiden is doomed to the same sort of failure. Maybe I am just not a hand-held, stylus playing sort of girl. I’d much rather sit in front of the huge HDTV and play a beautiful, well-executed masterpiece.

Will I still buy this game? Yes, probably. I have a vague hope that this Okami sequel will make me eat my words. I mean, really, look at how cute it is.


  1. Some of my favourite games are DS games!
    I, alternatively, didn’t like the PS2 original all that much from what I played, so that’s why I’m not all that excited for this one.

  2. I’m sure it will turn out ok, I imagine the DS stylus will be the perfect fit for Okami’s gameplay.

  3. I remember hearing that same statement about the Wii port, but then it seemed like people didn’t like it once it came out. I haven’t played either, so I can’t comment from personal experience, but I’d say never underestimate a company’s ability to majorly kerjigger a seemingly good idea.

  4. Really? Most people I talked to said the Wii Controls were mostly great with a few major misses.

  5. @Darth – the thing is it should have been better controls but the guy who was in charge of the port botched them somehow ( something about the sensitivity ).that same guy is working on this but now he’s being helped by a producer of the ace attorney games so it should work out this time. maybe. I hope. god I hope this doesn’t suck.

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